Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Top Venezuelan: Pope Francis Stop "Inciting... Evil" by "Communists" with call for Hitler/Chamberlain-like "Dialogue""

Exiled top Venezuelan freedom leader Professor Carlos Casanova fled the country after he "received warnings and threats" from the leftist government.

He is pleading with Pope Francis to stop propping up the leftist tyranny.
(Onepeterfive.com, "The Current Destruction of Venezuela & The Role of the Church" by Carlos A. Casanova, June 6, 2017)

In the article for Onepeterfive.com, Professor Casanova explained in detail how the Chamberlain/Hitler-like dialogues that Pope Francis keeps calling for, and again called for on June, 5, are keeping the Colombian born tyrant and his regime in power.

Foreign born dictator Maduro's government is starving the poor people of Venezuela to the point that they are eating rats said the professor.

Casanova, hoping to save his country, wrote:

"I address the following to Pope Francis:"

"Totalitarian movements use dialogue just as an excuse to disarm the adversary, and only when they feel weak. Nazi Germany held dialogues... just to have time to consolidate its power... Once Hitler felt strong, he did not dialogue. The Communists in Venezuela do the same... The people of Venezuela have the right to legitimate self-defense."

"Not every use of force is violence. When you have a gang of foreign genocidal maniacs trying to starve a people to death... you are inciting a very evil form of violence, perhaps without realizing it, just by the failure to rightly assess the situation."


Thor and his roman catholic hammer. said...

What a pity that your otherwise informative blog accepts unquestioningly the validity of Pope Benedict xv1 resignation and all the horrendous appalling consequences of same.
One would hope at least for openness to the possibility of something seriously astray other than a continual litany of complaints about a defective papacy.

Fred Martinez said...

Go to my post on the 4 Cardinals prophecy. Click to Onepeterfive in that post and read Steve's problems with Bernhardt thesis.

I've emailed Ann and she has never responded to my questions and the problems with her thesis.

At one point she, at the blog, said she would answer all issues with the different problems with her argument, but she never did.

Post your email address and we can discuss it if you want by email or email me directly.

I've thought about doing a post on the issue. If you give reasonable arguments to counter Onepeterfive, I may do a post on the subject.