Monday, March 12, 2018

Benedict says Pope Francis is "Profound" Philosopher, has X-Ray Vision & can Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

The silliness of the Francis papacy has reached a new level.

The 90-year old Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who in his last photo on October 2017 had a black eye (google the photo and do a close up of his face) and looked so feeble he appeared near death has according to the Vatican news agency just read 11 books by Francis as well as wrote a letter saying "Pope Francis is a man with profound philosophical and theological formation."

If Benedict did by some miracle read the 11 books and wrote the letter then he either has dementia or has lost his mind.

Vatican news agency please send a camera crew in so we can see the new Benedict who in just a few months is a new man full of gusto who can read 11 books of Francis's new found profound clarity of prose as well as profundity in theology and philosophy.

Let us see the full of gusto Benedict tell us before a camera about the new found profoundness of the present Pope.

Do a internet search of anyone and everyone who has read Francis's writings including those of his greatest admirers and you will not find a single writer that says he is a profound philosopher or theologian.

Even Pope Francis's favorite theologians such as Michel de Certeau or Gaston Fessard are second rate thinkers at best. I know because I have written articles on both of them.

Let's take the silliness to the next level.

Benedict wrote a letter saying Francis has x-ray vision and can leap tall buildings in single bound.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Update on March 13, 2017:

Today, the Vatican admitted that Benedict didn't read the eleven books and failed to explain why it didn't publish "the full text of the letter at yesterday's presentation" according to the National Catholic Register.

Also, the Vatican failed to respond to Fr. Z and others who say the letter doesn't sound like Benedict or to the question from the Register "for clarification of the letter and to explain what 'inner continuity' means."


Elizabeth said...
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jac said...

In my opinion, Benedict is playing a subtle game of irony.
We know that his comment about the "Chuch on the verge of capsizing" in his farewell letter for Card. Meisner's funerals was immediately followed by some harsh retaliation revelations in the media about his brother Fr Ratzinger's past with chidren.
Benedict was in close contact with Meisner, one of the four "dubbia cardinals" since he talked with him the day before he died.
Can anyone imagine for only one second which could be the heart of these talks if not about Francis and the horrible crisis the Church is currently undergoing?