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Call for National Day for Prayer and Fasting for the Economy

Internet Evangelist Lambastes Obama's $1 Trillion Stimulus Package
Liveprayer's Bill Keller Says Economic Crisis Is the Beginning of God's Judgment on the Nation
MEDIA ADVISORY, February 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- The world's leading internet evangelist, Bill Keller - founder of - is lambasting President Barack Hussein Obama and Congress for "throwing another trillion dollars down the toilet."

On May 2, 2008, Keller told his 2.4 million daily devotional subscribers that God would use the economy as a form of judgment on the nation for its sins. In September of 2008, Keller released a video warning people that the economic crisis was indeed the beginning of God's judgment on the nation for its sins (video reference:

Keller has been the only major Christian leader to make the case that the current economic crisis is God's judgment for the four thousand innocent babies slaughtered every twenty-four hours, the sexual perversion that has become a staple of mainstream society, the mockery being made of God's holy institution of marriage and the family, and for a nation who has turned away from God to worship a plethora of false gods and idols.

"How long did we think we could live in utter rebellion to God, or ignore the truth of his word before God had had enough?" Keller asks. "If he spared not his wrath and judgment on his own children for their sins, how could we be so arrogant as to think he wouldn't judge us for our sins and rebellion?"

Keller claims the world's leading economists, business experts, and politicians have put forth one failed plan after another, having thrown nearly one trillion dollars at the problem without a hint of success. And now, says Keller, "They're going to flush another trillion down the toilet."

"Instead of getting better, things are getting worse, and they will continue to deteriorate," laments Keller. "The reason? This really isn't an economic crisis, but a spiritual crisis, and the only action that will provide any real healing would be for the nation to repent of its sins, ask God's forgiveness, and turn back to God and biblical faith."

In December, Keller sent a petition signed by over 200,000 people to President Bush, House Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid, asking them to declare a national day for prayer and fasting for the economy. Sadly, Keller's request was met with silence. (reference: fa=PAGE.view&pageId=82446 )

"Maybe after seeing eight trillion dollars wiped out by the markets, millions of jobs lost, and no end in sight, people will being to wake up and realize that there is no quick fix, and that there's merit to what I've been saying," adds Keller. "The only answer we have, the only hope we have, is for this nation to turn back to God and his truth."


Crowned the next big thing in mass media religion by the news media, Pastor Bill Keller has hosted the only live call-in faith and values-based program airing nationally on major secular television network affiliates for nearly 6 years. Live Prayer with Bill Keller is now seen exclusively on the internet, Monday through Friday from 11 PM to midnight EST on The program is also simulcast on Tampa's 50,000-watt WWBA-820, and is being syndicated nationwide on other major secular radio stations.

Live Prayer deals head-on with issues ranging from divorce, homosexuality, abortion, sexual abuse, pornography, drug addiction, radical Islam, race relations, spousal abuse, false prophets, and various other issues from a conservative, biblical worldview. Unscripted and unedited, Live Prayer is a fresh and totally spontaneous approach to problem solving. An archive of all past Live Prayer TV programs is available at


In 1999, Keller launched; it has become the most successful online faith outreach in history. Since its inception, has responded personally to more than 60 million online requests for prayer. Additionally, Keller's Live Prayer devotional is received daily by over 2.4 million email subscribers, making Keller's devotional one of the most read e-communications worldwide. For information on where to watch Live Prayer in your area, visit .

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