Monday, September 03, 2018

Catholic World Report Misdirects Credible Allegations that Francis Covered-up Sex Abuse calling them "Complex" & 5 Questions

  1. Why can't Pope Francis and the Catholic media answer: yes or no?
  2. Today, why did the Catholic World Report post an article that attempts to appear balanced, but is a whistleblower attack piece, by the Catholic News Agency "Benedict, ViganĂ², Francis, and McCarrick" calling Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's credible allegations that Francis covered-up sex abuse "complex" and weakly say they "could" possibly maybe accept a investigation to find out the truth?
  3. Catholic World Report and Catholic News Agency do you think the Catholic media should protect credibly accused clerics or a pope himself should protected himself from a investigation if that pope is credibly accused of sex-abuse cover-up for any of the "complex" reasons listed in your article or for any reasons imaginable and that these Catholic media and pope should not strongly demand an investigation to find out the truth? Answer: yes or no.
  4. Would you, Catholic World Report or Catholic News Agency, write or post a article similar to this one if the whistleblower were a credible accuser of predator Harvey Weinstein or do you only protect credibly accused bishops and popes from investigations? Answer: yes or no.
  5. Can you pray a Our Father now that the Catholic World Report, the Catholic News Agency and Francis answer, yes or no, to the above questions?

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