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Embrace Purity- Save the World

Richard Salbato 6-29-2009

I have always been so impressed by the rapid expansion of the early Church and the methods of that expansion. Of course, the very early Church was backed up by many miracles to prove the truth they were saying. There were many reasons these miracles were needed at that time, but the biggest is the fact that these teaching were radically different and required a radical change in life without compromise.

In just a few years the Church spread throughout the Middle East, India and China. Rome and Europe took longer because of the strong resistance of the Emperors. A thousand years later, as the leaders of the Church compromised on basic truths, the Church was mostly pushed out of India, China and the Middle East becoming a small minority, as it is today.

Putting aside the miracles of the early Church, what really converted so many people so fast, was the radical sharp contrast in life styles.

Let’s use Africa a…

Secret:Before you Read any further, Kneel Down and Devoutly say a Prayer

"Before you read any further, kneel down and devoutly say a prayer. Ask God to help you understand and appreciate this secret.You must prepare your soul if you would profit from this secret. You may certainly pray that God deliver you from any deception, and that he illumine your mind with a spirit of discernment. Any illumination that comes from God always has a good effect upon the soul. Still, pray that God give you the grace to rightly understand what I am about to teach you. "

True Devotion To Mary- Saint Louis DeMontfort

The Secret of Mary
The Way to Divine Union

By Saint Louis DeMontfort
Chapter One

1. Here is a great secret chosen soul, which the most High God taught me himself. I have not found it in any book, ancient or modern. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, I am confiding it to you with this condition:

You must not, under any circumstances, let the knowledge of this secret make you idle or inactive. The knowledge of this…