Friday, January 04, 2019

AP: Francis's own Special Argentinean McCarrick-like Bishop; lives at Pope's Santa Marta Residence & involved in Vatican Financial Corruption?

Associated Press (AP) confirmed today that Pope Francis brought to the Vatican a McCarrick-like Argentinean Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta for whom he "created" a completely unprecedented special "position... as 'assessor' of the Holy See's office of financial administration."

Francis obviously considered the Argentinean bishop a very special part of his Vatican because:

"The role of councilor [also called 'assessor' for Zanchetta] of this dicastery, the central body in the administration of the Vatican, is completely unprecedented" according to Wikipedia.
(Wikipedia, "Gustavo Zanchetta")

Unfortunately, as has been the case of some of the Pope's closest collaborators such as ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, AP reported that there are "allegations of sexual abuse" against Zanchetta.
(AP, "Vatican: Argentine bishop at Holy See under investigation," January 4, 2019)

The Spanish website Adoracion y Liberacion reported 6 days ago that Francis appointed Zanchetta a bishop in 2013 despite the fact he "already knew about his background or record (antecedente)... Francis had been personally notified of all this. And despite that, he made the appointment."

The Spanish website said the accused Argentinean bishop lives in the "residence in the Santa Marta House" where Francis lives which, again, shows he is special to the Pope.

Adoracion y Liberacion reported:

"Francis was finally forced to remove Zanchetta [as bishop of the diocese], after the denunciations came from the same clergy, who accused him of different types of abuse, including sexual abuse within the seminary... after the removal, someone 'close to the Pope' would have interceded for Zanchetta, so the complainants now suffer the burden of his accusation... [meanwhile] Zanchetta still occupies his position within... the Vatican."
(Adoracion y Liberacion, "Exclusive: The embarrassing journey of Francisco with Monsenor Zanchetta is confirm with a great scandal," December 30, 2018)

Moreover, Vatican expert Sandro Magister thinks that the alleged predator bishop might be part of the Vatican financial corruption:

"Zanchetta... [a]t the time of his desertion, promptly made official by the pope, the Argentine media described the disastrous state in which Zanchetta had left the diocese of Oran from an administrative perspective, on a par with what happened in the diocese of which he was previously vicar, that of Quilmes. Moreover, news went around of his refusal, asserting his 'status as bishop,' of a search of his vehicle by the police, who were looking for drugs."

"This is the man whom Francis has entrusted such an important role in the curia, in close contact with the president of APSA, Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, who meets regularly with the pope and is a tenacious opponent of drastic reorganization of the Vatican finances attempted without success by Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the secretariat for the economy."
(Catholic, "Vatican without Peace. Money, Sex, and an LGBT Crèche," December 31, 2017)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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