Monday, February 19, 2018

Does Pope Francis have a New Bishop Barros-like Sex Abuse Scandal?

According to the USA Today and former Guam Senator Robert Klitzkie, it appears that Pope Francis has a new Bishop Juan Barros-like sex abuse scandal.

The Vatican Insider has a photo of Francis on February 7 meeting with, hand on shoulder and smiling at, Guam Archbishop Anthony Aurpon who according to former Guam Senator Klitzkie "has been accused of child sexual abuse by five men, one of them Aurpon's own nephew." (Robert Klitzkie press release, "Press Release of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, February 18, 2017 & Vatican Insider, "Guam's Archbishop Apuron breaks his silence: "I deny all allegations made against me - The February 7th audience with Pope Francis," February 10, 2017)

In a press releases Klitzkie said:

"The Pope appointed Cardinal Burke to head a tribunal to try Aurpon. We're told that the tribunal's decision was reached in October. So - more cover-up?"

The USA Today reported:

"The Vatican has all the evidence it needs to defrock Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron according Catholics who continued their weekly picket of the Archdiocese of Agana."
(USA Today, "Guam's Catholics to Vatican: Defrock archbishop, heal the church," June 4, 2017)


TLM said...

Wondering what it will take for the Bishops to say: ENOUGH!!

Ronald Sevenster said...
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