Friday, April 20, 2018

Why Pope Francis's Gaudete et Exsultate won't make you Holy, but could help you lose your Salvation?

Pope Francis's document Gaudete et Exsultate, which is supposed to be a call to holiness, has a lot of flowery religious Catholic language and even mentions prayer.

This is why Dan Hitchens in First Things says of the document "there is an orthodox interpretation," but then writes:

"But there is a different interpretation: that when someone says 'The Church teaches that X is intrinsically wrong,' he is probably a bit of a Pharisee. The history of Amoris Laetitia suggests that more expansive interpretation often gains the upper hand." (First Things, "An Ambiguous Exhortation," 4-12-18)

Hitchens suggests that this papal document is mocking those Catholics who believe and teach the infallible moral doctrines of Divine Revelation.

Obviously if one knowingly rejects Divine Revelation, one rejects God and loses his salvation.

But there is another reason why Gaudete et Exsultate will not make you holy and could help you lose your salvation.

St. Augustine said that no one can save his soul if he doesn't pray.

Augustine is talking about true prayer.

Prayer simply means to communicate or have dialogue with God. St. Teresa of Avila says prayer is conversation with God.

An excellent book on prayer by Tim Gray titled "Praying Scriptures for a Change: An Introduction to Lectio Divina" explains what is needed to have true prayer:

"With the effects of original sin distorting both the book of nature and the book of the human person, how can we hear God's communication?... When the Word became flesh, God's voice at last could be heard... Only through Jesus can we come to discern and hear clearly God's Word to us."

"This Word of divine revelation is handed down to us through Scripture and Tradition [infallible Church doctrines], which provide us with the Rosetta Stone for deciphering all that God wants to communicate to humanity. God desires enter into dialogue with us." (Pages 13-14)

St. Ignatius of Loyola couldn't have put it better on how to pray and make discernment.

Unfortunately, Francis's Gaudete et Exsultate says " the Holy Spirit... discernment... develop[s]... [by] prayer, reflection, reading and good counsel (First Things, "An Ambiguous Exhortation," 4-12-18)," but not through Divine Revelation.

In fact, the document apparently condemns or as Hitchens says "criticizes... 'dogmatism'" and thus those who discern or pray using "dogmatism" or Divine Revelation as the only foundation to true prayer.

As all saints in history have taught, the only way to become holy is by prayer using Divine Revelation as it's only foundation.

So, Gaudete et Exsultate's method of prayer and discernment apparently will not make you holy and could help you lose your salvation if all the saints and St. Augustine are correct.

Pray an Our Father now for more Catholics to come to true prayer and discernment.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

In Sex Abuse Pope Francis admitted "I made Serious Mistakes... due to lack of Truthful and Balanced Information," now he must admit Serious Mistakes" in Amoris Laetitia or he will be called the WORST POPE IN HISTORY

In the Bishop Juan Barros sex abuse case, Pope Francis admitted he made serious errors because of his inner circle, the famous "magic circle," gave him false and unbalanced information. He said:

"I made serious mistakes... due to lack of truthful and balanced information."

Vatican expert Robert Royal said to EWTN's Raymond Arroyo that the information came from the "magic circle" or inner circle that advises him.

Francis now has to admit that he "made serious mistakes... due to lack of truthful and balanced information" from his inner circle in his Amoris Laetitia.

If the Pope thought he couldn't endure the push back on the Barros sex abuse case and he thinks that the push back on Amoris Laetitia will not increasingly get greater, he is seriously getting a "lack of truthful and balanced" information from his "magic circle" if he thinks all faithful Catholics will not increasingly opposed him for the rest of his life.

He needs to see like in the Barros cases that it is only going to get worst for him as each month goes by as more Catholics are seeing at the moment that he is the WORST POPE IN HISTORY and they are praying.

Only those Catholics who are totally ignorant or those who willfully desire to destroy the moral law of the Church don't oppose Amoris Laetitia.

Anyone that can read knows that he is teaching the 100 percent opposite of Pope John Paul II on giving Communion to public adulterers because of "conscience" making exceptions when there are absolutely no exceptions in Veritatis Splendor and Familiaris consortio both of which are based on infallible Divine law and Church moral law.

Francis and his inner circle are attempting to overthrow and destroy the infallible moral teachings of the Church and Divine law, that is God's law.

Francis if you don't admit you made "serious mistakes" now, not only are you going to lose in total disgrace by the Hand of God, but all future Catholics are going to call you the WORST POPE IN HISTORY.

A million times more terrifying than that for you Francis is your death for if you only fear the secular media and not God then you are to be pitied because soon you will be facing the Living God.

Pray an Our Father now, in total confidence knowing God will win this battle for us, that every faithful Catholic oppose Amoris Laetitia in prayer and in anyway God gives them the grace to defend His Divine law.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Pope Francis, Soros, Gaudete et Exsultate and the Push to make Killing the Unborn Babies Last "for at Least a Generation" according to Chuck Norris

Does George Soros's money, to some extent, move the agenda of Pope Francis's Rome as well as the Democrats in Washington and is he now attempting to control Texas?

Ganesh Sahathevan is a Fellow at the (American Center for Democracy) ACD’s Economic Warfare Institute said Pope Francis's closest collaborator has "an illegal slush fund financed by George Soro":

"Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the so-called "Vice Pope" given his close association with Pope Francis, has refused to answer questions concerning his work with a number of NGOs funded by billionaire George Soros. Cardinal Oscar has also refused to answer queries concerning any funding he, or entities associated with him, may have received from Soros..."

"... It does appear as if the "Vice Pope" is on some campaign to change the Vatican from within, and that he is doing so with what amounts to an illegal slush fund financed by George Soros." (, "'Vice Pope' Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga does not deny being funded by George Soros,and working with the 'Catholic Spring' movement ,"February 9, 2017),[], []

Financial expert Sahathevan, also, reported that the most powerful official in Francis's Vatican, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, apparently knew that funds not appearing on "official balance sheets" could be illegal and he may be covering up illegal slush funds and asked Francis & Parolin to "come clean":

"..It does seem as if there is some concern within the Vatican that slush funds such as that which appear to be controlled by Cardinal Oscar, that ought to have been reported and accounted for as required by Canon Law, remain secret. Wikileaks and in time other publications are going to make that task  near impossible, and hence it is best that all concerned come clean."
(, "Vice Pope" Cardinal Oscar's Soros funding-Has the Vatican Bank acted as conduit , is it in breach of international AML,CTF and KYC regulations?,"February 14, 2017), []

The website The Eye Witness reported on suspicious spying done on Pope Benedict and Pope Francis before and after the last conclave by the Soros funded Democrat Obama Administration's NSA:

"It is now revealed that the NSA was tapping the phones and communications of the entire Vatican establishment, including Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis before, during and after the Conclave.  Is such a thing possible?  Here is one of many reports:"

"In another report, from
Al-Jazeera we read:

"Bergoglio ' had been a person of interest to the American secret services since 2005, according to Wikileaks' it said."

"The bugged conversations were divided into four categories: 'leadership intentions', 'threats to financial systems', 'foreign policy objectives' and 'human rights', it claimed."

"Why the American Secret Service considered Cardinal Bergoglio a person of interest for the past eight years is an interesting question although the Secret Service like all other US agencies is widely believed to have been corrupted, so it remains unclear as to how one should assess this piece of information or what it was about the activities of the Cardinal that prompted their extreme interest.  Still it is curious to say the very least..."

"...But if the Conclave was compromised in some way (and even if it wasn't we do know that the NSA has been listening to electronic communications of high Churchmen in Rome and probably everywhere else) then this opens up a whole new avenue of inquiry."

One reason why the NSA could reasonably have been spying on Pope Benedict and Cardinal Bergoglio who would become Pope Francis at that conclave could be that the spy agency was corrupted by the Obama administration.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the administration wanted Bergoglio to replace Benedict.

Benedict's agenda put anti-abortion and moral pro-family issues as top priorities while Francis gives lip services to those issues, but sees them as secondary to his agenda which is almost identical to the Obama administration and Soros agendas such unrestricted mass immigration (See: http

Zero Hedge shows that NSA became a servant of the Democrats and the Obama administration agenda and it's FISA abuses:

"Donald Trump must veto reauthorized NSA spying powers which passed both the House and the Senate yesterday 
without a single reform, in light of an explosive four-page memo said to detail sweeping FISA Abuses by the FBI, DOJ and the Obama Administration during and after the 2016 presidential election, says former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden." []

Another reason is related to the first reason for the spying is that the Democrats and some liberal Republicans are funded by Soros who is pushing unrestricted mass immigration:

"There does indeed seem to be a “hidden Soros Slush Fund” in the Democratic Party’s official platform, as commentator Michelle Malkin recently
pointed out... Malkin suggests that Obama’s rival for the White House, John McCain, hasn’t criticized the slush fund proposal because his Reform Institute received $150,000 from the Open Society Institute." []

Francis in Gaudete et Exsultate joins the Democrats funded by Soros who are pushing unrestricted mass immigration by making it equivalent to abortion. Francis appears to want to bring the Democrat regime into power.

Unrestricted mass immigration will bring the 100 percent pro-abortion Democrats into power by changing the demographics of the voters of the USA. If the Latin American immigrants whom President Reagan granted amnesty and the illegal immigrants who followed them into California and other states like Texas had voted for pro-life candidates, I would be the first in line to say grant amnesty again. But the vast majority of them have voted like the mayor of Mexico City for abortion.

Francis with Gaudete et Exsultate, it appears, is joining Soros in attempting to bring the party of abortion Democrats into power.

According to Chuck Norris, Soros is willing to spend huge sums of money to insure the victory for the party of abortion:

"Left-wing BILLIONAIRE George Soros and liberal Washington, D.C. special interests believe that taking Texas is the key to seizing control of the entire country. If Soros and his liberal pals can take Texas and its 38 electoral votes, they’ll have a lock on the White House for at least a generation!"

"Just this year, George Soros dumped $900,000 into a local Texas district attorney’s race—and won. If he’ll spend that much on a local race, Soros will likely pour in millions (if not tens of millions) to install a Democrat Governor in Texas."

"That way he’ll be able to control Texas redistricting after the next census, draw Texas Republicans out of office, and ensure Democrat control of the U.S. House for years!"

Chuck Norris

"P.S. Friend, no governor in the United States has a bigger bull’s-eye on his back right now that Governor Greg Abbott, with special interests and national Democrats targeting Texas as the key to seizing PERMANENT political control of our entire country. This fight is only the beginning." (Chuck Norris (

If Pope Francis, Soros and Gaudete et Exsultate bring about unrestricted mass immigration and win Texas then the Democrats will be in power and will be killing the unborn babies "for at least a generation."

Pray an Our Father now for the end of the killing of unborn babies.

Stupid Betrayal: Trump turns into Hillary threatens World War III with Russia so he can get Impeached

In the campaign, Donald Trump said elect me because:

"Hillary wants to start a shooting war in Syria in a conflict with nuclear-armed Russia which could lead to World War III."

All the leading Democrats are 100 percent on board with starting a possible World War III by attacking Syria.

The only ones against the possible beginning of a nuclear war are the conservatives who elected Trump and his only base against his being impeached by his new warmongering Democrat allies.

It is a stupid betrayal for Trump turned into Hillary.

Maybe he wants to start World War III.

Maybe he wants to be impeached.

Say an Our Father now that Trump doesn't start World War III.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Even Cdl. Bernardin & Vatican II Condemn Pope Francis and Gaudete et Exsultate

Cardinal Joseph Bernardin in 1988 said:

"[S]ome people on the left.. don't hold anyone's feet to the fire on abortion. That is a misuse of consistent ethic, and I deplore it." (Catholic World Report, "The Consistent-and Not So Seamless-Ethic of Life," August 13, 2015)

Even the least pro-life American Cardinal of the 1980's, Bernardin, would "deplore" Francis's celebrating abortion promoters and politicians as well as his Vatican giving them papal awards despite the Pope's lip service to being against abortion.

The teachings of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and even Vatican II, also, deplore Gaudete et Exsultate.

Francis's making abortion (an intrinsic evil that is always wrong according the two previous pontificates and 20 centuries of Church teaching) equivalent to immigration (a prudential matter that is the responsibility of the laity according to the two previous pontificates) obviously contradicts the two previous popes teachings.

Gaudete et Exsultate even goes against Vatican II's the Decree on the Laity Apostolicam Actuositatem which states that renew of the temporal order belongs to the laity not to the clerics or the pope:

"'[T]he laws of the political community, international relations, and other matters of this kind, as well as their development and progress' (AA 7)- primarily belongs to the Laity (AA 2, 5)." (Catholic World Report, "The Consistent-and Not So Seamless-Ethic of Life," August 13 2015)

Monday, April 09, 2018

Pope Francis's "could almost be a Atheistic Document" still doesn't Reaffirm Existence of Hell

Reuter and the leftist Catholic media are really excited because Pope Francis in the Apostlic Exhortation "Gaudete et Exsultate" mentions the devil "over a dozen" time.

In their minds this proves somehow that Francis is explicitly reaffirming that he believes in the existence of hell. (Reuter, "After 'no hell's report, Pope give the devil his due," April 9, 2018)

The Pope may believe that there is no hell as his atheist friend Eugenio Scalfari reported him saying, therefore the devils may be on the earth or even in heaven and not in hell which doesn't exist accordingly to the words attributed to him.

Remember that Francis thinks heaven is inviting many atheists over those rigid Catholics who believe in Jesus's words about adulterous sexual acts being intrinsically evil as Pope John Paul Il reaffirmed and taught.

Maybe Heaven is not only inviting many atheists, but many devils, too.

That the Pope may believe this is not that far-fetched. Tracy Rowland in "Catholic Theology" (page 193) says Francis in 1984 reviewed a book of Hans Urs Von Balthasar.

Fr. John Hardon refused to review a book by Balthasar for Fr. Joseph Fessio's Ignatius Press because of the author's heretical views on hell. Hardon said the book "leaves doubt if whether there's anyone yet in hell." (, "Seduction of Evil Spirits," September 7, 1997)

The heart of the matter is that to this point and in this new papal document Francis has not as Cardinal Raymond Burke said "clearly reaffirmed the truth about... hell." (Breitbart, "Cardinal Burke: Pope Francis Feeds Confusion in the Church," April 5, 2018)

But, surely someone will excitedly say Reuter in the above article says one time in the document "Francis did mention hell."

If the Pope had "clearly... reaffirmed the truth of hell" then with this passage he might have condemned to hell all the rigid Catholics who believe in the Ten Commandments and the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church in the media and on blogs who point out that many of Francis's teachings contradict Revelation.

Reuter quotes the Exhortation as saying:

"Even in Catholic media... we see how the unguarded tongue, set on fire by hell, sets all things ablaze."

Nice metaphor, but hardly a clear reaffirmation of the existence of hell.

Strangely enough, as far as I saw, the Exhortation only speaks of the "mission" and "the perennial 'today'" but not of the afterlife.

It could almost be a atheistic document.

An atheistic globalist could have written this document as a call for the masses to forget about national security remembering that the only sins are not to support unlimited immigration and the Islamic take over of what is left of Christian Europe (which are as important as the holocaust of the unborn babies), if it didn't have so much flowery Catholic language and the lip service to the unborn.

This Exhortation could almost be a atheistic document.

If Francis can't apparently talk about the afterlife in this document, as least as my quick look through the Exhortation seems to show, even after he just made worldwide headlines denying hell which was attributed to him by his friend and refuses to this day to reaffirm the existence of hell and apparently in this document doesn't speak of heaven, I didn't see a reference to heaven, then he needs to read the following words of St. Paul.

Even if someone finds the word "heaven" mentioned somewhere, nowhere in the Exhortation, that I saw, is there anything remotely coming close to St. Paul's:

"If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people to be pitied."
(1Cor. 15:19)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Pope Francis Supporters who Oppose Cld. Zen and want to "Annihilate" the Chinese Church are Laughing Stocks yet Sinister

Cardinal Joseph Zen, Emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong, told EWTN'S Raymond Arroyo what the Chinese communist regime will do to the underground Church:

“They will be allowed to function like underground bishops?” he asked. “Surely not. They are bringing them into the cage! That’s terrible. They are going to annihilate the underground Church.”

Arroyo asked the Cardinal’s opinion on Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo’s statement that the Chinese communist regime best realize the social doctrine of the Catholic Church:

“Please leave him in peace. We don’t have to waste time to talk about that… That made everybody laugh, okay? It’s a good laugh,” Zen replied

Many of Francis's inner circle who oppose Zen like Sorondo are laughing stocks while others have little experience of contemporary China yet accuse the Cardinal of not knowing China. Catholic News Agency on the Catholic World Report reported:

"Against his detractors, who have said the cardinal has little experience of contemporary China, Cardinal Zen cited his seven years’ experience teaching in China’s official Church seminaries from 1989-1996"

“"From my direct, immediate experience, I know that the Church is completely enslaved to the government,' he said, stating that he is still kept updated on the situation by discreet visitors."

But, there are others who do have experience of contemporary China and yet oppose Cardinal Zen.

These Catholics who support Francis's apparent diplomatic attempt to "annihilate the underground Church” in attempting to appear reasonable are much more sinister.

Zen’s successor Cardinal John Tong Hon who also is a Emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong is the greatest enemy of those trying to stop the Francis diplomatic effort to give the Chinese communist regime control over the underground Church.

Catholic News Agency on the Catholic World Report reported:

"Cardinal Tong... argued that China is a large country where incidents of arrests or imprisonments are largely isolated to certain areas."

"Cardinal Zen has often said that 'no deal is better than a bad deal,' and in a recent blog-post called the proposal an act of 'suicide' and a 'shameless surrender' to the communist government.'

'On the other hand, in an interview with CNA last week, Cardinal Tong said opposing the deal was 'unreasonable.' He argued that the Chinese government has generally become more tolerant, and called the deal 'far-sighted,' saying that at times, sacrifice is necessary in order for Catholics to become 'members of one family.'

Compounding the debate is yesterday’s arrest of Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin of Mindong, who is recognized by the Vatican but not the government, and who was taken into custody by police alongside the diocesan chancellor. He was held overnight but was later released, and was barred from celebrating any Mass as a bishop, including Holy Week liturgies." []

China expert  shows how ridiculous or laughable and "unreasonable" are Tongs claim that "China is a large country where incidents of arrests or imprisonments are largely isolated to certain areas."

Mosher explains why "incidents of arrests or imprisonments are largely isolated to certain areas" and why the Tong and Francis diplomatic effort to give the Chinese communist regime control over the underground Church is a blunder:

"Pietro Cardinal Parolin, who had earlier been involved with the establishment of diplomatic relations with Mexico and ongoing negotiations with Vietnam, was put in charge of the effort. He established direct contact with Beijing in 2005 with the goal of signing a written agreement with the atheistic regime over the appointment of bishops"
"This was a major blunder on several counts."

"First, it drew the attention of the Chinese Party-State to the activities of the Catholic Church in China. Whereas Mexico has been predominantly Catholic for centuries, and Vietnam has one of the largest Catholic populations in Asia, Catholics in China were a small minority, scattered in communities throughout the length and breadth of China. As such, they were able to evangelize, build churches, and even open seminaries, all while attracting relatively little hostile attention from the central government. 'The mountains are high, and the emperor is far away,' as the Chinese say."

"Once Beijing entered into formal negotiations with the Vatican, however, the Party-State began to pay a lot more attention to the activities of the domestic followers of this 'hostile foreign power.' In other words, the mere fact of negotiations put a target on the backs of Chinese Catholics. The 'space' in which it had operated began to shrink under the unblinking eye of state surveillance."

"Vatican diplomats seem not to have realized that they were dealing with a one-party dictatorship that was far more brutal, and far less tolerant of any expressions of religious faith, than Mexico in the 1990s or Vietnam in the 2000s. For in the view of the CCP, all belief in transcendental religions, especially those with foreign connections like Catholicism, is suspect, even treasonous..."

"In order to reach an agreement, China informed the Vatican’s Secretary of State, two things must happen."

"First, the holy father must, without exception, consecrate all the Patriotic bishops that he and Pope Benedict, for very good reasons, had previously rejected."

"Second, he must eliminate the Underground Church, starting with its bishops. Elderly Underground bishops must be forcibly retired and replaced with Patriotic bishops of Beijing’s choosing, while younger Underground bishops must be reassigned to subordinate roles in the Patriotic church.'

"On the mere promise of a future agreement, the Vatican has bowed to these demands. This is why we have recently been treated to the heartbreaking spectacle of 88-year-old Underground bishop Peter Zhuang being forced, by Cardinal Parolin’s emissaries, to hand over his Shantou diocese to excommunicated Patriotic bishop Huang Bingzhang. This is also why a younger Patriotic bishop, Joseph Guo of Fujian province, has been demoted to be an assistant to an illegitimate Patriotic bishop."

"This process will obviously continue until the last of the 30-odd Underground bishops have been sidelined and silenced, one way or another."

"It is the prospect of this “sell-out” of the Underground Church that sent Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen to Rome, to plead the cause of his Chinese co-believers to the holy father himself."

"Pope Francis reportedly told Cardinal Zen that 'we don’t want another Mindszenty.'”

"But these wrongheaded, politically naïve negotiations have already created, in Bishop Zhuang, 'another Mindszenty.'”

"And now we have the prospect of several dozen more to follow."

Getting back to Cardinal Tong, why would he want "the prospect of several dozen" Mindszentys and a Chinese Church controlled by Marxists?

To understand Tong we need to look at those who are advising the Cardinal.

One adviser of Tong is Anthony Lam Sui-ki who is many times on hand for articles featuring Cdl. Tong to oppose Zen. Here is an example from the :

"In a blog written in December last year, Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, the former bishop of Hong Kong, said mainland authorities had demolished the crosses on many church buildings, and questioned if the Vatican was knowledgeable about what had been happening there."

"Zen also said he was worried that by signing a deal with Beijing, the church would be handing over its power to 'an atheist regime'”.

"But Anthony Lam Sui-ki, executive secretary and researcher at the Holy Spirit Study Centre of the Hong Kong diocese, said a deal between both sides would help solve the problems surrounding the ordination of priests in mainland China because Beijing was often worried about which priests would be ordained."
It is ridiculous or laughable that Lam who is suppose to understand the Chinese communist regime and care about the underground Church could say "a deal between both sides would help solve the problems surrounding the ordination of priests in mainland China because Beijing was often worried about which priests would be ordained."

Of course, the communist are worried about "which priests would be ordained." As China expert Mosher said "in the view of the CCP, all belief in transcendental religions, especially those with foreign connections like Catholicism, is suspect, even treasonous."

Lam advises Cdl. Tong, but who does he work with besides the Cardinal at the Holy Spirit Study Centre of the Hong Kong diocese and it's publication Tripod who, also, gives advise to him and Tong?

The Hong Kong diocese website list shows that Lam works as a editor under the diocese publication Tripod editor Maryknoll priest Fr. Peter James Barry and that Barry is in the unalphabetical list placed as number one on the researchers list with Lam listed sixth:

"Researchers: Rev. Peter J.Berry... Dr. Anthony Lam... Editors of Tripod:
His Eminence Cardinal John Tong
Rev. Peter J. Barry, MM Dr. 
Anthony Lam"

[Holy Spirit Study Center, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong,]

Who is Barry?

Barry is a member of the Marynoll order. The order is famous for being Marxist infested and oriented as well as pushing liberation theology. Crisis magazine reported that a source in the "Vatican investigation of Marynoll" said "Marynoll was doing an excellent job of training Marxists, but a terrible job of training priests." (Crisis, "Message from Rome: Marynoll Seminary to Close This Fall" April 1, 1988)

Who are Barry's friends?:

"On Sunday Barry celebrated his achievement in his home city of Troy, with a 50th anniversary Mass at Sacred Heart Church, followed by a reception in the Sacred Heart School Hall, where many relatives, classmates and friends came to help him celebrate."

"Among those friends were [leftist] Bishop Emeritus Howard Hubbard and [leftist] Troy Mayor Lou Rosamilia. 'We’re excited to be here,' the mayor said, standing next to his wife Peg. Back in 1969, the Rosamilias were the first couple that Barry ever married in the United States. That ceremony also took place at Sacred Heart Church." []

Who is Cardinal Tong's adviser Fr. Barry's leftist friend Bishop Hubbard besides being "considered to be one of the most liberal prelates in the United States" according to

"Stephen Brady, head of the Illinois-based Roman Catholic Faithful, was the first to contradict that report of events. Brady revealed that Fr. Minkler had been working with his lay Catholic group for at least three years in order to document homosexual misconduct and abuse among Albany priests, including Bishop Howard Hubbard. "[Fr.] Minkler was scared to death that the bishop would find out," Brady told Albany’s Times-Union. Brady said the priest left him a voice mail message asking for advice the day before his death."

"Brady confirmed that Fr. Minkler was indeed the author of the controversial 1995 report. The priest sent Brady a copy of the report in 2001, and although the report itself was signed with the pseudonym 'Henry,' the fax coversheet accompanying the letter was signed by Fr. Minkler."

"According to Paul Likoudis, news editor for The Wanderer, he received a phone call from Fr. Minkler shortly after the priest returned from signing the affidavit. In the course of their conversation, said Likoudis, Fr. Minkler indicated that, contrary to Bishop Hubbard’s claim, he was summoned to the chancery by diocesan chancellor Fr. Kenneth Doyle, former spokesman for the U.S. bishops conference in Washington. According to Likoudis, Fr. Minkler explained that Fr. Doyle had the affidavit all made out and told the priest to sign it during their brief meeting."

"Fr. Joseph F. Wilson of the Diocese of Brooklyn also spoke with Fr. Minkler by telephone that same evening. Although the Albany priest made no mention to him of being summoned to the chancery, he did tell Fr. Wilson that 'the bishop made me lie.' Fr. Wilson said he assumed Fr. Minkler was referring to being forced to sign the affidavit disavowing authorship of the 1995 report to Cardinal O’Connor."

"'I talked to Fr. Minkler for about an hour,' Fr. Wilson explained. 'He wanted advice on how to smooth things over with his bishop. I had no reservations whatsoever about his state of mind when I finished talking to him that night.' Fr. Wilson added that the Albany priest also mentioned that he had talked with at least one other priest and a lay canon lawyer to solicit advice that same evening. 'Not exactly the actions of a man who’s planning to commit suicide,' commented Fr. Wilson."

"Likoudis agreed, but admits that he doesn’t know the circumstances surrounding the priest’s death, other than that they seem suspicious. 'It’s all speculation at this point,' he said. What is not speculation is the fact that Fr. Minkler, a former secretary to Cardinal O’Connor, was asked by the late Archbishop of New York to prepare a brief detailing clerical corruption in the Albany diocese. That report, said Likoudis, was supposedly delivered directly into the hands of Pope John Paul II during a private 1995 meeting with Cardinal O’Connor, who was allegedly trying to facilitate the removal of the Albany bishop."

"Likoudis was a featured speaker, along with Stephen Brady, at a public meeting held by Roman Catholic Faithful at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Albany a week after Fr. Minkler’s death. Likoudis told a crowd of 500 that for the past 13 years Fr. Minkler was a trusted source of inside information in the Diocese of Albany. In 1991, Likoudis added, Fr. Minkler was a primary source for a series of Wanderer articles ('Agony in Albany') critical of Bishop Howard Hubbard."

"Brady revealed that Fr. Minkler was also a close collaborator with Roman Catholic Faithful: 'Fr. Minkler had been seeking RCF’s assistance to help bring about reformative changes in the Albany diocese.'"

"Fr. Minkler is not the first priest associated with Roman Catholic Faithful to die under mysterious circumstances. In 1998 Fr. Alfred Kunz was murdered at his rural Wisconsin parish. His throat was slit by a razor blade, and he bled to death before his body was discovered the next morning. Although the subject of one of the most extensive FBI investigations in Wisconsin history, the murder of Fr. Kunz remains a mystery."

"Fr. Kunz was an accomplished canon lawyer who lent his expert assistance to Brady as Roman Catholic Faithful investigated homosexual corruption in the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois. Less than two years after the death of Fr. Kunz, Springfield’s Bishop Daniel Ryan resigned after Frank Bergen, a former male prostitute, identified the bishop as one of his regular high-paying clients for 11 years, going so far as to describe in detail the bishop’s private residence. Bishop Ryan, however, steadfastly denied that charge and others for years before he resigned."

"One of Bishop Hubbard’s accusers is also a former male prostitute. Anthony Bonneau, now 40, says he was a 16-year-old runaway when the Albany bishop twice paid him for sex in Albany’s Washington Park. Bonneau told the Times-Union that he recognized Hubbard as one of his johns about ten years ago when he saw the bishop on television. At the time, he said he told only his wife."

"Bonneau, a self-described born-again Christian, called the bishop 'a Washington Park predator.' He came forward with his allegations, he said, only after he saw Bishop Howard Hubbard deliver his public statement of denial about the first accusation of a homosexual encounter. He stated he has no intention of filing a suit against the diocese, and is motivated only out of a sense of Christian duty in hopes of protecting other children."

"'I was appalled, I was totally appalled,' Bonneau said of Bishop Hubbard’s assertion that he’s 'never had sexual relations with anyone.'"

"'There were many times he approached me,'Bonneau announced at an Albany press conference."

 "'There were also times when he paid me cash to have sex with him. It hurts me…to think that this person [Bishop Hubbard] could stand there and lie to the public.'"

Vic Morrow of the TV series Combat Shows the Honor and Goodness that our Culture still had in the 60’s

I finished watching the released first season of Vic Morrow’s TV series Combat on DVD. It shows the honor and goodness that our culture still had in the 60’s.

Morrow’s character the Sarge is to this day, for me, an image of what a hero should be. Tough and courageous, but compassionate.

Vic Morrow played the hero and on the set he was a hero. The assistant director of Combat Michael Caffey in the audio commentary for the Combat DVD had this to say about Morrow:

“He was very nice person. He never yelled at anyone...He was very quiet when he had something to say... He had a 104 temperature in one show. He was there. He should have been in the hospital. It’s a wonder it didn’t kill him. He was just tremendous. He reached down into a tank and pulled someone out in one show and got a double hernia. So they put the little belts on him and he went right on acting. He was an amazing man. He was very knowledgeable about film and what it could do. It was pleasure to have him...I can’t speak highly enough of him. ”

Tom Lowell, who played Billy in the series, said on an audio commentary for the DVD that “Vic” didn’t care about the “series being successful, he wanted it to be good.” Before it was ever shot “Vic and the director” would go over the script for hours to make sure it was “good.”

Yes, Vic Morrow on Combat was a hero. He showed us that being a hero always begins with being good in our day-in and day-out life.

And as Caffey said “He was very knowledgeable about film and what it could do,” so Morrow knew what he was doing in creating a heroic model as an actor and director in the series.

I know that I’ve said the following other times, but it needs to be repeated. What our American and global culture needs are heroes as models.

Steve Ditko, the artist and co-creator of Spider-Man says, "Aristotle said that art is more important than history. History tells how man did act. Art shows how man should and could act. It creates a model.” "The self-flawed and anti-hero provide the heroic label without the need to act better. A crooked cop, a flawed cop, is not a valid model of a good law enforcer,"

Ditko said:

"An anti-cop corrupts the legal good, and an anti-hero corrupts the moral good."

According to one website, Morrow’s character the Sarge was a model for the soldier in the Vietnam:

“I have a cousin who did 13 months as a Marine grunt in Nam back in 68-69. He said that in the area he was in, the South Vietnamese Army Commanders showed reruns of Vic Morrow's early sixties series COMBAT! to their troops. They thought old Vic was a badder ass than John Wayne himself. They went nuts for the guy. Years later, I bought a book on armored units used in the Vietnam War... I found a photograph in it of an ARVN tank circa. 1968, with VIC MORROW scrawled across the turret in huge white letters.”


Some might say this is a bad example because a small number of soldiers in that war did dishonorable acts. But the vast majority of the soldiers in the Vietnam War who were honorable were so because of models in art and real life who were like the Sarge.

Stop for a moment of silence, ask God what He want you to do next. Make this a practice. By doing this you are doing more good than reading anything here or anywhere else on the Internet.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Hellgate has Cardinals and Laity Rebelling against Pope Francis and those who Spin Heretical Statements Attributed to him which he still hasn't Publicly Denied

Vatican expert Antonio Socci reported that an "important (non-Italian) Cardinal" and "several of his colleagues," apparently Cardinals, are rebelling against the present scandalous papacy and have threatened a possible "impeachment" or to deposed Pope Francis from the Office of Peter on the heresy of the denial of Hell.

At the other spectrum, lay Catholics and readers of the Catholic World Report appear to be fed up with CWR editor Carl Olson and his boss Mark Brumley's spin of the latest Pope Francis scandal and are, also, rebelling

What brought this explosion about is the article by Brumley written on April 2 which is called "Hell and Pope Francis" for Olson's CWR.

In the piece Brumley whitewashes the Francis scandal of the statement attributed to him by his close friend abortion advocate Eugenio Scalfari where the Pope is quoted as saying the following:

"Hell does not exist."

Francis still apparently refuses to personally and publicly deny this heretical quote attributed to him by his close friend.

Here are some of the commenter's comments. Go to the website to read the rest. All hell breaks loose on Brumley and Olson, as they are fried in the justifiable anger of their readers:

Paul: "[T]he author of this article is willfully deluded. It is a objective fact that Pope Bergoglio refused to deny and condemn the heretical belief of Hell attributed to him."

Max: "I'm not even sure why publications like CWR even exist if they are only going to spin the Pope's heretical words."

Joe M: "I wish Mr. Brumley would be hired by the Vatican."

Arthur McGowan: "[M]ore heresy reported, with more plausible deniability, but no real denial. And that's how Bergoglio moves the ball down the field."

Pray an Our Father now for Pope Francis to personally and publicly deny the heretical words attributed to him or resign.