Saturday, February 09, 2019

Reuters: Pope "attacked" by "Vatican's Doctrinal Chief until 2017... He warned against 'the Fraud of (the) Anti-Christ'"; & "attacked" Cowardly "Silent" Bishops

Reuters reported that Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, the "Vatican's doctrine chief until 2017" in a "thinly veiled attack on pope [Francis]" said:

"Church leaders 'have abandoned the people... severely damaging their faith". He warned against 'the fraud of (the) anti-Christ'."
(Reuters, "Sacked cardinal issues manifesto in thinly veiled attack on pope," February 9, 2019)

In what Reuters called a "thinly veiled attack" on Francis, Mueller, also, apparently "attacked" the cowardly silent "bishops not teaching the hard truths of the faith" according to the National Catholic Register:

"Müller [Mueller] warned that to 'keep silent' about these truths is 'the greatest deception'... leads man to religious delusion, 'the price of their apostasy;' it is the fraud of the Antichrist."
(National Catholic Register, "Cardinal Müller Issues 'Manifesto of Faith,'" February 8, 2019)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Aqua said...

Cardinal Mueller connects living members of the Church to Sacred Scripture and Tradition with his brief, concise testament of the Faith.

Those who see this as an "attack" are by definition not living members.

Repent and return. That is always the point of speaking Truth: evangelizing the world (including ex-Catholics).

Constantine said...

Having read what Cardinal Mueller wrote, I saw no "attack" on the Pope. Like most neoconservatives he states corrections in the general thinking of many progressive clergy in the Church. It should be noted that Cardinal Mueller wa one of the gullible ones at the Synod of the family that thought the documents could be signed as OK, as long as an "orthodox" interpretation could be asigned to the documents. Of course, he does not understand Vatican II and the synods are not bad because a good interpreation can be assigned to them, but because, at the same time, an opposite interpretation can also be assigned to them.

mascmen7 said...
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James said...

I am disappointed with Pope Francis and I hope there is a new pope soon.