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Athanasius Gracida Against the World & Francis's "Pagan Rites"

The Church Father St. Athanasius was dubbed "Athanasius contra mundum":

"Athanasius against the world."

He almost single handedly defended Catholic orthodoxy and the deity of Jesus Christ when all the Catholic bishops defected from the faith except for a handful. Even the pope excommunicated Athanasius for his defense of the deity of Jesus.

Now, it is Athanasius Gracida contra mundum:

Athanasius Gracida against the world.

Bishop Rene Gracida alone among all the Catholic bishops of the entire world defended God's greatest commandment: "You shall have no other God before me."

Today, Athanasius Gracida told Francis and all the Catholic bishops of the world that they must choose to be a Catholic or to be a semi-pagan and therefore a heretic. You cannot be both a Catholic and a pagan.

Like the Old Testment prophet Jeremiah who condemned pagan idolatry and false prophets, Gracida's voice cried out:

"The participation by Francis the Merciful in the pagan rites held in the Vatican Garden is... heretical... forbidden to all Catholics, especially the one who sits (invalidly?) on the Throne of Peter."

"A day of reckoning will come for him as it will for each of us."
(, October 10, 2019)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church and for Bishop Gracida's call for a imperfect council of cardinals to investigate the invalidity of the conclave that elected Francis as well as the validity of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.


BrotherBeowulf said…
Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

You raise a great point whether Francis sits validly on St Peter's Chair. Doesn't this beautiful Feast commemorating the Council of Ephesus in Anno Domini 431, exalt all that Antipope Francis does not hold dear?

The farfetched theories, of such illustrious Church historians as Professor De Mattei and theologians as Fr. Weinandy, that Francis is at one and the same time the head of two separate and diametrically opposed 'churches,' the Anti-Church and the true Church, denies both the principle of noncontradiction as to what the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church really is, and the promise of Our Lord that, "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I shall build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."

Like any Catholic person, I can say what Bergoglio seemingly cannot: Christ is Our Lord, true God and true Man, Who is indeed "I Am Who Am," for did He not also say to St Philip--"He who sees Me sees the Father."

Both of these points underscore what a fraud and false pope Antipope Francis the Apostate truly is. How many rehashed old heresies out of the mouth of this old hippie Sixties' Refugee, and his clan of aging hippies comprising the leadership of Francis's Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, do you all need to hear?

Antipope Francis is daily showing us who he is, and yet we refuse to believe.

He boasts he does not believe in the divinity of Christ, and NEVER denies it or retracts it.

Yet talking heads of Trad Inc. reassure us that Scalfari "doesn't use a tape recorder!" And he's 96 years old! What does that prove? Benedict's 92 and just issued a great 25 page Apostolic Exhortation naming the true cause of the crisis in the Church--homosexuality in the seminaries and the prelature. And he's an Athiest! Heaven forfend. So's Antipope Bergoglio--but Trad. In.c doesn't hold that against him qua pope!

So the ad hominem attacks on Eugenio Scalfari are about the stupidest non sequiturs I've heard all year. The Evangelists didn't use taperecorders either. In days of yore bards had used their minds to memorize the entire Illiad, and in the Middle Ages some great saints and monks memorized the entire Bible.

When a man claiming to be pope tells you he does not believe in the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, well, that's what you might call . . . memorable. I would warrant that Scalfari being the good old-school journalist he is, immediately jotted down the words, and stored them for future use. And lo, what better timing than at the pagan synod to capture a few headlines. And also rub it in the faces of Catholic men what a diabolical atheistic heretic ol' Bergoglio really is. Really, Scalfari and Francis are birds of a feather--that's one reason perhaps why they are such good friends.

And now we've had two official denials--with I'd wager a third lame attempt sometime today--from the official press office aka the Vatican Pravda, and neither offers any assurance that Antipope Francis actually believes in the divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So, Trad. Inc. and the larger Catholic world that just can't compute the idea Antipope Francis--let me recap.

Your 'Pope' denies Hell; he denies the immortality of the soul; and he denies Christ's divinity. Further, he does not deny that he is the head of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, as Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano amply demonstrates.

But we--those of us who believe the only Catholic man wearing white in the Vatican today is named Benedict--who hold Benedict Pope for reasons beginning with his highly questionable, nay faux, resignation, not to mention the Antics of Antipope Francis, are crazy.

I don't believe so.

Viva Il Papa. Viva Papa Benedetto!
marysong said…
So true. Bishop Gracida has been a star to follow. Is it time to tune out and ban Eugenio Scalferi. That is something we can do. Make war against Scalferi for his lies and interference in our holy religion. How dare the Pope claim him as a long time friend before all the Catholic world. An atheist and a big time prevaricator ... I will never again listen to Scalfari! We are not supposed to expose ourselves to the mouthings of atheists. It is a danger to the faith.
Chris Benischek said…
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Chris Benischek said…
Vigil of the Feast of Our Lady if Fatima,13th October 2019 A. D.
102d Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

@MarySong: “We are not supposed to expose ourselves to the mouthings of atheists. It is
@MarySong: “We are not supposed to expose ourselves to the mouthings of atheists. It is a danger to the faith.”

Dear MarySong, Agreed on Athiests in general. But the lesson here is—Then don’t listen to Bergoglio.

Full well do I realize that these are confused times. And probably End Times. (See, e. g., the last interview of Sr. Lucia from 26th December 1957 here: .)

But there is absolutely no reason to doubt that Scalfari is telling the truth. Even atheists may speak the truth on occasion.

He’s often been granted these interviews by Francis, where Francis feels he can let his hair down, so to speak, and say what he really wants to reach the general public.

Never has the Vatican disavowed the content of past Scalfari interviews. Like when Francis said, “There is No Hell,” and denied the immortality of the soul on Holy Thursday 2018. The Vatican Press Machine (aka hacks) only denied the form. “It wasn’t an exact quotation,” they bleated!

And the Vatican Press Machine (aka the hacks) regularly publish Scalfari’s words. He is a Court Favorite, aka a Friend of Francis.

And Francis keeps talking to him. And NEVER personally denies what Scalfari says.

That’s the backdrop to understanding what is playing out here with Bergoglio’s denial of Christ’s Divinity quotation.

Scalfari and Francis are old dawg birds of a feather.

Scalfari never has been caught out and exposed as a liar. Wish you could say the same about Francis. Unlike Francis Scalfari—the founder of a major Italian paper on a par with the NYTimes or Washington Post here in the U. S.—has been doing his job for 60 years, with never an allegation of fraud, lie or misrepresentation. Therefore...

Francis is the problem here. Not Scalfari. Only a blind man or hopeless Francis shill like Austin Ivereigh could hold otherwise.

Please, folks, wake up and smell the coffee.

We have an Apostate Antipope governing the Church.

We must oppose him. We must support poor Pope Benedict, and perhaps ask Pope Benedict to renounce Antipope Francis the Apostate.

Pope Benedict seemingly needs to speak up here. As the only a catholic pope or man in white in Rome at the moment, perhaps he could confess his faux (false) resignation was but a pretense.

That he, Pope Benedict, never intended—and did not in fact—renounce the Petrine Office or Ministry. That attempting to bifurcate the papacy was a mistake and an impossibility. That the entire phenomena of Francis and yielding to Francis any power whatsoever was a HUUUUGE mistake.

But please don’t blame Scalfari.

Scalfari just reported what Antipope Francis said—and said statement is in perfect accord with all we know about Antipope Francis the Apostate.

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Pilar, and Our Lady of Fatima

“Rejoice, O Blessed Virgin Mary, for alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”

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