Sunday, January 11, 2009

Al Franken's Funny Business Exposed

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Al Franken's Funny Business Exposed

By: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

As John F. Kennedy once said, "sometimes partisanship demands too much." Watching Al Franken and the Democrats steal this election, vote by vote, is a horrific sight that makes a mockery of the electoral process, the fundamental element in our democracy.

If this travesty is allowed to stand, it essentially means that any close election constitutes an open invitation to steal the victory.

We must not allow the Minnesota Democrats to get away with this election heist. The Republican National Lawyers Association is litigating the issue and needs all the support they can get to fund their court case.

You can help stop Al Franken by supporting the Republican National Lawyers Association fight — Go Here Now.

Those who want the recount actually want to count ballots in 25 precincts — that would bring the total number of votes cast higher than the actual number of people who voted!

In Ramsey County, 177 more votes have been counted than people who voted on Election Day. The canvassing board, in effect, is admitting that it is counting fraudulent, duplicate ballots!

In some cases, absentee ballots, particularly from troops serving overseas, have been counted. In other cases not. One ballot, on which Franken was crossed out and replaced by "Frankenstein" was counted as a Democratic vote.

Apparently, when a ballot was challenged, a copy was made to facilitate examination. But, in many cases, the canvasser failed to label the ballot as a duplicate. Then, in the recount, all the ballots were counted, ensuring that the challenged vote was not only counted, but counted twice.

What makes all of this even more suspicious is that each of these errors inured to Franken's advantage and eroded Coleman's election night lead until the Democrat could claim victory.

At the same time that the Democrats are getting away with their chicanery in Minnesota, Gov. Rod Blagojevich is succeeding at appointing the successor to Barack Obama in Illinois.

The success of his appointment was inevitable once the Illinois Legislature, again with a heavy Democratic majority, refused to order a special election for the vacant Senate seat. They were so afraid that the Republicans might win the special balloting that they would rather let Blagojevich make the possibly corrupt appointment than give the voters the chance to make the decision.

We now will likely never know if the new Sen. Burris complied with Blagojevich's fantasies and actually paid for his seat in the Senate. But the very fact that we have the governor of the state on tape preparing to make such a demand of whomever he appointed should give us pause.

That Illinois' Democrats would rather have us speculate than give their voters the franchise is as revolting, in its own way, as the great Minnesota Senate seat robbery.

Mark Twain said that people should never have to see sausage being made or a law being passed. Add to that a recount in progress.

You can help stop Al Franken by supporting the Republican National Lawyers Association fight — Go Here Now.

© 2009 Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

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