Thursday, October 03, 2019

Might TnT's Fr. Nix's Cardinal be one of those who "Whispered" to Voris that Francis may be a Antipope & may a Imperfect Council about to be Called?

Today, Church Militant veteran journalist Michael Voris who is in Rome to cover the Amazon Synod reported there are "whispers and quiet chatter" that Francis may be a antipope:

"[A]ll over Rome just days before the controversial Amazon Synod kicks off [there are "whispers"] that the conclave which elected Pope Francis might have been an invalid conclave... Quiet dinner conversions are punctuated with topics about whether the conclave that elected him [Francis] was valid."
(Church Militant, "Pre-Synod Report: Invalid Conclave or Heresy?", October 3 2019)

Veteran reporter Voris apparently is confirming that Bishop Rene Gracida's call for a imperfect council of cardinals to investigate the validity of the Francis conclave and the Pope Benedict XVI resignation may be being "whispered... all over Rome" possibly even by cardinals.

Is it possible that Voris has heard cardinals in "whisperings" questioning if Francis is a antipope because of a invalid conclave or for other reasons?

It is known "for a fact" according to frequent guest co-host on the Taylor Marshall TnT YouTube show Fr. David Nix that a cardinal who is known by the co-host is questioning the validity of the Francis papacy:

"Bishop Gracida of Texas is a great hero of mine for publicly questioning the valid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. I know for fact that at least one other Cardinal in the world is questioning this, too."
(, "Courage over Consequentialism in the Hierarchy," March 3, 2019)

By coincidence, just a few mouths ago, Voris was interviewed by Fr. Nix in a podcast on his Padre Peregrino website
(Padre, "Glad Trad 6.2: Michael Voris' 2018 Stories Revisited," May 19, 2019)

Before or after the interview might Fr. Nix have conveyed who the "Cardinal" is questioning Francis's validity to the journalist Voris?

Might Fr. Nix's "Cardinal" be one of those "whispering" to Voris that Francis may be a antipope?

Moreover, Voris according to researcher Randy Engel has connections to Opus Dei which is the next most powerful player in Vatican politics after Cardinal Pietro Parolin's Vatican Old Guard and the Vatican Gay Lobby.

If it is true that Voris is connected to Opus Dei and he is openly reporting that "all over Rome" there are "whispers" of a Francis "invalid conclave" then it appears that a imperfect council to investigate if Francis is a antipope may not be far off.

Remember that there are many cardinals in the Opus Dei orbit.

This may be the beginnings of a war of Opus Dei against the Parolin Old Guard and their ally the Vatican Gay Lobby who together were behind the election of Francis.

It appears a imperfect council may be a real possibility because even the well funded Francis "traditionalist" One Peter Five Steve Skojec who is afraid to answer my five Dubia questions to him against his pro-Francis nonsensical "Universial Acceptance" half baked idea is panicking.

The non-journalist and increasingly hysterical Skojec, who last year according to Fr. Nix was a phone friend, is actually attacking Nix's "hero" Bishop Gracida as well as real journalist Voris on his reporting from Rome because of the possibility of the Gracida call for a imperfect council coming into actualization.
(, "The Best Day of my Priesthood," August 15, 2018, Fr. Nix speaks of a phone conversation with Skojec.)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


LaurelMaryCecilia said...

don't forget Ann Barnhardt's early, exemplary, and courageous work in this regard

orate fratman said...

I just got bounced off of CM's comments box by stating that Annie has been all over this for years, now.

Debbie said...

I tweeted same to Voris, not blocked yet.

Tereze said...

Well, maybe we suppose to give due, where the due BELONGS... ...To God!!!

In the year 2010, way before anything had happened to pope Benedict XVI and this scheme call "The conclave of 2013", we have received prophecies through Maria Divine Mercy, which were treated in horrible contempt by many including bishops, EWTN and most catholic press, however they were and still are right ON...

Just few examples: Francis is chosen by masonic powers -

Schism will come!!!

The true remnant Church will go into hiding and Francis will establish A NEW FALSE CHURCH... He is a false prophet from the Book of Revelation...

You can read for yourselves what is coming - the destruction of the church we once knew. We should openly speak about him, who seats on the stolen Tron of Peter! During the last 6 years of Francis, Heaven has proven full validity of the prophecies given to Maria Divine Mercy! If we listen, we can still save more of the souls... Francis will pull people to his false church, many, many of them.