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Save Our Kids from Homosexual Kindergartens

Save Our Kids Campaign Circulating Enough Petitions

Save Our Kids Campaign Circulating Enough Petitions to Qualify Referendum
SACRAMENTO, Dec. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- As the deadline for returning SB 777 referendum petitions quickly approaches, the campaign is excited to announce that there are 300,000 petitions in circulation. 300,000 petitions equal 3 million signatures.

If only half of the petitions are returned, there will be more than enough signatures to qualify the referendum for the 2008 June ballot.

"We are simply stunned that we have accomplished this with a volunteer-only campaign," explained Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Family Impact and director of the Save Our Kids campaign. "The response to the referendum campaign has been overwhelming. Every day we receive extraordinary stories from volunteers so passionate about this issue that they are standing in front of stores entire weekends to gather signatures. We are humbled by this kind of dedication to our cause."

Photo: Volunteers, Alexis and Randa Hinton
A volunteer-only referendum campaign has never qualified for the ballot. The historic SB 777 referendum would be the first to accomplish this feat.

"Citizens are literally clamoring for petitions-we are working overtime to keep up with the demand," stated Meredith Turney, legislative liaison for Capitol Resource Family Impact. "Liberal lawmakers have gone too far with SB 777 and the people are expressing their disgust by joining the referendum campaign."

"Parents do not want homosexual, transsexual and other confusing sexual issues forced upon their 5- year-old children in kindergarten," stated England. "These are issues that should be addressed by parents when children are mature enough to understand. When citizens hear of SB 777's radical agenda, they are outraged."

"In order to meet our January 4th deadline, we need supporters to start sending their petitions back as soon as possible," explained Turney. "It's going to take many volunteers and long hours to organize the petitions by county before we turn them in. We encourage everyone to quickly gather their signatures and return their petitions."

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