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Write to Spiritual Descendants of the Original Hermits on Mount Carmel for Prayer

Welcome to the Roman Catholic Hermits of Our Lady of Mount Carmel! PRAISE + JESUS!

Our Dear Friend in Jesus,

We are Spiritual Descendants
of the original Hermits on Mount Carmel, the roots of the Carmelite Order of the Ancient Observance. With great joy, hope and love, we come to share with you our life of unceasing prayer in the desert in communion with Jesus Christ, our Good News! Each of us, as a Hermit of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, strives to live in Christ a life of unconquerable faith in the living God. "Pure in heart and steadfast in conscience, we must be unswerving in the service of our Master" — Rule of St. Albert.

Ours is a Divine Call
to be the praying, healing, forgiving Christ in the Heart of the Church for the sanctification and salvation of priests and all our brothers and sisters in the human family – Constitutions #2. Whoever you are and wherever you are, know that we are praying for you day and night.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man
shed His blood …

Charismatics vs. Catholics

Charismatics vs. Catholics

I would like to hear more opinions on the Charismatic movement.

From the outside looking in (for the most part), it seems to me that this movement is full of liturgical abuses, new-age theology, and spiritual guidance based purely on feelings. (Mt. 7:20)

What I am trying to do is... I Jn. 4:1 "Dearly beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits if they be of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

"Who in our day expects that those on whom hands are laid so that they may receive the Holy Spirit should forthwith speak with tongues....These signs were adapted to the times. For there behooved to be that betokening of the Spirit in all tongues to show that the Gospel of God was to run through all the tongues over the earth. But that thing was done for the betokening, and it has passed away." -St. Augustine,

What are your thoughts?

Stopping Abortions at Death’s Door

Fred Marinez,

Perhaps this book could be used in a story for your journal?

Rod Murphy

A new book, Stopping Abortions at Death’s Door, published by Taig Publishing, Southbridge, MA is available at It gives much detailed information on how to fight abortion and start or move a pregnancy resource center next door to an abortion “clinic”. This method, if applied nationally, will save hundreds of thousands of babies.

The author Roderick P. Murphy has spent almost 30 years as the director of a Massachusetts pro-life pregnancy center and provides help regarding fundraising, recruiting volunteers, how to find office space next door to abortionists, sidewalk counseling and much more. The book is available only at Amazon and the link is