Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pope Francis is Spreading Heresy so What is the next Step?

The Filial Correction of Pope Francis for "propagating heresies" by the 62 Catholic scholars has forever branded Francis with spreading heresy.

(The conservative and liberal supporters of Francis are making it more obvious than ever that the Pope appears to be a material heretic. They have no facts or arguments against the correction's beyond a doubt logic of heresy so they are left to name calling or attempting to diminish the scholars.)

The last time a pope was given a Filial Correction for heresy by Catholic scholars was in 1313.

The medieval papal officer holder was Pope John XXII. John XXII recanted his heresies on his deathbed.

ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post and all the world media have headlines in the internet which proclaim that the 62 Catholic scholars say Francis is spreading heresy.

Google the word heresy.

The same headlines brand the name Francis with heresy after a definition of the word heresy at that Google web page.

An example of branding in advertising is Miller Lite: Great Taste, Less Filling.

The current papal office holder's brand is Pope Francis: Speading Heresy.

This branding of the Pope as a apparent heretic could be the first step in removing Francis from the papal office.

The scholars stated that they are only saying the Pope is spreading heresy.

The Correction points to Francis apparently being a material heretic, not yet a formal heretic.

If Francis or any pope "formally professed heresy," (that is he willfully denies or rejects the revealed teachings of the Catholic Church after he is clearly shown that he is teaching heresy), he would "automatically" cease to be Pope" said Cardinal Raymond Burke.
(Catholic World Report on December 19, 2016)

The 62 scholars listed seven "false and heretical propositions" that Francis has spread by his "words, deeds and omissions."

We will concentrate on only one of Francis's apparent heresies.

On December 23, 2016 Cardinal Walter Brandmuller, one of the four Cardinals of the dubia, said:

"Whoever thinks that persistent adultery and reception of Holy Communion are compatible is a heretic and promotes schism."[]

What Brandmuller declared is a heretical position is Pope Francis's heretical position unless he corrects the Argentina Bishop Msgr. Macin who he appointed in 2013.

Rotate Caeli reported:

Argentina Bishop Macin "publicly announced that according to norms send in a letter 6 months ago by Pope Francis... the... divorced and remarried... (by order of the Pope) To Include Them In Full And Sacramental Communion... in the ceremony. At no point was mention made that those people had taken a vow of chastity... "

"In the same way, communion was given to all those mentioned (some 30 couples)." (Rotate, June 13, 2017, "Breaking: Argentinian Bishop Organizes Special Mass to Give Communion to Adulterous Couples, Cites Pope Francis")

It appears true that the 30 divorced and " remarried" couples have not made a vow of chastity and that the Pope didn't stop the adulterous Communions.

Because Francis didn't formally correct the heretical position of the Argentina Bishops and Bishop Macin, but instead in a letter before hand said their interpretation of Amoris Leatitia is the only interpretation, as well as other bishops conferences mentioned by the 62 Catholic scholars as teaching the same heresy, Francis could be on his way to "automatically" ceasing to be Pope.

Burke said only members of the College of Cardinals are competent to declare Pope Francis to be in heresy.

If Pope Francis ceased to be Pope because he formally professed heresy and was declared a heretic by the Cardinals then the same discipline or rules that happened when Pope Benedict XVI resigned from the papacy would be followed according to Cardinal Burke.

Burke said there can't be a pastoral situation for the divorced and remarried to receive communion. That pastoral situation "doesn't honor the truth taught by Christ Himself in the Gospel."

Dr. John R. T. Lamont, philosopher and theologian, explains how Francis could cease to be Pope:  

"Some... argue that the dubia and other criticisms of Amoris Laetitia that have been made already suffice as warnings to Pope Francis, and hence that he can now be judged to be guilty of the canonical crime of heresy..."

But for juridical purposes – especially for the very serious purpose of judging a Pope to be a heretic – they do not suffice. The evidence needed for a juridical judgment of such gravity has to take a form that is entirely clear and beyond dispute. A formal warning from a number of members of the College of Cardinals that is then disregarded by the Pope would constitute such evidence."

"The possibility of a Pope being canonically guilty of heresy has long been admitted in the Church. It is acknowledged in the Decretals of Gratian There is no dispute among Catholic theologians on this point – even among theologians like Bellarmine who do not think that a Pope is in fact capable of being a heretic..."

"It is to be hoped that the correction of Pope Francis does not have to proceed this far, and that he will either reject the heresies he has announced or resign his office..."

"Removing him from office against his will would require the election of a new Pope, and would probably leave the Church with Francis as an anti-Pope contesting the authority of the new Pope. If Francis refuses to renounce either his heresy or his office, however, this situation will just have to be faced."

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Justina said...

The only thing less likely than St. Robert Bellarmine's heresiarch in the Holy See would be Jorge Bergoglio admitting that he is wrong. The Holy Spirit, maybe--but not him!

gotom b said...

Get a grip. Let me begin by asking, Who among Pope Francis' critics has, for example, read Amoris Leatitia. It contains nothing heretical, but I am a simple Catholic priest with three degrees but will not comment on what purportedly 'others' have said about heresy and Pope Francis. From what I read these accusations are based on hearsay and how much personal interpretation that may involve. Paul the Apostle at Corinth had some advice about "busybodies" who have nothing better to do than find fault with others.

Fred Martinez said...
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Fred Martinez said...
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Fred Martinez said...
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Fred Martinez said...
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Fred Martinez said...

Francis supporters like gotom b make my case.

He and all Francis supporters are making it obvious that the Pope is a material heretic.

If "these accusations" are "hearsay" then give specific facts and logical arguments to refute the "hearsay."

It is obvious that you have no facts so you name call: "busy buddies."

I have a new brand for persons like gotom b:

Francis Supporters: No Facts, So Names Calls.

Maybe it'll catch on like Miller Lite:Great Taste, Less Filling.