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Obama Voted to Kill Gianna Jessen, Born Alive after “Botched” Abortion

-Gianna Jessen: Obama's "Cowardice in Public Policy almost left me to Die"

Gianna Jessen: “Mr. Obama is clearly blinded by political ambition given his attack on me this week. All I asked of him was to do the right thing: support medical care and protection for babies who survive abortion – as I did 31 years ago. He voted against such protection and care four times even though the U.S. Senate voted 98-0 in favor of a bill identical to the one Obama opposed. In the words of his own false and misleading ad, his position is downright vile. Mr. Obama said at the recent Saddleback Forum that the question of when babies should get human rights was above his pay grade. Such vacillation and cowardice in public policy almost left me to die and no one should have to go through what I went through.”

Gianna Jessen: Gianna's biological mother was 17 when she had a saline abortion in her third trimester. After being burned alive for approximately 18 hours in the womb from the saline solution, Gianna was delivered alive in a Los Angeles County abortion clinic. The procedure left her with cerebral palsy, which led doctors to assert that she would never be able to hold up her head, sit up, crawl or walk. However, Gianna began to walk by the age of three years old with the help of leg braces and a walker. Now, she runs marathons across the world. On April 30, 2005 Gianna completed her first 26.2 mile marathon after running just over 7 hours. On April 23, 2006 she completed the London Marathon.

Obama, Lies and Infanticide: “Born Alive” Abortion
Posted on October 15, 2008 by sooshisoo
Bumping this post, because Obama lied distorted prevaricated during the debate….

Question: Isn’t it big news when a leading candidate for president of the U.S. admits that since 2003 he has been lying about a vote he once made? Even more to the point, isn’t it big news when the candidate himself was on TV not long before that admission saying that everyone else is the liar? So, why is the media silent on the 180 degree about face that the Obama campaign has just made concerning Obama’s BAIP vote?

So, Obama has been caught with his pants down, again. Lying, distorting, covering up…what’s new?
Obama Voted to Kill Gianna Jessen, Born Alive after “Botched” Abortion, a 527 group, has launched an abortion ad against Nobama, featuring Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor. Gianna Jessen was born alive after a “botched” abortion .

The Gianna Jessen “Born Alive” Abortion Ad

NRLC noted mistruths in Obama’s comments regarding his stance on abortion and called him out on it. Obama has claimed that NRLC are liars and in turn, is proven a liar himself.

Below are links to the Senate meetings, the bills, records of his votes, the transcript of his objections, video of recent news interviews, etc.:

Obama Lied About Abortion Record

Obama has claimed again and again he would have supported his state’s version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act if it included language to protect abortion rights guaranteed by Roe v. Wade and viciously attacked conservative opponents who suggested otherwise. Now there’s documentation showing Obama did vote against a version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that contained language to protect abortion rights identical to the bill that passed 98-0 in the U.S. Senate.

Team Obama acknowledges infanticide lie Obama and ‘Infanticide’

Anti-abortion activists accuse Obama of “supporting infanticide,” and the National Right to Life Committee says he’s conducted a “four-year effort to cover up his full role in killing legislation to protect born-alive survivors of abortions.” Obama says they’re “lying.”

But Obama’s claim is wrong.

Links to Barack Obama’s votes on IL’s Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Following are Obama’s actions and votes on Born Alive. The bill number changed every year it was reintroduced.


Senate Bill 1095, Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Obama’s “no” vote in the IL Senate Judiciary Committeehere, March 28, 2001

Transcript of Obama’s verbal opposition to Born Alive on the IL Senate floor, March 30, 2001, pages 84-90

Obama’s “present” vote on the IL Senate floor, March 30, 2001

Senate Bill 1662, Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Obama’s “no” vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, March 6, 2002

Transcript of Obama’s verbal opposition to Born Alive on the IL Senate floor, April 4, 2002, pages 28-35

Obama’s “no” vote on the IL Senate floor, April 4, 2002

Listen to audio from Obama’s 2002 IL Senate floor debate wherein he argued that while babies might be aborted alive, it would be a “burden” to a mother’s “original decision” to assess and treat them.

Meanwhile, the federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act with a “neutrality clause” added passed the U.S. Senate 98-0, the U.S. House overwhelmingly, and was signed into law August 5, 2002. The pro-abortion group NARAL expressed neutrality on the bill.

Senate Bill 1082, Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Democrats took control of the IL Senate with the 2002 elections. This year Born Alive was sent to the Health & Human Services Committee, chaired by Barack Obama.

As can be seen on the vote docket, Obama first voted to amend SB1082 to add the “neutrality clause” from the federal version of Born Alive to the IL version to make them absolutely identical. (DP#1 means “Do Pass Amendment #1.)

Then Obama voted against the identical version. (DPA means, “Do Pass as Amended.)

Additional corroboration of Obama’s vote: IL State Senate Republican Staff Analysis of SB 1082, March 12-13, 2003, bottom of page 2

Michelle Obama’s partial birth abortion fundraising letter

Index of documents relating to Barack Obama and the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act

Barack Obama’s Actions and Shifting Claims on the Protection of Born-Alive Aborted Infants

Obama Cover-up on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Continues to Unravel After Sen. Obama Says NRLC is “Lying”

Obama’s 10 reasons for supporting infanticide

Obama and Planned Parenthood Strategize to Defeat Bills

Gianna Jessen on Hannity and Colmes

Jill Stanek on Hannity and Colmes

Colmes Tries to Defend Obama and Fails


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