Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Is Francis a Pentecostal?

On June 14, the Jesuit America's headline was:

"Is Francis our first charismatic [Pentecostal] pope?"

In the above article by pro-Francis Austen Ivereigh, the answer was:

"[N]o pope has ever identified as closely with the Catholic Charismatic [Pentecostal] Renewal, nor been so keen to move it to the front and center in the church."

Francis as a cardinal "dropped to his knees on stage to receive the 'blessing' from well-known Charismatic [Pentecostal] Father Raniero Castalamessa OFM and a number of Protestants [apparently Pentecostals] pastors."
(Catholic Family News, "Pope Francis, Pentecostals and Interreligious Action, May 10, 2013)

Francis who never kneels in front of God in the Blessed Sacrament kneeled for a Pentecostal "blessing."

Apparently, for Francis Pentecostalism is more important than God in the Blessed Sacrament.

Is Francis a Pentecostal?

It appears that Francis may be the reason that Catholics are "rapidly" becoming Pentecostals in Argentina:

"Pentecostalism has been rapidly growing in Argentina, drawing away large numbers of Catholics."
( Church Militant, "Argentina Poll: Catholic Church out of top 100 Influential Institutions," January 4, 2017)

Is Francis in love with the Amazon because the majority of the population is probably Pentecostal and in some areas "80 percent" Pentecostal because of Latin American bishops like Francis?
(LifeSiteNews, Amazon bishop: Synod document fails to mention area's huge pedophilia problem, Pentecostalism," August 26, 2019)

Is Pentecostalism a heresy?

The religion expert Fr. John Hardon answered this question:

"I personally believe, latter-day Pentecostalism is in the same stream with Gnosticism, Montanism, and Illuminatism.... There are grave needs in the Church today... we must use the means of centuries old Christian wisdom... Pentecostalism is not one of this means."
The Real Presence, Pentecostalism: Evaluating a Phenomenal)

This is what Bishop Fulton Sheen said:

"There just isn't any such thing as a charismatic Church."
(, "Why the Current Practice of asking for and Speaking in the 'Gifts of Tongues' should stop in the Catholic Movements")

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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Aqua said...

Pentecostalism is the perfect vehicle for individualist Protestantism; and thus for Jorgé Bergöglio.

“I have declared that the noise coming out of my mouth is he ‘wind of the spirit’. It is so, because I know”.