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Skojec's attack on Bp. Gracida shows he has become Mark Shea

Today, I couldn't stop laughing when I read One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec's Twitter attack on Bishop Rene Gracida claiming he had "lost the plot" which means he stopped acting rationally.

I texted the Tweet to my niece saying "I got a good laugh from this."

She texted back:

Haha I can see why... Like the Democrats accuse others of what they are guilty of."

I have had email exchanges with both Bishop Gracida and Skojec:

The Bishop is a humble highly intelligent gentleman while Skojec in the last few years acts like a deranged mindless leftist Democrat who has "lost his plot" that is he apparently has lost the ability to think rationally. Here are some examples:

I made a long carefully reasoned post hoping to engage Skojec in reasonable agruement and all I got in return were attacks on caricatures of my agruements, shrill mocking and the claim it was too long.

So, I put together five fairly short clear questions in dubia fashion for him to respond to reasonably and I got no response from him until today in his laughably ridiculous Twitter attack on Bishop Gracida and me saying:

"Gracida has clearly lost the plot. His constant republishing of the increasingly rambling Fred Martinez makes clear his ability to act prudently is impaired."

In simple words, sadly Skojec has become deranged and "his ability to act prudently is impaired."

Or, in other words, like in some weird science fiction movie it appears that Skojec has become transformed into Mark Shea.

Philosopher Edward Feser's description of Mark Shea is strangely almost unbelievably a perfect characterization of Skojec:

"'Deranged' might seem an unkind description of Shea and his comments. Sadly, it's also a perfectly accurate description..."

"... Shea has, in several follow-ups now, given no response whatsoever to these points or others made in my earlier posts. He simply ignores the arguments and instead reiterates, with greater shrillness the same false and already refuted claims he made in his initial attack on Joe and me"

"... In blog post after blog post he tosses out strings of ungrounded assertions, attacks caricatures, hurls insults and abuse, seems content with the 'high fives' his rabid fans give back in response to critics who try to engage him substantively."
(Edwardfeser.blogspot, "A low down dirty Shea," March 24, 2017)

The only difference between Shea and Skojec is that he does most of his "insults and attacks" on Twitter. But, other than that, Skojec has weirdly been transformed into Mark Shea.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


Aqua said…

Whether Pope Benedict XVI intended to or not, God is using Benedict's partial abdication to force titular Catholics “to choose this day whom they will serve”.

Bishop Gracida happily chose defense of Christ and His Church. He predicted events like demon worshipping so-called Pope this from the beginning.

Steve Skojec and and his bud Taylor Marshall are in a very difficult place right now. Their thesis never made sense. It makes less sense every day. After this demon worship event in the Vatican, according to Brother Bugnolo:

“... so that all who continue to call him, “Pope” or hold that this is a Synod of the Catholic Church, or can be held, will be IMPLICATED IN FALSE WORSHIP and share in the mortal sin of idolatry by not acting on the teaching of Pope John Paul II in canon 1364. This is how he just fooled everyone who said that they won’t start a schism and won’t leave the Church. By this act he has founded a New Church and all who continue to call him Pope have just become its members.”

The deed is done. Moloch was invited to meet the titular Pope in the Vatican Gardens. Moloch Blessed the titular Pope’s hands. Idols were worshipped and adored. Now, we must choose.

Taylor Marshall has said you cannot be Catholic if you do not accept Bergoglio as Pope.

Brother Bugnolo now says you cannot be Catholic if you accept, and attend Mass where it is accepted, that Bergoglio is Pope.

Time to choose. Can’t ignore this. Apostasy has now become idolatry and demon worship of Moloch himself.
Justina said…
As I just commented over at Lifesite News, there is no use trying to take refuge in saying that Bergoglio has conducted something "resembling" a pagan ritual in the Vatican Gardens. Either it was or it wasn't. And anybody who cares to maintain that it wasn't is going to have an awful lot of "splainin' to do.
Debbie said…
Dr. Marshall put himself in a difficult position when he posted on social media that he assisted at a Mass Fr. Nix celebrated. I and others have asked repeatedly if it was an act is schism on the good doctor's part to serve at a Mass where Benedict was commemorated. To my knowledge, he hasn't answered.
Sam Sham said…
Ah, Taylor Marshal. Spoken like a true Episcopal priest convert. Your interesting book is about 92 percent correct. That’s about the same percentage as what you say.
marysong said…
All of this bickering which I have just read is depressing to the spirit. We should all be pulling together with utmost charity for our fellow Catholics ... We are blessed to have people like Dr. Taylor Marshall, Steve Skojec, Brother Bugnolo,Fred Martinez, Michael Voris, standing up there for us, along with His Excellency Bishop Rene Henri Gracida who is our all time Hero!

Justina said…
So sorry that you find dealing with reality so "depressing to the spirit"! For my part, my all-time hero is Jesus Christ--the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He specifically warned us, by the way, that where He is acknowledged, there will be division. All this forced unity and false peace is as much of an idol as whatever-it-was they were "praying to" in the Vatican Gardens. Talk about depressing to the Spirit!
Aqua said…
@ marysong: While I appreciate the desire for unity; understand it, totally; sometimes conflict is not only reasonable but essential. Christ desired unity above all things. However, with a major caveat: Unity in Truth. Unity in the Most Holy Trinity. Unity without blemish or spot:

To wit, John 17: 20-23

21 That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

22 And the glory which thou hast given me, I have given to them; that they may be one, as we also are one:

23 I in them, and thou in me; that they may be made perfect in one: and the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast also loved me.

Unity in the present circumstance must be unity in St. Peter’s successor under Christ in unity with Sacred Tradition and all the Saints. We cannot have true Catholic unity until we agree on who is the reigning Pope and where he is taking us.

If it is Francis - there are consequences that follow.
If it is Benedict XVI - consequences follow.

The two propositions are mutually exclusive in the most spiritually, theologically, ontologically profound way.

When Taylor Marshall states that I commit sacrilege when I receive Communion because I reject Bergoglio as an antipope, that is a consequence.

When Fred Martinez states that those who accept Bergoglio as Pope follow a heretic apostate idolator and are now members of a false religion in alliance with demons, that is a consequence.

There cannot be unity between one side and another. Skojec ‘s, Marshall’s and Voris’ belief on our reigning Pope, Holy Father, Vicar of Christ to whom we owe obedience .... are incompatible with Bugnolo’s, Martinez’s, Gracida’s. God is on one side, not on the other.
Nandarani said…
Well, to say I am thankful I am not on social media is an understatement. It is consuming in a way hard to discern when caught up in it... and all flawed humans dig themselves deeper and deeper in to the hole of pride. I am not referring to Fred here. For my part, I just cannot handle it because something tells me I'm not supposed to try. I do think it's being female that influences that sorry all females reading this! But our gentle pliable nature is easily taken advantage of by the devil, working from within, and the damage to us runs deeper than anything that happens to a man in this kind of arena. I am sure of that. Without refraining from arguing with other flawed humans, it is difficult to be recollected. It's so hard to remain silent once one has become entangled.
Fred Martinez said…

You have deep wisdom. Pride is the greatest danger. I send Bishop Gracida every post I do and if he told me not to post I'd delete it. Thank God I have a good priest friend whom I can call at anytime. I also have the great blessing of a niece who is the best spiritual friend I have ever had who loves me, but like St. Theresa of Avila is super smart and keeps me on the right track and doesn't allow me to believe some of my own nonsense. Please pray that I do God's will with my writing.
Fred Martinez said…
Correction: Every important or possibly in my mind questionable post is sent to Bishop Gracida.
Debbie said…
Thank you. Pray for me that I will act on the wisdom you've provided here.
Unknown said…
See also this letter to Catholic Bishop by Br. Bugnolo:

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