Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Guardian: Cdl. Pell "Raised the Possibility that Francis might be the 38th False Pope [Antipope]"

The leftist British Guardian in 2014 reported that Cardinal George Pell "raised the possibility that Francis might turn out to be the 38th false pope."

The Guardian is a ultra pro-Francis publication and one of its former reporters has recently promoted the fake quote that claimed Benedict XVI said "The Pope is one; [he] is Francis" which LifeSiteNews apparently showed was not a quote.

The leftist publication wrote:

"Pell, published over the weekend a homily... Pope Francis, he said, was the 266th pope, "and history has 37th false or antipopes."

"Why mention them, except to raise the possibility that Francis might turn out to be the 38 false pope."
(The Guardian, "A Catholic Church schism under Pope Francis isn't out of the question," October 30, 2014)

As everyone knows, a few years later, Pell ended up in prison on what Catholic commentator Patrick Coffin said "even Pell's ideological foes feel the verdict is absurd."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


mascmen8 said...

Francis is the False Prophet listed in Rev Chapters 16,19, 20 the last pope according to St Malachy before Rome is destroyed and Christ comes. Francis per BVM was given 7 years so April 2020 his time is up.

Debbie said...

Surely you're not suggesting Christ will return on 2020, are you?

Debbie said...


Therese said...

Honestly, Debbie, after what we've been through with Francis, I'm open to the possibility.

AMalek said...

If the present anti pope is the False Prophet mentioned in the Bible, he would be working with the Anti Christ, who must reveal himself. Three and a half years would pass, then comes the Tribulation. We’re not quite there yet.