Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Sardonic CNN: Francis "Slaps," "Smacks" & "Shouts" at Woman, then "Denounces Violence against Women"

Today, CNN Wire's apparent sarcastic headline was "Pope Francis Slaps woman's hand, then denounces violence against women."

The ironical article reported Francis saying women are "continuely insulted, beaten," then reported that Francis was "sorry" for "slapping" and for "smacking a woman's hand" and possibly he was also "sorry" for "the altercation [which] also appears to show him shouting at the women" according to CNN.

It appears that even the pro-Francis CNN seems to be a bit sarcastically unbelieving and sardonically mocking of the Francis apology as well as his stated concern for women "insulted" and "beaten."

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Alexis Bugnolo said...

It seems even worse, that the woman was called a B*ch by Bergoglio, see

BrotherBeowulf said...

Sounds like Bruja—which means witch in Spanish and is NOT translatable as b*tch. It is nowhere near as course as that. “Bruja” is common expression of anger directed at women in particular.

Sam Sham said...

Bruja can, indeed, mean bitch or witch. The level of anger or animosity usually distinguishes between meanings. I’d say Francis (who is known as angry, vindictive and dour most of the time in private, seemed really angry toward the woman in the video. He wasn’t calling her a witch. We got a rare glimpse of the real Bergoglio. He was known in Argentina as the “priest who never smiles.”