Monday, May 09, 2011

Netflix and Child Pornography

Boycott Netflix and say Fr Apostoli Prayer

(To be recited Morning, mid-Day and Night)

Mary, loving Daughter of God the Father, I give my soul to your care. Protect the life of God in my soul, do not let me lose it by serious sin. Protect my mind and my will so that all of my thoughts and desires will be pleasing to God.

Hail Mary...

Mary, loving Mother of God the Son, I give my heart to your care. Let me love Jesus with all my heart. Let me always try to love my neighbor, and let me avoid friends who might lead me away from Jesus and into a life of sin.

Hail Mary...

Mary, loving Spouse of the Holy Spirit, I give my body to your care. Let me always remember that my body is a home for the Holy Spirit Who dwells in me. Let me never sin against Him by any impure actions, alone or with others, against the virtue of purity.

Hail Mary...

by Father Andrew Apostoli, CFR

Wow I just saw Child Porn on Netflix.

Dec 19, 2010
You'd get arrested for it and charged with possession of child pornography if it wasn't in a professional movie.

Why is netflix allowed to have child pornography on it's site?
I was recommended to watch a film on netflix called Home (from 2008), I think it's French. A young child actor, around 9 years of age is fully frontal naked more times in this film than I care to remember. I was disgusted.

I ask you, would YOU allow your own child to subject themselves to this sort of attention? If not, then why is it ok for them to be exploited on netflix? Can't America be better than this? Do we need to be as immoral as everyone else?

I would think a boycott of Netflix is in order! I don't know why this is allow?

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