Saturday, September 22, 2018

Chinese Bishops must Disobey Francis's Parolin/McCarrick Deal that is Abuse of Papal Power as did Saintly Bp. Grosseteste who was "One of the most Learned Men of the Middle Ages"

The author of the the deal to give control of the Chinese Church to the totalitarian Communist regime Cardinal Pietro Parolin according to Archbishop Carlo Vigano's testimony was among the prelates who covered-up for ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and gave him influence:

McCarrick "made no fewer than eight trips to China in recent years, the last few at the specific request of Pope Francis in pursuit of an agreement "accordingly to China expert Steven Mosher as reported by LifeSiteNews.

The betrayal of the Chinese Church can thus be called Francis's Parolin/McCarrick deal.

The Parolin/McCarrick deal is a abuse of papal power which can be disobeyed in good conscience as shown by the saintly English Bishop Robert Grosseteste.

In 1253, Bishop Grosseteste disobeyed Pope lnnocent IV who ordered that a benefice within his jurisdiction be given to the papal nephew. Benefices were a form of financial exploitation given to prelates who didn't reside in the diocese and never saw their flock so souls were lost for lack of true shepherding or pastoral care.

Grosseteste said that benefices have only one end: "the salvation of souls." Exploitative use of benefices was a abuse of papal power so he disobeyed Pope Innocent IV.

Innocent reportedly raged in anger, but his advisors told him to back down because all of Christendom knew Bishop Grosseteste was "one of the most learned men" of the age and a saintly bishop.

The Catholic Encyclopedia said of Grosseteste:

"Bishop of Lincoln and one of the most learned men of the Middle Ages... That he opposed... abuses of the papal administration is certain, but a study of his letters and writings... destroy the myth that he disputed the plena potestas of the popes."
(Catholic Encyclopedia, new, "Robert Grosseteste")

If a pope could be disobeyed by "one of the most learned men of the Middle Ages" for the lost of souls due to benefices then there is no doubt that Pope Francis's Parolin/McCarrick betrayal of the Chinese Church to the totalitarian Communist regime which will result in the loss souls must be disobeyed.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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