Monday, August 11, 2008

Pray for Fr. John Corapi

Weekly wisdom

Fr. John Corapi, who has sharply curtailed his extensive travel schedule, will now keep in touch via a video subscription service (at around $10 per month):

The service will provide a 20-30 minute video/audio presentation each week, produced especially for the "Weekly Wisdom" series. These will be chosen from the Catholic Church’s current liturgical calendar, current events, and/or matters Fr. Corapi believes are of great interest to the People of God. Another feature of "Weekly Wisdom" will be a feature many of you have asked Father Corapi personally for, "Spiritual Directions", where Father will be presenting some of the most important elements of spiritual direction to help you with your personal journey to God.

You can view a five-minute video of Fr. Corapi introducing his new service here.

posted by Rich Leonardi @ Saturday, February 16, 2008

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous said...
All the great preachers including Our Lord were never understood and often persecuted.
FYI Father Corapi has been sick the last 7 months which is why he doesn't travel....and is undergoing surgery the week of 4/6/08 for a prarthyroid tumor which caused extreme fatigue and other symptoms. The reason he has to charge a subscription fee is to pay for bandwith to broadcast his show among the costs to produce etc...just like th Church who requires us to tithe offerings to support our Church and priests Father Corapi is no different, let us be charitable and pray for him....subscribing is OPTIONAL....
Mother of a Seminarian

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