Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Is Caregiver Ganswein the one "Manipulating" Benedict with Francis Pulling his Strings?

Does Francis allow anyone who he can't control and doesn't lick his boots to have any real power in his Vatican?

The answer is unequivocally:


The latest example of this fact is the head of the supposedly all powerful "Old Guard" Cardinal Angelo Sodano who many say controlled to a large extent Pope John Paul II and who even Pope Benedict XVI could only "sideline," but not get rid of.

Francis just got rid of him as if he were a limp, ineffectual rag doll.

Another example is Pope Benedict friend Cardinal Gerhard Muller who was a boot licker of Francis, but despite this because he apparently couldn't completely be controlled was unceremoniously like Sodano tossed out of the Vatican like a rag doll despite being Benedict's friend.

With the two examples above in mind, why do you see "Benedict friend" Archbishop Georg Ganswein who is Francis's Prefect of the Papal household always sitting next to Francis at the Vatican events?

With Ganswein being a Francis boot licker like Muller, but having a Vatican job; why does everyone keep assuming that his loyalty is to Benedict and not to Francis when he has a Vatican job?

Remember the Muller example in which boot licking isn't enough, but being completely under the control of Francis is the magic ticket to keeping ones job in the present Vatican.

Now, Cardinal Robert Sarah is a boot licker like Muller and probably because he is Black has a Vatican job with zero power, but obviously Francis doesn't have 100 percent control over him.

If you had a choice of deciding who is lying about Pope Benedict's contribution to Cardinal Sarah's new book whom would you trust more to tell the truth: Sarah or Ganswein.

As soon as the Sarah book made Benedict not appear to be totally under the control of Francis suddenly Team Francis's "Catholic" and secular media promoted the narrative that Benedict was being "manipulated" by the evil Sarah and others.

Now, who made Sarah look like a "manipulating" lying schemer?

Next, who has the most important job next to Francis in the Vatican who still has a job in the Vatican?

Benedict's caregiver Ganswein who everyone keeps supposing as we are supposed to suppose is not under Francis's control.

Might Team Francis be telling the truth for once?

Is Benedict being "manipulated"?

Might Benedict's caregiver Ganswein be the one "manipulating" Benedict with Francis pulling the strings behind the scenes?

Please pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Alexis Bugnolo said...

So many theories and conjectures about what has happened since 2012 in the Church ended up being refuted on the testimony of Ganswein. Now that Ganswein has shown that he has serious credibility issues, all those theories need to be restudied. It might be that Ganswein was a Bergoglian agent long before. Remember all those letters of Benedict which were stolen, the copying going unnoticed. They were all conveniently left on the table of Ganswein. If Ganswein was a Berg agent, the entire Renunciation is not put in total doubt, as to who wrote the Declaratio, who gave Benedict canonical advice (Ganswein has a doctorate in canon law), who told the Cardinals it meant the renunication of the papacy? Who forced Benedict to change his mind and resign on Feb. 11 when on Feb. 7 Bertone was telling Gotti he would get his job back at the express order of Pope Benedict. And how precise was Benedict when he told Fellay that he has no authority at the Vatican his authority stops at the threshold of his own office door. Not even at the threshold of his secretary's door? A lot to reanalyze.

BrotherBeowulf said...

Well, Bro. Alexis, Bertone coming back would be enough to get me to resign. Lying scoundrel and thief that he is.

As for Müller I agree craven and generally worthless who was willing to interrupt his own Mass to grovel before Antipope Bergoglio.


Gänswein is completely untrustworthy and as Miss Barnhardt implies would administer the “Cantarella” if Bergoglio like the Borgias so ordered.

It’s as if we’re watching a movie: “Return to Byzantium” perhaps.

Charmaine said...

What was with the rumor a year ago that Bergoglio was going to abolish the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, i.e. get rid of Msgr. Gänswein? Nothing came of it. http://eponymousflower.blogspot.com/2019/01/pope-taking-swipe-at-legacy-of-pope.html