Thursday, February 01, 2018

Evil: Pope Francis/Parolin Action Against Chinese Catholics

The Oxford Dictionary definition of evil is:

"A manifestation of profound immorality and wickedness, especially in people's actions."

The example sentence for the above definition is:

"The evil of these acts is almost too much to comprehend."

The evil of the Pope Francis/Parolin action against the Chinese Catholics is almost too much to comprehend.

The Francis/Parolin action is profoundly immoral and wicked.

Would it be evil if Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolin in a "diplomatic action to dialogue with Herod" handed Jesus, Mary and Joseph over to the well known king and mass murderer?

In 2016, Cardinal Joseph Zen said it best on what the Francis/Parolin "diplomatic action to dialogue" with the Chinese Communist regime means:

"[T]oday would our diplomats advise Joseph to go and humbly beg for dialogue with Herod?"
(OnePeterFive, "The Wisdom of Cardinal Zen," January 29, 2018)

The National Review's Michael Dougherty allowed a underground Catholic to explain what the papal "diplomatic action" means to those who are being handed over to the Chinese regime:

"Everybody, and I mean everybody, knows someone who was murdered, or tortured, or disappeared to defend the principle that was just abandoned."
(National Review, The Vatican's Deal with China: What to make of the Cardinal Parolin's Diplomacy," January 23, 2018)

Even the middle of the road, always cautious, Robert Royal said:

"I've never encountered more brazen and manipulative liars than Communist Chinese officials responsible for relations with religious believers... a regime that we can be sure will not respect the freedom of the Church since it doesn't respect the freedom and dignity of its own people."
(Catholic Thing, "The China Syndrome," January 29, 2018)

The internationally recognized authority on China, who lived and did research in the country, Steven Mosher said on the "horrors" he "witnessed in China":

"On a scale of evil from one to ten, this was a ten... absolute evil... Crosses are currently being ripped off the top of churches, and home church leaders are being arrested and tortured... Any political party that will kill 400 million of its own unborn citizens... will stop at nothing to achieve its goals."
(Church Militant, "China Expert Steven Mosher: Regime Poses 'Mortal Challenge' to US Interests," November 27, 2017)

Can anyone argue that the Francis/Parolin handing over of the Chinese Catholics to the torturing and murdering Communist regime is not a profoundly immoral and wicked action?

Can anyone argue that it is not a evil action against the Chinese Catholics?

Say a Our Father now for the suffering Chinese Catholics and that every person on the earth with a shred of decency cry out against this profoundly immoral action of Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin.

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jac said...

I would compare this evil deed of the Pope towards the chinese catholics to the kissing of Jesus by Judas.
I am ashamed that nobody among the high ranked cardinals has dared to protest.
The only choice given by the Pope to the chinese underground Church is disobeying Francis who has no power to command such an evil thing, and becoming schismatic from Rome, knowing that indeed Rome trigerred the schism first.
The chinese catholic Church has a lot more sufferings to undergo on the way, and must hide deeper if that is possible. Have confidence in Mary, dear brothers, I will pray for your ordeal to end soon.