Monday, August 19, 2019

Remedy against "Extraordinary Demonic Activity"

Yesterday, I did a post on Mark Shea and the Catholic Monitor comment section was invaded by Shea's minions with rude, hateful and sick demonic comments.  I deleted all the sick demonic comments and some of the rude and hateful one and one stupid one claiming G. K. Chesterton would approve their ugliness.

It felt like hell entered the Catholic Monitor so it seemed like a proper time to write about the "beginning part of a remedy" against "extraordinary demonic activity" as written by the scholar and exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger:

"One must have an authentic conversion of life and go to Confession regularly. All sexually perverted activity, homosexuality, violence, drug use, abortion, and superstitious practices and direct invocation of the demonic must cease... [including] living in irregular marriages [adulterous "marriages" despite what Francis's Amoris Laetitia teaches]."
(Introduction to the Science of Mental Health, Page 563)

Precious Blood delight of holy souls. Draw us! Amen.

Precious Blood hope and refuge of sinners: Atone for us! Amen.

- St. Catherine of Siena

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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Kathleen1031 said...

Holy water sprinkled around, the St. Michael prayer as well.
The level of animus online is incredible. I am reminded of Sen. Rand Paul saying the other day that when they posted his upcoming surgery for removal of part of his lung due to his having been attacked, thousands of people wished him to die during surgery or be attacked again.
That can only be demonic. Human beings, frail though we are, do not usually sink to that level.