Saturday, July 06, 2019

Socci: Even Francis contradicted Team Francis when he admitted Benedict was Emeritus Pope & "has not Abandoned the Office of Peter"

Antonio Socci in his new book presents the case that when Benedict XVI's personal secretary Georg Ganswein said:

"He [Benedict] has not abandoned the office of Peter."

And thus according to Benedict's closest collaborator Ganswein became a pope emeritus which has never existed except for retired bishops who still held the munus or office of bishop.

An unexpected thing happened when Team Francis went into "damage control" and denied there could be a emeritus "to the office of Peter."

Unexpectedly, Francis at some point in time contradicted the "ultra-Bergoglians" assertion that that there couldn't be a emeritus "to the office of Peter."

Socci's book says after Ganswein made the above statement in 2016 the "ultra-Bergoglian website Vatican Insider" went into "damage control" by interviewing Team Francis canonist Monsignor Giuseppe Sciacca who said emeritus "regards only the 'episcopal office'" and "'cannot be applied to the office of the Pontiff.'"

The book quotes Francis contradicting the Bergoglians or Team Francis by saying:

"Benedict... has opened the door of popes emeriti."

Socci explains the predicament that Team Francis is in:

"The dilemma which the Bergoglians find themselves in is without solution: if, in fact, they recognize the title of 'pope emeritus,' they must recognize that Benedict XVI is still pope; but if they deny this title and contest the declared intention of the 'resignation' (which was not a resignation of munus [office], but only of the active ministry), it means that they would have to hold that the resignation is invalid, because doubtful and partial."
(The Secret of Benedict XVI, Pages 92-94)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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Aqua said...

The Bergoglians have no “dilemma”. Confusion and obfuscation is precisely their aim. Mission accomplished.

Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth, Life. Narrow Path. One Way. Singular Truth. Clarity.

Lucifer reigns in confusion and a multiplicity of wide easy paths.

It is an easy thing to judge right and wrong, knowing this.

The Bergoflians will say one thing. Then say its opposite. They will say another thing and do its contradictory opposite. They will assure this is the program and carry out its opposite. Nothing has changed, yet everything has somehow changed. Confusion. Disputes. Dissension. Sulfur.

Those who are easily led do not see that Jesus Christ, His Laws and His One True Church is getting smaller and smaller and more difficult to find or even remember. In the ink clouds of the Jesuit Bergoglians, the Path to Heaven is lost.

We need to latch on to basics and find the singular light of Tradition. Do not listen to the contradictory words and schemes. One Pope. Not two. Their opinions and justifications do not matter. Tradition stands like a Rock against them.