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A Saint Dancing in Heaven

A Saint Dancing in Heaven

A Three Act Play about Blessed Miguel Pro
By Fred Martinez

The child, Miguel, is in a bed coughing. His Dad is silent, his Mom (Josefa) is crying and an arrogant doctor is standing by her. There is a big picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the room.
Josefa (Crying)-His burning up! Miguel is going to die!
Don Miguel-He will not die, yet!
Josefa-Are you crazy! Look at him!
Doctor Mateo-She’s right. His death is imminent. Get a priest, now!
Josefa- (Crying again)-Get a priest!
Don Miguel (Goes to his wife and hugs her)-Not yet!
Doctor Mateo-Are you crazy!
Don Miguel (Moving away from his wife he goes to his son and picks him up.)
Doctor Mateo-Put him down, now!
Don Miguel (Ignoring the doctor, he carries his son to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and cries out)-My Mother give me back my son!
Miguel (Silence for three to six seconds, then, the boy shudders and vomits a bloody mass of phlegm.)
Don Miguel- He will not die, yet.
Doctor Mateo (The doctor moves to Miguel a…