Thursday, October 24, 2019

Is Francis's Amazon Synod part of an Attempt to Steal the Amazon from Brazil?

Might Francis be the new Al Gore?

Vatican News reported that doomsday global warming alarmist Al Gore "praised Pope Francis' encyclical, 'Laudato si'" saying it addressed the "climate crisis ahead of the [United Nations' global warming] Paris Agreement."
(Vatican News, "Al Gore: Pope Francis a 'moral force' for solving climate crisis, July 4, 2018)

The Week in a 2018 headline proclaimed "How Pope Francis became the new Al Gore."

Francis in Laudato si (161) did become "the new Al Gore" doomsday global warming alarmist saying of climate warming:

"Doomsday predictions can no longer be met with... disdain."

It, also, appears that Francis may be "the new Al Gore" with his Amazon Synod which could be a globalist attempt to steal the Amazon from Brazil.

The New York Times reported Gore inferring the possibility of a United Nations globalist attempt to steal the Amazon from Brazil:

"Contrary to what Brazilians think, the Amazon is not their property, it belongs to all of us."
(The New York Times, "Whose Rain Forest is This, Anyway," May 18, 2008)

Francis in Laudato si (174-175) apparently backed Gore's inference of some type of globalist organization attempt to steal the Amazon by "imposing sanctions":

"[A]n agreement on systems of governance for the whole range of so-called 'global commons'... to devise stronger and more efficient international institutions... Empowered to impose sanctions."

This is exactly what is happening right now as the globalist's G-7 led by French President Emmanuel Macron according to the Internationalist which revealed the recent Amazon fires has brought about an "attempt[ed] internationalization of the Amazon."

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro according to the Internationalist responded to this apparent attempt to steal the Amazon from Brazil by accusing Marcon of "'having a colonialist mentality' which 'instrumentalises an internal issue of Brazil and other Amazonian countries' with 'a sensationalist tone that does nothing to solve the problem".
(Internationalist, "The G-7 Exploits Fires to Attempt Internationalization of the Amazon," August 26, 2019)

Remember that Francis said the Amazon Synod is the "child" of Laudato si which wants "systems of governance" for "'global commons'" such as Brazil's Amazon.

Is the Francis Amazon Synod part of an attempt to steal the Amazon from Brazil?

If the "international institutions" are able to "internationalize" the "global common" of Brazil's Amazon where does it stop.

Do "systems of governance" for "'global commons'" ultimately end in a one-world government with the excuse of the doomsday myth of global warming?

(And, maybe, another excuse for internationalizing the Amazon might, also, include giving it to the control of the governance of the indigenous who can more easily be bought out by the one-world government advocates than the Brazilian nation.)

Remember that the New American wrote:

"Francis... claiming that planetary problems are exacerbated by 'an excessive demand for sovereignty on the part of States'... make room for 'international organizations' to develop into governing bodies, supplanting the 'state interests.'"
(The New American, "Pope Francis calls for end of  Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government," May 9, 2019)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Debbie said...

Interesting Mr. Martinez. Thank you for all you do here. God bless and the Virgin protect you, your work and your family.

Fred Martinez said...

Debbie, Thank you for being a faithful reader of CM and for your prayer.

Magdallena said...

Saw this ebook on google and on page 322 there was an interesting thing said about Pachamama and political aims for the Amazon:

.."when the famous "nationalization" decree was passed. 10 In an article published on the Bolivian news site Bolpress in January 2012, the former minister elaborates on the supposed links—some of which are rather tenuous—between Equipo Nizkor, oil giant Exxon Mobil, the Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros's Open Society, and the Ford Foundation (Soliz Rada 2012). Echoing the articles just quoted, he warns that recent victories in international legal cases on indigenous rights could give prior consultation a veto power in ways that would "weaken even further national states like Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, accelerating the risk of their disintegration." In another Bolpress article, titled "Pachamamismo in the Service of the Oil Companies" (Soliz Rada 2011), Soliz
Rada declares: "The oil companies and pachamåmicos [those defending Pachamama, "Mother Earth" in Aymara and Quechua] want to destroy peripheral nation-states. They advanced with this objective on obtaining constitutional recognition of twenty-six nonexistent indigenous nations in Bolivia. " p322 online book by Penelope Anthias, Limites to Decolonization, Indigeneity, Territory and Hydrocarbon Politics in the Bolivian Chaco.