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Unlike John Paul II is Pope Francis in a Bubble of Bad Advisers?

If Pope Francis continues to follow his narrow group of advisers he will need to reject objective reality also known as the law of non-contradiction at least if he keep listening to C. Casper. 
According to Robert Royal of Catholic Things "Honduran Cardinal Maradiaga, head of Francis’ “G-8” governing body of cardinals"  appears to be getting the Pope into economic conspiracy theories.

Royal observes that unlike Francis "John Paul II took the trouble to listen to people who actually knew something about economics and that’s why, even after his warnings about certain types of capitalism in Centesimus Annus [42], the following analysis [43-62] remains the best overall commentary on the complexities – and occasional paradoxes – of modern economies. Read that. If you do, you’ll hope Francis seeks out some new friends. He has sincere concern about the poor. He needs to hear from those who can show what’s demonstrably helped so many in need."
Pray and fast for this Pope, bu…

If Pope Francis is a New Pope Paul 6 , What can we do?

It appears Pope Francis is following Pope Paul 6 in issuing true teaching, but creating
an environment where the moral teaching is not followed.  What can we do that wasn't done
in the 60's breakdown? Speak the objective truth and pray.
Email everyone in your email list to pray for the Pope to teach the truth with mercy as
Pope JP 2 did. Pray that Jesus remove all bad advisers and bring advisers like JP2 to
advise him. 
If you are reading this you are the one to start a prayer crusade for this Pope. Prayer for
Pope Francis to follow in the foot steps of a future doctor of the church, Pope JP2,
or at least be given the grace not to harm the Church as it was harmed by the 60's
 In JMJ,Fred Martinez

The Synod by Steve Wood
 October 2014, Volume 20, Number 6

Family Synod’s Lasting Harm to Catholic Men, Families, & Youth
I can’t remember where I came across this riveting Civil War question, “Why didn’t the
Civil War soldiers turn in battle when facing …

Is Christopher West the Next Fr. Corapi?

I hadn't thought of writing in over a year until, a some weeks ago, I read Alice von Hildebrand's new book "The Dark Night of the Body" which is on the problems withChristopher West's Theology of the Body (TOB) and how it misrepresents the Pope John Paul II's teaching in some areas.  The book is excellent, but it and all the articles, I read, on this subject seemed flawed because they didn't use quotes from TOB refuting West's misunderstandings.
I felt called to write an article that remedied this deficiency.  Fred PS-Below is the article and Thomas Howard's email commenting on my article. (Mr. Howard wrote a blurb for the back cover ofvon Hildebrand's"The Dark Night of the Body.")   
Dear Mr. Martinez:
I think your piece on Chris West does touch on the crux of the difficulty that he poses for those (including me) who want to remain faithful to biblical and catholic teaching on sexual morality. It …