Monday, November 11, 2019

Will Francis be the next Pachamama Leader to Fall after Bolivian Morales?

Journalist Edward Pentin reported that ex-President of Bolivia and known Pachamama worshipper Evo Morales "was the chief promoter of pachamama at [the] Amazon Synod" according to

On November 7, The Economist reported that there were "Catholic and evangelical" prayer and protests in the streets to bring down the corrupt Pachamama worshiping Morales.

Moreover, on November 4, the Catholic Register headline was:

"Bishops seek audit of Bolivian election as protests become violent."

Might Francis who allowed and defended Pachamama worship in the Vatican be the next Pachamama leader to fall?

Catholics must follow the example of the Bolivian people and protest as well as pray that a imperfect council to investigate and judge the validity of the Francis conclave and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI be held. If some how it is found that Francis is validly a pope then it is that council's duty to judge and depose him as a explicitly heretical pope as prescribed by St. Francis de Sales.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church. 

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