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"Black Lives Matter Rioting is to INCREASE Racism... Deflect Attention Away from... 'Obamagate'"

Author and minister Scott Lively, who has worked in the Black "Springfield, MA Inner-City Mission," thinks "the purpose of Black Lives Matter rioting is to INCREASE Racism to justify the Marxist race-war narrative."

Lawyer Lively also believes the riots are being used "to deflect attention away from Friday's release of the fully exculpatory Michael Flynn transcripts which expose the  'Obamagate' co-conspirators to serious criminal liability" which implicate the Democrats and the Obama administration in a scandal greater than Watergate. 

Rush Limbaugh apparently agrees that the Obama administration scandal was allowed to happen because the Deep State targeted and took down General Flynn for the reason that "[i]f Flynn had survived as national security adviser, then it would have made the ongoing investigation of Trump after he’s inaugurated impossible. Flynn would have known everything about it as national security advisor... He could have…

Candace Owens: "White Liberals... #AntifaTerrorists are Targeting Black Kids & Neighborhoods"

"Candace Owens has been on fire lately, In her most recent Facebook post she destroyed the liberal [coronavirus hysteria] narrative on testing and called it all  'absolute B.S.'”
Right now, Candace Owens is on fire in Twitter destroying the media and leftist narratives on the riots:

Candace Owens If you watch one video about these protests please let this be it. This made me cry. I have said since day one that this is nothing but a ploy by white liberals, which will destroy another generation of black youth. These are targeting black kids & neighborhoods 7:19 PM - 30 May 2020
View video by clicking above two small photos
TweetsCandace Owens
@RealCandaceO Brandon Tatum
@TheOfficerTatum 6h I understand hurt. But I will not validate lies. Black people are not being "hunted down" by police Black people have equal opportunities in America like everyone else. The white man ain't the problem. Its t…

Obama called Rioters: "Criminals and THUGS who Tore Up the Place"

On April 29, 2015, the USA Today reported that former President Barack Obama called rioters "criminals and thugs who tore up the place":
President Obama doesn't regret using the term "thug" in describing the violent rioters in Baltimore this week, spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday.
"Whether it's arson or, you know, the looting of a liquor store ... those were thuggish acts," Earnest said.
In discussing the riots Tuesday, Obama assailed the "criminals and thugs who tore up the place," and described them as a distraction from the real issues of police brutality.
Some critics ascribe racial connotations to the word "thug" -- Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake walked back the term earlier this week -- but Obama doesn't agree, officials said.
The vast majority of the protesters of a recent police killing acted in a law-abiding way, Earnest said.

"At the same time, we saw a small minority of individuals engaged in other…

Teilhard's Evolution Denigration, "40-50% of Deaths... in Nursing Homes" and "Paneugenics"

"Further, parallel with Teilhard’s denigration of  “care lavished on the wounded [or weak], we read that 40-50% of deaths from the coronavirus are among those in nursing homes and assisted living. And in correspondence with his proposal for weeding out “unprogressive ethnical groups”, statistical analysis claim that death rates among blacks and Latinos are 2-3 times higher than among the white population. George Soros, financier of  abortion, euthanasia, population control, same-sex “marriage,” and transgenderism around the world, and certainly to be counted among the elite of the new regime called for by Teilhard de Chardin, has claimed that this current situation represents a “revolutionary moment” for social change not possible under “normal” conditions. Whether or not we believe that this virus was engineered by man for such purposes, it certainly is now being employed for such an agenda as Teilhard proposed. We might therefore justly believe that the most appropriate name fo…