Monday, November 12, 2007

"Don't think it's a standard romance with a standard ending because [Bella is] very different."

Hurry to see Bella! It is a great story and a good story - those don't always go together! It's great because of the dramatic events that the characters go through, and it's good because it shows you how things should be. Don't think it's a standard romance with a standard ending because it's very different. You really won't see it coming - I didn't.

It is so powerful that several women who saw the movie immediately decided not to have a planned abortion.

You really have to hurry because it might only be in town for a week. It has won numerous awards but Hollywood won't distribute it because of its prolife message. A grass-roots network of volunteers is distributing it, so catch it while you can.

Here's how to find a theater:

Why not to go:
Violence--a car accident has a brief flash of blood.
Language--one rude word is said instead of "that stinks."
Abortion--they discuss it but you don't see it.
Relationships--a man truly supports a woman as a person, instead of exploiting her vulnerability. They hug, that's all.
Single parenthood--BEFORE the movie begins, a woman gets pregnant and her boyfriend abandons her. He is not in the movie at all.
Choppy style--it's not as changeable as a music video, but it's not traditional film editing sometimes. My 18-year-old daughter loved it. I got a little tired of switching scenes, but at the end all the pieces of the story came together. The ending was perfectly unexpected and unexpectedly perfect.

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