Sunday, September 05, 2010

Barack Obama is a Neocon in Disguise

The 2004 Democratic National Convention
was most remembered for a young, energetic senator the likes of the
American people had not seen since Bobby Kennedy. With his DNC
presentation, Barack Obama was launched into the national spotlight,
lauded for his populist-themed speech that became universally
described as “articulate”. More importantly, Obama was bringing
a new style of rhetoric to the political table that ultimately set
the stage for the 2006 elections and his current presidential
campaign. Anyone unsure of his political record was still aware of
his staunch criticism of the Iraq War. From this national
appearance he filled a political void by connecting with the growing
anti-Iraq-war movement. But in more recent speeches, Obama has
clarified his pro-interventionist intentions.

Although Barack Obama is described as
a liberal Democrat, his message on foreign policy has been subject to
question. Obama criticizes the handling of the Iraq war, but
continues to promote an interventionist agenda. He has aligned
himself with American Israeli Political Action committee by
prioritizing defense of Israel in the middle east. A polarized
political affiliation with Israel will needlessly drag the US into
further wars in the mideast. In a recent speech to AIPAC regarding
Iran's nuclear program, Obama clearly states “we should take no
option, including military action, off the table”. Israeli
military conflict with Iran would bring the US into a full scale war.
As of last week, there are now five Nimitz-class aircraft carriers
with escort flotillas positioned off the coast of Iran. Elements of
government are desperately seeking war with Iran. In his speeches
given to pro-Israel groups, Obama clarifies that he seeks more
intervention when dealing with Iran, which he considers “a threat
to all of us”. Ironically, the US has already supplied its middle
eastern allies with nuclear systems. The US is known to be the
world's greatest violator of non-proliferation treaties. Obama's
hypocrisy is most evident by his denouncement of the politics of oil.
Obama's alliance would back a preemptive strike against Iran that
would disrupt oil fields that provide energy to Asia and Europe,
further increasing world oil prices. It would create incentive for
an attack on Iran. His foreign policy cannot be considered anti-war
by any stretch of the definition. Surprising, these politics are
closest aligned with the “neoconservative” ideology. Obama
preaches an anti-war message to his constituency, but promises an
unfaltering military alliance with Israel.

Obama goes even further in his support
for further US military activities. He outlines an ambitious foreign
policy plan a recent essay written for Foreign Affairs magazine
(July/Aug 07). Iran and Syria are specified as longstanding threats
that must be neutralized by means of American power.

Barack Obama can captivate anyone with
his refreshing new style of political rhetoric. He has gathered
supporters by acknowledging the failures in Iraq. Unfortunately, he
supports polarizing foreign alliances. Like many politicians, there
is duplicity to his message. It is not a message of anti-war.
Obama's foreign policy goals leave us constantly on the brink of a
full scale war. It puts our defense forces at the disposal of our
“allies”. Barack Obama's deceptive message on foreign policy
make him a neocon in sheep's clothing.

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