Monday, April 02, 2018

Hellgate has Cardinals and Laity Rebelling against Pope Francis and those who Spin Heretical Statements Attributed to him which he still hasn't Publicly Denied

Vatican expert Antonio Socci reported that an "important (non-Italian) Cardinal" and "several of his colleagues," apparently Cardinals, are rebelling against the present scandalous papacy and have threatened a possible "impeachment" or to deposed Pope Francis from the Office of Peter on the heresy of the denial of Hell.

At the other spectrum, lay Catholics and readers of the Catholic World Report appear to be fed up with CWR editor Carl Olson and his boss Mark Brumley's spin of the latest Pope Francis scandal and are, also, rebelling

What brought this explosion about is the article by Brumley written on April 2 which is called "Hell and Pope Francis" for Olson's CWR.

In the piece Brumley whitewashes the Francis scandal of the statement attributed to him by his close friend abortion advocate Eugenio Scalfari where the Pope is quoted as saying the following:

"Hell does not exist."

Francis still apparently refuses to personally and publicly deny this heretical quote attributed to him by his close friend.

Here are some of the commenter's comments. Go to the website to read the rest. All hell breaks loose on Brumley and Olson, as they are fried in the justifiable anger of their readers:

Paul: "[T]he author of this article is willfully deluded. It is a objective fact that Pope Bergoglio refused to deny and condemn the heretical belief of Hell attributed to him."

Max: "I'm not even sure why publications like CWR even exist if they are only going to spin the Pope's heretical words."

Joe M: "I wish Mr. Brumley would be hired by the Vatican."

Arthur McGowan: "[M]ore heresy reported, with more plausible deniability, but no real denial. And that's how Bergoglio moves the ball down the field."

Pray an Our Father now for Pope Francis to personally and publicly deny the heretical words attributed to him or resign.

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