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Media/Obama Surreal Lies Vs. Reality at Notre Dame

I traveled to South Bend, Indiana to observe, participate and pray amidst the mayhem surrounding the gates of Notre Dame on graduation day. The pro-life presence was simply amazing with over 3,000 pro-life activists taking a bold stand for life and Catholic consistency. There were 39 arrests - all of them peaceful pro-lifers. Included among those arrested on graduation day was Norma McCorvey, the original "Roe" in Roe v. Wade, who renounced her ties to the pro-abortion movement and became a pro-life Christian in 1995.

But my personal favorite of the day - and one that caught widespread media attention - were the four graduating students who stood up and interrupted the President of the United States as he willfully violated the faith-values of their school. They were duly escorted from the auditorium by security guards, while Obama continued his speech and told an auditorium of Catholics (and with a straight face, too!) that what we need is more "…

Discovering the Meaning of Love and Life Chapter 1 THE BOY

Discovering the Meaning of Love and Life

Chapter 1


The boy watched the clock. It ticked to the moment he waited for all day. The moment he would play baseball.

School meant only two things to the boy: recess and after school.

He remembered kicking the ball. It hit his female teacher in the head. Next thing he knew he was in class with the teacher walking up to his desk. She wrote a big red F on the top of the his paper. He put a line though the front of the F, which made it look like a A. She turned red in the face. After that the boy got only bad grades.

Figuring if he was dumb a least he would have fun. He daydreamed of making a fantastic catch like Willie Mays. He felt in his blood the bravado of Juan Marichal whose pitching delivery started with his foot kicking above his head. He wanted to be like Willie McCovey who kept playing despite terrible knee injuries. Willie Mc would run around the bases even though he could hardly walk.

The ballplayers loved what they did. He wanted t…