Monday, December 01, 2008

Beware of Fake Pro-Lifers: Matthew 25 Network and Doug Kmiec

Don't Listen to the Counterfeit Pro-Lifers Like Matthew 25 Network and Kmiec
Washington, DC ( --

Last week, nationally-recognized pro-life nurse and blogger Jill Stanek wrote a column about fake pro-lifers. She responded to groups like the Matthew 25 Network and Obama backers like Doug Kmiec who tried to fool pro-life voters into thinking pro-abortion candidate Barack Obama wasn't so bad.

Stanek says so-called pro-life advocates like them never show up with the millions of Americans who are genuinely pro-life. "If you've missed spotting any of these pro-life 'activists,' the clueless Washington Post deemed them, at pro-life events like the annual March for Life, or speaking or writing on the pro-life issue, it's because they've been MIA." Stanek says she's always ready to welcome a pro-life convert to the cause.

"Just not Obama supporters who argued that despite his support of abortion on demand even after delivery, Obama's 'abortion reduction' plan allowed pro-lifers to vote for him, and besides, there were other equally important issues." Stanek says these so-called pro-lifers like to cite how the economy affects abortion but fail to note how abortion businesses prey on poorer women, blacks and Hispanics.

"In defending welfare, both newspapers cited a 2000 Guttmacher (research arm of Planned Parenthood) study finding abortion among women in poverty was four times higher than woman of means.

They didn't site another Guttmacher Institute study that found 97 percent of all abortion mills are located in urban areas, where those poor women live."

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