Friday, May 19, 2017

Pope Francis Remains Silent on "Without any Doubt" Rigged Election in Venezuela while Issuing Mild statement on Rigged elected Assembly

-Updated August 4, 2017-

Pope Francis remained silent as many world leaders issued condemnations of the rigged Venezuelan election.

Today, liberal reported the Pope through a Vatican statement mildly urged the dictator Nicolas Maduro "to consider the 'avoidance or suspension of... new constitution assembly.'"

There was no mention that the assembly was voted in by a rigged election.

Among world leaders, why are only Pope Francis, the Cuban dictatorship and a couple of leftist regimes remaining silent about the Venezuelan rigged election?

Even liberal CBS's headline reported:

"Voting machine firm: Venezuela vote rigged 'without any doubt.'" (, August 2, 2017)

The BBC image of a Venezuelan protestor in a tear gas mask facing Maduro's goons with a sling shot should bring even the hard hearted leftist supporters of the dictatorship to tears or shame. (, August 2, 2017)

Especially when remembering that Dictator Maduro's generals "issues orders" to kill using "snipers against anti-government protesters" (Miami Herald, May 18, 2017, "In secret recording Venezuelan general pushes for snipers to control demonstrators")

Maybe the following is why the Pope is silent.

Francis in "Laudato si" said of the free market economic system that:

"Such an economy kills."

Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, the Pope's top adviser, agreed with the left leaning papal economic statement saying:

"This economy kills."

The Pope, his adviser and the leftist regimes appear to think that socialist economies such as the Venezuelan system are the model to oppose the free market system so they must be supported, or as least not opposed, no matter what they do.

This may be the reason why they are silent about:

-The rigged election

-the planning of government snipers to kill peaceful protesters

-of at least 100 murders by the dictatorship

-of over a thousand arrests of demonstrators by the Maduro forces.

Ideology instead of reality may drive the silence.

On April 25, 2017 Caracas reported:

"The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said this Monday that Venezuela is at risk of a food crisis."

It appears that it is the socialist economy that kills.

It appears ideology not reality may drive the silence of Francis.

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