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Bishop Rene Gracida on his website states:


THE US BISHOPS AND JOE BIDEN: SCANDAL UPON CATHOLIC SCANDAL! MY FELLOW CATHOLICS, DO NOT SIN LIKEWISE!     How is any serious Catholic not angered by the silence of the US Bishops about Joe Biden? He carries a rosary with him (as a prop?) and calls himself “devout with a deep sense of faith?” Let’s count the ways Biden blatantly defies his Catholicism.      Joe Biden supports murdering babies up till the day of birth. He supports the murder of the elderly, disabled, and medically vulnerable through euthanasia and assisted suicide. He supports any number of sexual perversions and immoral experimentations that attack Catholic marriage and family. He himself has even presided over a same sex marriage in direct opposition to Church mandate. His environmental policies are built on the population control principles of abortion and contraception.

 And, he has supported legislation and made statements that many have considered racist. He even admitted that as President he would force (bully) Catholic nuns to pay for contraception and abortion in spite of the fact that the SCOTUS sided with the conscience and religious freedom of the nuns 7-2. He is a walking and talking scandal to his Catholic faith and has rightly been refused the Eucharist because he persists in ongoing mortal sin thus separating himself from communion with the Church. He scandalizes the Catholic Faith in so many ways that objectively he actually seems “anti Catholic” in his beliefs. But the BIGGER SCANDAL is that the US BISHOPS do not forthrightly proclaim what I have just laid out; what every Catholic knows yet half choose to ignore because the bishops have ignored it and remain silent about it.

The silence of the US BISHOPS about Joe Biden is even a greater scandal than Biden’s idolatry (by which he places his intrinsically evil political agenda before his Catholicism) because he does so because of the tacit approval from our shepherds. I encourage every Catholic to read #2284-2287 on scandal in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to contact their bishops. Denounce Biden’s scandal of Catholic defiance and the bishops’ scandal of silence. I am also begging Catholics to not go down the same road as Biden and the bishops by supporting this man with their vote. Thus we would be heaping more scandal upon more scandal upon scandal.
On Jul 17, 2020, at 7:44 PM, Leo Padget <>

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


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Dr. Marshall, for many of us (myself included), your podcasts have been a source of enlightenment, entertainment, and—quite frankly—hope, during this very dark time in the history of the Church.  As someone who studied his way into the Catholic Faith, having the grace and the integrity to acknowledge the necessity of conversion from the Protestant sect to which you formerly belonged, you have not been content to rest on your laurels but have “put yourself out there,” launching the New Saint Thomas Institute and discussing current events sub luce aeternitatis.  Your willingness to deal with things the way they are, and not the way they would be if we were all painted on holy cards already, is refreshing and appreciated.
Accordingly, I am writing to you today in regard to your recent statements about being “open” to the idea that Jorge Bergoglio is not actually the pope.  For a person in your position, so much as admitting that possibility must require all the grace and integrity you h…

Our Lady of Good Success: Is Pope Benedict the "Prisoner in the Vatican... in that Greatest Crisis of the Church"?

The apparitions of Our Lady of Success have been approved by the Catholic Church. Moreover, Our Lady of Good Success has had many miracles associated with it.

Here is part of the "Fourth Apparition: January 21, 1610" which the influencial and prominent Catholic blogger Laramie Hirsch believes may possibly be referring to Pope Benedict XVI:

"The Supreme Shepherd and Vicar of Christ on Earth, who, being a prisoner in the Vatican... in that greatest crisis of the Church, he who is obligated to speak in due time will remain silent."
(The Story of Our Lady of Good Success and Novena, Dolorosa Press, Pages 40-41)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

Sex-abuse Worldview Vs. Christian Worldview

By Fred Martinez

Professor Allan Bloom, a philosopher who wrote "The Closing of the American Mind," thought that Friedrich Nietzsche was the father of modern America. He said, "Words such as 'charisma,' 'lifestyle,' 'commitment,' 'identity,' and many others, all of which can easily be traced to Nietzsche ... are now practically American slang."

But the most important Nietzschean slang word is "values."

"Values" are the death of Christian morality because values simply mean opinions. If opinion is how things are decided, then might makes right.

One must remember that whenever someone talks about values in modern America – family values or religious values or place-the-blank-in-front-of values – they are saying there is no real or objective right or wrong – only opinions of the self and its will to power.

Nietzsche's philosophy is summed up by Bloom as

Commitment values the values and makes them valuable. Not love…