Thursday, September 26, 2019

What does it Mean that Francis is only a Noun "Christian"?

Francis according to a CNN article thinks the meaning of the word "Christian" is only a noun. Moreover, the article says he "is 'allergic' to adjectives."

According to the first definition of the Oxford Dictionary of "Christian" as a noun, it means "a person who has received Christian baptism."

While the the dictionary says "Christian" as a adjective means "professing Christianity or its teachings."

It is understandable why Francis who teaches Communion for adulterers sees himself as a "Christian" noun that is having "received Christian baptism" while having problems with seeing himself as a "Christian" adjective that is "professing Christianity or is teachings."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.



Francis said it. Why not comment on the original text rather than CNN's reference?

Justina said...

Why not stick to the point? "Francis" did say it, as a stepping-stone towards his ultimate goal of defining as non-Christian anyone who holds beliefs that would have been categorized as Christian, from the days Our Lord walked the earth in the flesh up until the Protestant Deformation. While I agree with you about the advisability of avoiding all reference to coverage by CNN of anything, I don't mind it in this post. After all, a broken clock is right twice a day.

Aqua said...

@ charity demands:

I took your advice, slogged through the original speech to the employees of the Dicastery Of Communication -

Three main points:

1: Don’t proselytize (def - attempt to convert someone to be Catholic). “You must not. It is not Christian” to convert others.

2: Stop trying to be authentically Christian. “I am allergic to those words, ‘small but authentic’”.

3: Don’t be a noun Christian “I am of Christ”. Be rather an adjective Christian who does things.

There you have it. His speech. What an inspiration it is.