Saturday, June 29, 2019

Is the Journalist of the Benedict XVI "Pope is one; is Francis" Interview a Leftist British Operative?

The Italian Massimo Franco who interviewed Benedict XVI with "The Pope is one; [he] is Francis" quote appears to possibly be a leftist British operative of some type who is ambiguous.

LifeSiteNews stated the Franco quotations of Benedict were at best ambiguous:

"It is unclear from this introductory article if these particular quotations were from the reporter or Benedict XVI himself."
(LifeSiteNews, "Benedict XVI asserts Francis is pope in new interview," June 29, 2019)

According to Wikipedia, Franco "is [a] member of the [British establishment] International Institute for Strategic Studies" which according to "Transparify... gave it it's lowest rating [for a think tank], 'deceptive' on funding transparency."

Wikipedia, also, said Franco "was a Vatican commentator at The [leftist pro-UK British] Guardian" until "2011." Moreover, Wikipedia said according to "Journalist Glenn Greenwald [The Guardian wrote fake news about]... Julian Assange... 'This article is about how those [Guardian's] false claims -fabrications, really - causing... thousands... (if not millions) to consume false news.'"

Journalist Antonio Socci says "Britain... [had] a strong political interest... to have Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected pope."
(The Secret of Benedict XVI, page 47-48)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Aqua said...

We live in a world prophecied by Pope Pius XIII, in which Satan and his demons have been given full authority for a time to turn mankind to the Father Of Lies.

I have learned to distrust most all news sources, save the few who have proven trustworthy. And I judge actions over words.

The statement was meaningless to me, except it confirmed that His Holiness is under tight control by very evil people.

Pope Benedict XVI still reigns, as evidenced by his failed resignation statement and everything he has said and done since he entered Casa Sanchte Marthe behind the Statue Of St. Michael he had installed specifically for his new Vatican home.

St. Michael, the Archangel ... Defend our Holy Father in this, his hour of need as he lives his final days, cut off and alone from all support. Be a strong and living presence with him and against the forces of evil that surround him now.

Tom A. said...

Bergoglio is basically an apostate, while Ratzinger is truly a more subtle heretic. He is an ecumenist. Never forget who gave us “subsist.”

DonnaLiane said...
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A D Ryan said...

Where's the true among the false?
Who is game for another waltz?
The human race is winding down.
Is now the time to act the clown?
Doom's in no mood for compromise,
But God's still primed to spring a surprise!