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Fulton J. Sheen:"Souls go to hell for one great reason...they refuse love"

Chapter TWO

The Wide Road

"Why do souls go to Hell?

In the last analysis, souls go to hell for one great reason,

and that is –

they refuse love.

Love pardons everything except one thing –

refusal to love."

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

On July 13, 1917, at the Cova de Ira, Fatima, Portugal, when the Mother of God came at noon to the three children, Lucia looked at her and said: "What do you want of me?" Our Lady answered: "I want you to come back here on the 13th of next month. Continue to say the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain the peace of the world and the end of the war, because only she can obtain it."

Lucia then asked: "I would like to ask who you are and if you will do a miracle so that everyone will believe that you appeared to us."

"Come here every month and in October I will say who I am and what I want. I will perform a miracle so that everyone can believe."

Lucia then asked for graces and conversions for people that had requested them. Our Lady said that it was necessary for these people to pray the rosary to obtain these graces. She continued saying: "Sacrifice yourself for sinners and say many times especially whenever you make such a sacrifice: 'O Jesus, it is for love of You, for the conversions of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

As Our Lady said these words she opened her hands and powerful lights emanated forth and pierced the ground, opening it up, and the three children saw a most terrifying vision. They saw HELL and within it, the souls of the damned and demons. Several witnesses saw the children grow pale as death. They saw a vast sea of fire. Plunged in the flames were demons and lost souls, as if they were red-hot coals, transparent and black or bronze-colored, in human form, which floated about in the conflagration, born by the flames which issued from them, with clouds of smoke falling on all sides as sparks fall in a great conflagration without weight or equilibrium, amid shrieks and groans of sorrow and despair that horrified them and caused them to tremble with fear. The devils could be distinguished by horrible and loathsome forms of animals, frightful and unknown, but transparent like black coals that have turned red-hot. 1

Lucia cried out; "Oh, Our Lady!"

Our Lady answered: "You have seen hell were the souls of sinners go. I order to save them God wishes to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world. If what I say is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end. But if they do not stop offending God another and greater war will break out in the reign of Pius XI. When you see a sign illumined by a strange light in the sky, know that it is a sign that God gives you, that He is going to punish the world for it's crimes by means of hunger, war, persecution of the church and the Holy Father. To prevent this I will come at a later date to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the communion of reparation of the first five Saturdays. If my requests are heard Russia will be converted and there will be peace, if not Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars, and persecutions. The Holy Father will have much to suffer, the good will be persecuted, entire nations will be annihilated but in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be peace, and the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart; it will be converted and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world. In Portugal, the dogmas of the Faith will always to kept... (Here follows the third secret which has never been revealed.) Do not tell this to anyone. Francisco -yes you may tell him. When you say the rosary, say after each mystery: O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell and lead all souls to Heaven, especially, those in most need of thy mercy."

The vision of hell was given for our age when the Christians would down play the idea of eternal punishment or even deny its existence. With regards to this vision, the Dutch priest, Van Noort in his book "Dogmatic Theology" said this about Fatima: "Such a revelation ought to be believed by both the one who receives and by those for whom it is destined. The rest of the faithful cannot deny it without some sort of sin."

Pope Pius XI told us that the time for doubting Fatima is past; it is now time for action. Pope Pius XII on October 31, 1942 said: "Fatima is the summation of my thinking" and expressed the wish to be called the Fatima Pope! Pope John XXIII instituted the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima and called the apparitions the Center of all Christian Hope.

Douglas Hyde the ex-communist journalist declared "Our only hope for world peace is found in the Message of Fatima." He was echoing the words of Archbishop Sheen who said: "How shall we overcome the spirit of Satan except by the power of that Woman to whom Almighty God has given the mandate to crush the head of the serpent." Pope John the XXIII again said: "The world's greatest hope for peace is Fatima."

In a message to all the world's priests, Cardinal Larraona, legate of Pope John XXIII at Fatima, declared on May 13, 1963:

"Upon us, dear brothers, falls the responsibility of administering to souls the inexhaustible treasures and spiritual riches of the message of Fatima. Fatima is a living realization of the gospel recalled to us here by the Mother of God ... Indeed, never has there been a supernatural manifestation of Our Lady of such rich spiritual content as that of Fatima, nor has any recognized apparition given us a message so clear, so maternal, so profound ... Dear Priests, I wish to exhort you anew to a profound penetration of the spiritual richness of the message Our Lady has confided to us and engage yourself with tenderness to conserve it always pure and integral in the souls of the faithful. Live and cause it to be lived..." 2

In 1950, Pope Pius XII saw the repetition of the October 13, 1917 Miracle of the Sun on the eve of the octave of the Dogma of the Assumption. The Papal Legate said of this: "Was this a reward, or was this a sign of sovereign Divine pleasure for the definition of the Assumption or was this a heavenly testimony authenticating the connection between the wonders of Fatima and the centre, the Head of the Catholic Truth and teaching authority? It was all three!

Fatima confirms the existence of angels and demons which Modernists are trying to eliminate. Fatima confirms the mystery of the Eucharist which Modernists have stripped of meaning. Fatima confirms the existence of Hell, which is simply denied today. Fatima requires prayer and penance, values which people today say they do not need and consequently dispense with them.

That Our Lady showed Hell to the three children on July 13, 1917, is something to ponder about. Why did she show them Hell? I believe it was shown because the people in the world today do not believe in Hell and the devil. It is a totally immoral and godless society which we live in today. Father John Laux, in his book "The Chief Truths of the Catholic Faith," tells us that the word Hell comes from the Old English hel, meaning 'to cover' or 'to conceal.' It was a place of punishment of the wicked after death. In the Bible the place of the damned is called Gehenna, the valley of Hinnom, south of Jerusalem, where, in ancient times, horrid sacrifices were offered to Moloch.

In Matthew's gospel it is called the everlasting punishment while in Mark's, it is the hell of unquenchable fire, where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not extinguished!

"Depart from Me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels." (Matt.25:41) Hell is a doctrine of the Catholic faith. Yet inside our Church today, liberal theologians say that the doctrine of hell is unsuitable for the mentality of modern man. They are quick to admit to His love and mercy but not God's justice. In the Gospel's, Our Lord stressed the existence of hell 15 times!

Father John Hardon, in his book, "Modern Catholic Dictionary", defines hell as the place and state of eternal punishment for the fallen angels and human beings who die deliberately estranged from the love of God. The Church teaches us, "The souls of those who die in the condition of personal grievous sin enter Hell." 3 Pope Paul the VI in his credo of the people of God said those who refuse God's love and mercy to the end will go to that fire that will never extinguish. The Athanasian Creed written before 428 declares: "But those who have done evil will go into eternal fire."4 While the closing article of this creed states: "At His coming, all men are to arise with their own bodies; and they are to give an account of their lives. Those who have done good deeds will go into eternal life; those who have done evil will go into everlasting fire."5 Pope Benedict XII declared in the Dogmatic Constitution (Benedictus Deus), "According to God's general ordinance, the souls of those who die in a personal grievous sin descend immediately into hell, where they will be tormented by the pains of Hell."6 Finally, in the year of 1214, the Fourth Lateran Council stated that the wicked will receive a perpetual punishment with the devil.

The reality of hell is stated many times in Sacred Scripture. I will briefly quote a few from the Old and New Testament. "The Lord Almighty will take revenge on them, in the day of judgment He will visit them. For he will give fire, and worms into their flesh, that they may burn, and may feel forever. (Judith16:20-21) "Their worm shall not die, and their fire shall not be quenched: and they shall be a loathsome sight to all flesh." (Is.66:24) In the New Testament Our Lord calls it "Hell of fire," (Mt.5:22), "Hell where the worm does not die and the fire is not extinguished," (Mk.9:46) "Furnace of fire", (Mt.13:42) "Everlasting fire", (Mt.25:41) "Unquenchable fire", (Mt.3:12; Mk.9:42) and "Everlasting pain", (Mt.25:26) St. Paul (2Thess.1:8-9) states: "Those who know not God, and who obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ shall suffer eternal punishment in destruction, from the face of the Lord, and from the glory of his power." "The godless shall have their portion in the pool burning with fire and brimstone; they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever."(Apoc.21:8) You will find other references to Hell in Rom.2:6-9, Hebr.10:26-31, 2Peter2:6, Jud.7, Apoc.19:20, Mk.9:42-47 and Matt.10:28. These are only a few of the many references to Hell.

The Fathers and Doctors of the Church have confirmed and taught the existence and eternity of the pains of hell. St. Ignatius of Antioch says that those who corrupt the faith with perverse doctrines will go into unquenchable fire. St. Irenaeus teaches as Catholic Dogma that the impious, the unjust, the wicked and the blasphemer will be thrown into eternal fire. The martyrs have stated many times they did not fear the pains of this life, but they did fear the eternal fire of hell.

The following is taken from two books; both are in agreement on the facts. It is taken from the records of Msgr. De Segur, a well-known French preacher and spiritual writer. "In our century, [he is referring to the 19th century] three facts of the same kind, more authentic than some others, have come to my knowledge. The first happened almost in my family.

"It was in Russia, at Moscow, a short while before the horrible campaign of 1812. My maternal grandfather, Count Rostopchine, the Military Governor of Moscow, was very intimate with General Count Orloff, celebrated for his bravery, but as godless as he was brave.

"One day, at the close of a supper, Count Orloff and one of his friends, General V., also a disciple of Voltaire, had set to horribly ridiculing religion, especially Hell. ‘Yet,’ said Orloff, 'yet if by chance there should be anything the other side of the curtain?'

"Well,' took up General V., 'whichever of us shall depart first will come to inform the other of it. Is it agreed?'

"An excellent idea,' replied Count Orloff, and both interchanged very seriously their word of honor not to miss the engagement.

"A few weeks later, one of those great wars which Napoleon had the gift of creating at that time, burst forth. The Russian army began the campaign, and General V. received orders to start out forthwith to take an important command.

"He had left Moscow about two or three weeks, when one morning, at a very early hour, while my grandfather was dressing his chamber door was rudely pushed open. It was Count Orloff, in dressing gown and slippers, his hair on end, his eyes wild, and pale like a dead man. 'What? Orloff, you? At this hour? And in such a costume? What ails you? What has happened?'

"My dear', replied Count Orloff, 'I believe I am beside myself. I have just seen General V.'

"Has General V., then come back?'

"Well , no,' rejoined Orloff, throwing himself on a sofa, and holding his head between his hands, 'No, he has not come back, and that is what frightens me!'

"My grandfather did not understand him. He tried to soothe him. 'Relate to me,' he said to Orloff, 'what has happened to you, and what all this means.' Then striving to stifle his emotion, the Count related the following: 'My dear Rostopchine, some time ago, V. and I mutually swore that the first of us who died should come and tell the other if there is anything on the other side of the curtain. Now this morning, scarcely half an hour since, I was calmly lying awake in my bed, not thinking at all of my friend, when all of a sudden, the curtains of my bed were rudely parted, and at two steps from me I saw General V. standing up, pale, with his right hand on his breast, and saying to me: 'What do we do now? There is a Hell, and I am there! What do we do now?' And he disappeared. I came at once to you. My head is splitting! What a strange thing! I do not know what to think of it?'

"My grandfather calmed him as well as he could. It was no easy matter. He spoke of Hallucinations, nightmares; perhaps he was asleep...There are many extraordinary unaccountable things...and other commonplaces, which constitute the comfort of freethinkers. Then he ordered his carriage, and took Count Orloff back to his hotel.

"Now, ten or twelve days after this strange incident, an army messenger brought my grandfather, among other news, that of the death of General V. The very morning of the day Count Orloff had seen and heard him. The same hour he appeared at Moscow, the unfortunate General, reconnoitering the enemy's position, had been shot through the breast by a bullet and had fallen stark dead. 'There is a Hell, and I am there!' These are the words of one who came back.'" 7

The pains of Hell are many, but first I will talk on the pains of Hell in reference to the senses. In Isaias 33:14 it is written, "Which of you can dwell with devouring fire? Which of you shall bear everlasting burnings?" St. Thomas Aquianus proves that it is a corporeal and material fire. The fire of hell is a real fire! A fire that burns like the fires of this earth. St. Augustine says that it is the same fire that tortures the damned and purifies the elect. (Purgatory) The Bible has many texts stating it to be a true and real fire. "A fire is kindled in my wrath, and shall burn even to the lowest hell." (Deut.32:22) "A fire that is not kindled shall devour him." (Job 20:26) In Luke's gospel in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, "I am tormented in this flame!" (Lk.16:24) And in Ecclesiasticus, "The vengeance on the flesh of the ungodly is fire and worms.' (Eccl. 7:19)

Another question asked is can the soul feel this fire? Many theologians have said that the material fire of hell will be given an extraordinary power by God, whereby it will be able to bind the spiritual soul to its place of torment, thus causing the soul untold humiliation and pain.8

Also in this fire the bodies of the damned, besides the intense heat, will endure bitter cold, passing from one to the other, without knowing a moment of relief. St. Thomas teaches this. In the book of Job "Let him pass from the snow water to excessive heat, and his sin even to hell." (Job 24:19) Hence, St. Jerome says, the damned in hell endure all their torments in this one fire.9

In addition to the above mentioned pains of hell, there is also the remorse of the damned. It is the remorse of conscience, teaches St. Thomas, that the damned will be eternally tormented by in hell. It will gnaw at them in many ways but St. Alphonsus Liguori says three will be most grievous. The trifles for which they lost their souls; the little they were required to do to be saved; and finally, the great good they have lost. That which is of the earth is passing. Nothing here is permanent. Yet for the gold of this world, souls have gone to hell for all eternity! A lost soul appeared to St. Humbert, and told him this was precisely the greatest pain by which he was tormented in hell, to think for what trifles he had damned himself and how little he had to do in order to be saved.10 Think of how little it takes to be saved? St. Alphonsus tells us that these miserable souls will be reproached by these thoughts: Why hadn't I mortified myself by not looking at such an object, or conquered human respect, or avoided that occasion, companion, or conversation that led to sin. Why didn't I go to confession frequently, read good spiritual books, turned to Jesus and Mary during times of temptations? All these thoughts will come back at them. They will cry out as in Jeremiah "the harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." (Jer. 8:20)

St. John Chyrysostom says the damned will be tormented by the loss of heaven than by the pains of hell. They will know for all eternity that they lost heaven and God, through their own fault!

Still added to this the damned will be tormented by the demons. The devils, who are their enemies, will forever mock and remind them of their sins. They will be enveloped in a horrifying darkness. "Before I go, and return no more, to land that is dark and covered with mist of death; a land of misery and darkness, where the shadow of death, and no order, but everlasting horror dwelleth." (Job 10:22)

Archbishop Sheen once said, "Hell is eternal suicide for hating love. Hell is the hatred of the God you love." All of these pains are nothing compared to the pain of having lost God. This indeed is the greatest pain of hell. St. Augustine says that the damned will be forced to think of nothing but God, and that will cause them terrible torment. They will know they have offended God and His infinite goodness and that their sins have merited eternal punishment. They will be forced to think continually of God and of all the good they received from Him as well as the offenses they committed against Him. St. Augustine further tells us that if the damned could enjoy the sight of God, they would feel no pain, and hell itself would be changed into paradise.

St. Alphonsus tells us the damned will hate and curse God; and cursing God, they will also curse the benefits He has bestowed on them, - their creation, redemption, the Sacraments, especially Baptism, penance, and above all, the Holy Eucharist. They will hate all the angels and saints, but especially their guardian angels, and their holy advocates; and more than all, the Mother of God. But principally will they curse the three Divine Persons; and of these especially the Son of God, who once died for their salvation; they will curse His wounds, His blood, His pains, and His death.11

St. John Bosco wrote, "Consider my son, consider that if you go to hell, you will never leave it. There, every pain is suffered and suffered forever."12

The Union Councils of Lyons and of Florence declared that the souls of the damned are punished with unequal punishments.13 St. Augustine teaches: "In their wretchedness the lot of some of the damned will be more tolerable than that of others." Justice demands that the punishment be commensurate with the guilt.14 Hugh of St. Victor writes: "The drunkard will be tormented by an insatiable thirst but have only gall to drink; the proud man will be covered with shame and ignominy; the glutton will devour fire; the miser will know absolute poverty; the slothful will be eternally prodded and jabbed without rest; beauty will be changed into the most repugnant ugliness; power into slavery; glory into disgrace. In that horrible prison will be gathered together all the comrades of dissoluteness who formerly vied with one another to see who could be the most impure. There, friends will become deadly enemies; they will insult and abuse each other, heaping upon one another bitter reproofs. Their conversation will be bloody threats and horrible curses."15 St. Thomas says that the associates of the wretched soul, far from alleviating the lot of the damned soul, will make it more intolerable for him.

When you think of the pains of hell as described above it is a horrifying thought. What is there to compare to make one realize the horror of hell? The following are some examples to meditate upon.

"The history of Japan speaks of the horrible abysses of Mount Ungen, situated not far from Nagasake. Its lofty summit is divided into three craters, the intervals between which form frightful pits; forth from these shoot momentarily into the air eddies of flames, corroding waters and burning mud, which carry such stinking exhalations with them that these abysses pass in the country for the sewers of Hell. All the animals shun them with horror, and the very birds do not fly with impunity over them, however high they soar. The tyrant, Bungondono, the Prince of Ximbara, resolved to dash the Christians headforemost into these frightful chasms. Let the frightful agony they must suffer there be imagined. It was an agony to which death was not to come and put an end, for the consolation of dying was not left to them. Before they were suffocated, they were carefully drawn out to let them regain their breath. Then, soaked as they were by the sulphurous waters, the bodies of the martyrs were covered with frightful pus sacs and were soon but one wound; all their flesh dropped into putrefaction. In this condition they were abandoned like corpses, cast into the common sewer. Are these torments the torments of Hell? They are only a shadow of them." 16

The Calvinists of 16th century Holland tormented the priests with unheard of cruelty. They put around their necks and arms and legs iron collars with knives and sharp spikes. They then made them sit on seats with nails. The poor priests could neither rest nor move without incurring great pain. To add to this torture, they surrounded them with flames, that would slowly consume them. If they remained motionless, they were burned alive. But if they moved, they were torn and lacerated by the knives and spikes. Yet ask yourself, is this hell and the answer is no!

In history you can read what happened to the assassin of William, Prince of Orange. With iron rods they lacereated his body, while driving sharp spikes into his flesh. He was slowly burned by a very slow fire and just as he neared death and his hands had been burned off with a hot iron, he was pulled apart by horses. This unfortunate man's sin was to attack a human prince. What will happen to those who transgress God's Laws?

"Hell is the sink of the world and receptacle of all the moral filth of humanity. There, impurity, intemperance, blasphemy, pride, injustice and all the vices which are like the rottenness of souls, are found heaped up. To this moral filth a corporal stench is added more insupportable than all the stenches of corpses. If the body of a damned person, says St. Bonaventure, were deposited on the earth, that of itself alone would be sufficient to make the earth uninhabitable; it would fill it with its infection, as a corpse that might be left to rot in a house would infect it all the way through. 17

I have briefly talked on the reality of Hell and the pains of Hell. Now I would like to talk on the eternity of hell. Scripture attests to the eternity of hell. For example: "And these shall go into everlasting punishment." (Matt. 25:40) "And they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever." (Apoc. 20:10) "Depart from Me, you cursed, into everlasting fire." (Matt. 25:41) "Who shall suffer eternal punishment in destruction." (2Thess. 1:9) Everyone shall be salted with fire." (Mk, 9:48) As salt preserves, so the fires of hell will forever without end torment the damned. St. Bernard says, "There the fire consumes that it may always preserve."

St. Alphonsus gives us this thought to meditate upon. Why would anyone want to spend one day (this in comparison to our life span) in amusements only to be shut up in a hellish pit for all eternity. There the torments would never cease or be alleviated for even a moment. If the torments lasted only a few years, or hundreds of years, or even thousands of years, maybe one could understand their madness and folly. But the consequence of their actions will last forever without end.

St. John Chrysostom writes that the sinner must give eternal satisfaction to God, because he willed to resist Him eternally. In the Imitation of Christ (Book 1, Chap. 24) the author writes that there one hour in torment will be more terrible than a hundred years spent here below in the most rigorous penance. And the Fourth Lateran Council in the year 1215 stated that "Those [the rejected] will receive a perpetual punishment with the devil."18

At this point people will ask how can God punish a sin that lasts but a moment with eternal suffering? St. Thomas tells us that the punishment is not measured according to the duration of the time, but according to the nature of the crime. Murder, because committed in a moment, is not therefore punished by a momentary pain.19

St. Alphonsus writes that Hell is but little for a mortal sin. He says that an offense against Infinite Majesty deserves an infinite punishment. St. Bernardine of Sienna a Doctor of the Church, also states this: "By every mortal sin, an infinite injury is done to God; and to an infinite injury an infinite punishment is due. But because the creature is not capable of infinite pain as to intensity, God justly ordains that it be infinite as to extension."

But why is this pain eternal? Because the damned can no longer satisfy for his sins. When we, who are still alive are sorry for our sins, we can satisfy for our sins by applying the merits of Jesus Christ. But once we are dead we are excluded from these merits. Think of it! The sin is forever punished, because it can not be expiated! Also the sinner can never repent of the sin! But still some will say suppose God chose to pardon them. Again it would be impossible. The damned are obstinate in their will and confirmed in their hatred of God. Pope Innocent II said, "The reprobate will not humble themselves, but the malignity of hatred will go on always increasing in them." St. Jerome also writes that they are insatiable in the desire of sinning. And as Scripture states: "His sorrow is become perpetual and the wound desperate, so as to refuse to be healed." (Jer. 15:18)

This is illustrated by an incident in the life of St. Josaphat as told to us by St. John Damascene. One day St. Josaphat was exposed to violent temptations, prayed to God with tears to be delivered from them. His prayer was graciously heard; he was caught up in an ecstasy, and he beheld himself led to a dark place, full of horror, confusion, and frightful specters. There was a pool of sulfur and fire in which were plunged innumerable wretches, a prey to devouring flames. Amid the despairing howls and shouts, he heard a heavenly voice, which uttered these words: "Here it is that sin receives its punishment; here it is that a moment's pleasure is punished by an eternity of torments." This vision filled him with new strength and enabled him to triumph over all the assaults of the enemy. 20

St. Thomas further tells us that the most bitter regret of the damned is that they lost their immortal souls for all eternity for NOTHING and that they might have very easily obtained the everlasting happiness of heaven.

St. Alphonsus again writes "The damned will ask of the devils, 'What hour of the night is it? (Isaias 21:11). When will it end? When will these trumpets, these cries, this stench, these flames, these torments end?' And their answer will be: 'Never! never!'

'And how long will they last?'

'Forever! forever!'

Ah, Lord give light to those many blind ones, who, when entreated not to lose their souls, reply: 'If I go to hell in the end, well, I must have patience!'

O God, they have not patience to bear a little cold, to remain in a hot room, to endure a blow; and yet they will have patience to live in a sea of fire, trampled upon by devils, and abandoned by God and by everyone, for all eternity! 21

We now know a little about the reality of hell, the pains of hell and the eternity of hell. But what causes one to enter that horrid place for all eternity? One Mortal Sin! What is sin? By the dictionary it is defined as an offense against God. Today's modernist say that sin is a turning away from God, but it is not that. To commit sin (I am referring to Mortal Sin) one must first disobey God's Laws (in a grave matter). It must be done with full knowledge and full consent of the will. The sinner must also stubbornly adhere to the sin, without repentance.

What kind of sin sends a soul to hell? Neglect of your religious obligations, blaspheme, robbing, cheating, stealing, corruption of others or yourself with impure habits. Allowing hatred to burn within you, never forgiving the offender. There is also the Seven Capital Sins, they are called this because they are the major sins that lead to all other sins. They are pride, envy, sloth, anger, gluttony, avarice and lust. Remember it takes only one unrepented mortal sin to send a soul to hell for all eternity!

In our world sin has lost all meaning. All you have to do is look around you. People sin without any sense of guilt. In fact, the mentality of modern man has totally rejected the idea of sin. The evil in today's world is the result of this kind of thinking. By opening a newspaper or watching the news on television, it is commonplace to see sex, violence, abortion on demand, drug addiction, blasphemy, murder, divorce, pornography, rape, legalized prostitution and the various scandals that occur daily in the media. Virtue and morals are obsolete and those that try to practice them are ridiculed, mocked and scorned. Try watching one of the various talks shows that are on TV during the day. Recently one of these shows had on male strippers. Millions of viewers sinned against the 6th commandment by watching this show. I do not even need to mention the soap operas that are on every afternoon. The people addicted to watching these immoral shows is unbelievable! Our Lady at Fatima said many souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh.

Archbishop Sheen wrote that "if there is any subject which is offensive to modern sentimentalists it is the subject of hell. Our generation clamors for what the poet has called a 'soft dean, who never mentions hell to ears polite', and our unsouled age wants a Christianity watered so as to make the Gospel of Christ nothing more than a gentle doctrine of good will, a social program of economic betterment, and a mild scheme of progressive idealism."

Because we live in this sin drenched society, we have become desensitized to sin. What would have shocked our parents and grandparents is considered nothing today. The philosopher Max Scheler said that while sin multiplies everywhere, the sense of guilt correspondingly diminishes. When was the last time you heard a sermon on hell? When was the last time you went to confession? The confessionals are empty and so are the churches, yet sin is everywhere.

Cardinal Hoeffner of Cologne stated at Fatima on October 13, 1977: "Today, we are witnessing a great rebellion against the holy will of God. Moral behavior has deteriorated to such a degree that it could not be imagined twenty years ago ..." He made this statement in 1977, what do you think he would say today, 1997!

Further explaining this avalanche of sin, the Bishop of Fatima stated at Pontevedra on December 10, 1975:

"In the light of the Fatima message, sin is not a phenomena of the sociological order, but is, in the true theological concept, an offense against God with necessary social consequences. Perhaps no other century as the century we live in has had a life so sinful. But there is something new added in the sins of this century: the man of today, more sinful than those who came before him, has lost the sense of sin. He sins, but laughs and even boasts of his sin...Man of today has arrived at this stage because he has placed a division between himself and God...believing that when God is ignored, everything is possible. The man of this century wishes to realize himself as stronger than God and against God, and comes finally to the point of being man debased, anti-man, because man can only perfectly realize himself in God."

We are living in an age that is rebelling against the will of God. Such rebellion, such immoral behavior was unheard of and unimaginable 30 years ago. God refused to show hell in the parable of Dives and Lazarus. Our Lord said it must be accepted on faith. Our Heavenly Mother obtained this grace for this sinful generation, because what mother would stand by and watch her children destroy themselves. She knows the value of a soul and what it cost her Son to save that soul. She could not stand and watch her children cast themselves into hell.

The following is a rare interview with Sister Lucia, by Father Lombardi. It was recorded in the Vatican weekly Osservatore della Domenica February 7, 1954.

Fr. Lombardi: "Tell me is the Better World Movement a response of the Church to the words spoken to Our Lady?"

Lucia: "Father there is certainly a great need for this renewal. If it is not done, and taking into account the present development of humanity, only a limited number of the human race will be saved."

Fr. Lombardi: "Do you really believe that many will go to Hell? I hope that God will save the greater part of humanity." [He had just written a book entitled: Salvation for those without faith.]

Lucia: "Father, many will be lost."

Fr. Lombardi: "It is true that the world is full of evil, but there is always a hope of salvation."

Lucia: "No Father, many will be lost."

Father Lombardi remembered that Lucia had seen Hell and added: "Her words disturbed me. I returned to Italy with that grave warning impressed on my heart." 22

The vision of hell was shown at the beginning of this century to impress upon men and to confirm the doctrine of Hell; thereby influencing man to stop offending God by sin! Of the three children, who saw hell, Jacinta was the most affected by this vision. The following are some of her words on hell.

"Oh, Hell! Oh, Hell!" "Mother of God have pity on those who do not amend their lives." If men only know what awaits them in eternity, they would do everything in their power to change their lives."

Often she would say to her brother, "Francisco, are you praying with me? We must pray very much to save souls from hell, so many go there. So many!"

At times she would ask of Lucia, "Why doesn't Our Lady show Hell to sinners? If only they saw it, they would never commit sins again."

Finally she said, "Look, I am going to heaven soon but you are to stay here. If Our Lady lets you, tell everyone what hell is like so that they won't sin anymore and not go there."

The vision of hell was not revealed until 1941.

Jacinta, before she died, said Our Lady had told her that certain fashions would be introduced that would greatly offend Our Lord. I believe that she was referring to the blatant acceptance of sin today. It is fashionable today to have sexual relations before marriage, to live with someone without the blessings of the sacrament of Matrimony, to use birth control, to have abortions, to divorce your spouse, to remarry over and over again, to have legalized prostitution, these and many others are the fashions Our Lady was referring to.

You may wonder how many souls really go to Hell? The following incident taken from the Life of the Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, wife, mother and mystic, illustrates this point very well. (Her life story is available from Tan Publishers)

Blessed Anna Marie Taigi one day saw in a vision, where the souls of those who died on that particular day went; heaven, purgatory or hell. The vision was presented to her under the symbolism of a snowy day, and each soul was represented by one snow flake. Imagine yourself on a winter day, sitting at a window and looking out. Initially a few snowflakes begin falling gently to the ground. The souls that went straight to heaven were symbolized by those few snow flakes falling from the sky. As time goes on the snow now is falling heavier, representing those souls that went to purgatory. Finally the souls that fell into hell that day resembled a raging blizzard outside with visibility zero! This is something to meditate and think about often!

Pope Pius XII addressed a group of school children on May 2, 1954. The talk centered on the realities of sin, the devil, and the love of Jesus for them. The talk was almost prophetic, when you consider what is happening to our children today. The following is an excerpt of his talk.

"We wish above all to express to you the fatherly concern that fills Our heart when We see reflected in your eyes the innocence that charms men, enraptures the angels, and moves even the Heart of God. Who can tell, indeed, what may someday become of this easy, blithe gladness of yours? It might be possible-and our souls are saddened merely to think of it-that the sun of your childhood will be darkened by menacing clouds.

"Do you remember how, when Jesus walked the streets of Judea, the little children ran to honor Him and their mothers presented them to Him, overcoming the opposition of those who feared that they would bother Jesus? Today, alas, there is great danger that this will not continue to be the case, and that some children will no longer be, as before, the little friends of Jesus.

"How many little ones today are in danger of being poisoned by the serpent of Hell? Who would be able, then, to recognize them? For these, Holy Church would weep, and it would not be easy in this case to comfort the sorrowing mother and dry her anguished tears. This venomous serpent encircles the world, disguised in many ways, and now he seems to be trying to attack children in particular, to snatch them from Jesus and estrange them from the priesthood and the Church. Today there is cause for great fear that children will be struck, wounded and their souls killed.

"Watch out, dear children, While you walk in the streets or play the games of childhood; when you watch shows that progress has brought even into your own homes, watch out! Often the serpent may be hidden there to strike you, to snatch you from Jesus. At the first sign of danger, cry out, run to your mother right away, and above all, to your heavenly Mother, to Mary, who has at her command the power of God and is always near you. Call on your Guardian Angel to enlighten and sustain you."

This leads to the conclusion, how to avoid hell? St. Basil, St. John Chrysostom, St. Augustine and many Theologians have stated that prayer is necessary for salvation! We must turn to God in prayer for the graces necessary for our salvation. They are available, all we have to do is ask! St. Alphonsus de Liguori said that he who prays will be saved and he who does not pray will be damned. He even wrote a little book called "The Great Means of Prayer".

Our Lady at Fatima, during all six of her apparitions told the children they must pray, especially the rosary! The three children responded generously to Our Lady's requests. When you think about it, what is keeping you from doing the same thing? Do not say, "I do not have the time!" Because if you are too busy to spend time with God in prayer, then you are busier than God intends you to be! Meditate upon the following words of Our Lord. "What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?"(Matt. 16:26)

Recommended Reading:

Preparation for Death by St. Alphonsus de Liguori, edited by Robert A. Coffin, C.SS.R.; Tan Publishers, Inc. Rockford, Illinois

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Romney's "Back Door" Support of Gay Marriage

What's the difference between Obama and Mitt? Not much.

As southernnorthcarolina said:

"The problem is Mitt did not remain quiet. Without prompting, he came right out volunteered that he supported the back door (no pun intended) gay marriage attempt — gays adopting.

This is similar to his long time support for gays in the military when he tried to comfort the gays by saying it would happen 'when the time is right.'"

How long will Romney's "preferences" for stopping gay marriage or ending abortion last? “When the time is right,” will he flip/flop?

Can anyone tell me why I should trust him? I'm still praying that Ron Paul runs as a third party candidate.


-The problem is Mitt did not remain quiet. Without prompting, he came right out volunteered that he supported the back door (no pun intended) gay marriage attempt — gays adopting. This is similar to his long time support for gays in the military when he tried to comfort the gays by saying it would happen “when the time is right.”

It is one thing to be quiet and let your enemy destroy themselves, but it is another to willingly join them and take the destruction on yourself.

-Shortly after the Obama's change of heart went public Romney addresed it at press conference in Oklahoma. Watch here as he gives a mostly tempered response when asked about his views on gay marriage.

Not only did Romney answer that question with no passion but he repeatedly called his position on the issue "his preference". At first glance it seems hard to understand why his campaign would not capitalize on this potential gift, particularly after a rocky primary showed he has problems with Christian evangelicals.

Romney's passive response to Obama's change of tune on gay marriage
Boston Globe | May 13, 2012 | Garrett Quinn

Posted on Sunday, May 13, 2012 7:34:34 PM by WilliamIII

The most striking thing about President Obama's flip-flop evolution reversal on gay marriage was how weakly the likely Republican standard bearer, Mitt Romney, has gone after him for it.

Shortly after the Obama's change of heart went public Romney addresed it at press conference in Oklahoma. Watch here as he gives a mostly tempered response when asked about his views on gay marriage.

Not only did Romney answer that question with no passion but he repeatedly called his position on the issue "his preference". At first glance it seems hard to understand why his campaign would not capitalize on this potential gift, particularly after a rocky primary showed he has problems with Christian evangelicals. Obama's support for gay marriage is just the type of thing Romney needs to energize an unmotivated evangelical base to man phones, knock on doors, and go to the polls.

Then this memo from a top GOP pollster dropped.

"Support for same sex marriage has been growing and in the last few years support has grown at an accelerated rate with no sign of slowing down. ..."

To: WilliamIII
Romney has deep pocketed gay donors as well.

5 posted on Sunday, May 13, 2012 7:46:47 PM by libh8er
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To: SoDak; southernnorthcarolina
The problem is Mitt did not remain quiet. Without prompting, he came right out volunteered that he supported the back door (no pun intended) gay marriage attempt — gays adopting. This is similar to his long time support for gays in the military when he tried to comfort the gays by saying it would happen “when the time is right.”

It is one thing to be quiet and let your enemy destroy themselves, but it is another to willingly join them and take the destruction on yourself.

Romney Says He’s “Fine” With Gay Adoptions, Then Flip-Flops
Doug Mataconis · Saturday, May 12, 2012 · 24 Comments

On Thursday, Mitt Romney made some news by taking a position on adoption by same-sex couples that was radically different from the one that most social conservatives would support:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Thursday that while he opposes same-sex marriage, he is “fine” with gay couples adopting children. The presumptive nominee also declined to criticize President Obama’s reversal on the issue, saying he would “respect the right of the president to reach the conclusion he has.”

In his most detailed comments to date on the issue of civil rights for gay people, Romney told Fox News host Neil Cavuto, “I know many gay couples that are able to adopt children. That’s fine. But my preference is that we … continue to define marriage as the relationship between a man and a woman.”

The statement seemed to put Romney in the position of condoning same-sex families with children as long as the parents do not marry.

Later in the interview, he said, “I believe that my record as a person who has supported civil rights is strong and powerful. At the same time, I believe that marriage has been defined the same way for literally thousands of years by virtually every civilization in history, and that marriage is literally, by its definition, a relationship between a man and a woman. And if two people of the same gender want to live together, want to have a loving relationship, or even to adopt a child — in my state individuals of the same sex were able to adopt children. In my view, that’s something that people have a right to do. But to call that marriage is something that in my view is a departure from the real meaning of that word.”

Leaving aside for the moment that Romney was essentially saying here that he believed that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children, but that they shouldn’t be allowed to marry, his statement on Thursday was somewhat of a pleasant surprise.

The legal status of gay adoption in the United States is murky at best; right now, full adoption rights are only granted to same-sex couples in 11 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam. Other states would seem to allow adoption by a single person who happens to be gay (although Pennsylvania law states that the gay couples in a civil union can adopt the natural child of the other partner). Florida had a law barring gay adopting on its books due to a 1977 campaign led by Anita Bryant, but that law was overturned by a Federal appeals court in 2010 and gay adoption in now legal in Florida. In 2008, Arkansas voters had approved a referendum that would have banned adoption by gay couples but that law was overturned by the Arkansas Supreme Court. Despite these legal setbacks, though, it is generally the case that social conservatives remain opposed to adoption by same-sex couples, which is why it was refreshing to see Romney actually take a stand against them for once.

Well, to be more accurate, it was refreshing for about twenty four hours:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Friday backed away from his support of adoptions by gay couples, saying that he simply “acknowledges” the legality of such adoptions in many states.


On Friday,he was asked, in an interview with CBS affiliate WBTV in Charlotte, N.C., how his opposition to gay marriage “squared” with his support for gay adoptions. Romney told anchor Paul Cameron, “Well, actually I think all states but one allow gay adoption, so that’s a position which has been decided by most of the state legislatures, including the one in my state some time ago. So I simply acknowledge the fact that gay adoption is legal in all states but one.”

So just when we had thought that Romney had stood up an made a statement of what he thought was the right thing to do, he backs off and says he was merely making a statement about what the law is. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Romney’s statement on Friday isn’t entirely accurate. There’s a significant difference between saying that gay adoption is legal in all states but one and saying that adoption by gay couples is legal. (Source) As I noted above, that is currently only explicitly legal in 13 jurisdictions in the United States. Indeed it is true that most states permit single-parent adoption when the parent is homosexual, but the majority of those states also bar joint adoption by a gay couple (with some states having an exception if the child in question is the natural child of one of the partners) Since it was adoptions by gay couples that Romney was originally referring to on Thursday, his comment on Friday essentially involved moving the goal posts, in addition to wimping out on standing up for something for once.

That, I think, is the root of the problem that some people seem to have with Mitt Romney. He seems to come across as a guy who really doesn’t have much of a core, and who’s willing to bend in whatever direction the political winds might blow. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing if the public buys into the idea that this election is about picking the guy who would be the best manager for the economy, but American voters aren’t usually that cold-blooded in choosing their political leaders. If the Romney campaign is going to “reinvent” the candidate between now and the convention, one of the things they’d be advised to do is to show the public that Mitt Romney is something more than an emotionless automaton. As Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, and John Kerry could tell you, that’s not usually an image that leads to victory.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Read: Before Voting for Romney Due to Obama's Gay Marriage Call

I will not vote for Mitt. It's better to have the enemy in front of you. I'm open to debate, but read Romney's "long history of promoting and furthering the homosexual agenda" below and this article first:

"Mitt Romney's Liberal Paradigm Shift: a Republican FOR Homosexual 'Special Rights'"

The reason the media is for Romney is because he was the top Gay Agenda Governor in the US. No Republican even comes close to being as pink as Romney was and is!

What is the difference between top Gay Agenda ex-Governor Giuliani and Romney?

Romney seems to be deeper in the pocket of the Gay Mafia. In the last election even Giuliani seemed afraid to give a "Christmas Present to the 'Gay' Lobby." He made drag queen Giuliani look like a boy scout. Read the evidence below.


P.S. Eveyone seems to have forgotten that Santorum supported and thus helped Romney in 2008 as he did this election by dividing the pro-family vote so Mitt could win this election.

I pray Ron Paul runs as a third party candidate so I have someone to vote for. Fred

Monday, February 04, 2008
Is Rick Santorum for Romney's "Anti-Christian Homosexual Special Rights Laws?"

I expected more from Rick Santorum than endorsing the gay mafia's Republican candidate. Is he really for Romney's "anti-Christian homosexual special rights laws?"


Mitt Romney's Liberal Paradigm Shift: a Republican FOR Homosexual 'Special Rights'

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Peter LaBarbera, founder of Republicans For Family Values, today criticized GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his "novel pro- homosexual positioning in the GOP." On Dec. 16, Romney (the alleged "conservative" in the race) told NBC's "Meet the Press" that "it makes sense at the state level" to enact pro-homosexual "sexual orientation" laws. (Last week, CNN's Roland Martin reported that Romney told him that he opposes "gay marriage," but supports "gay rights.")

LaBarbera issued the following statement:

Mitt Romney just doesn't get it on the homosexual agenda, and if he doesn't get at after serving as governor of liberal Massachusetts -- where "gay marriage," homosexual adoption and pro- homosexuality indoctrination in schools ALL were advanced by the sort of pro-gay "sexual orientation" laws he's now espousing -- then he's not going to get it at the federal level.

Romney is already using his bully pulpit as a candidate to affirm "gay rights"-- even AFTER he's earned the backing of pro-family leaders who seemingly would have much to teach him about the danger and misuse of pro-homosexual laws. (Note that Romney uses gay-affirming "discrimination" rhetoric even with regard to the Boy Scouts' ban on homosexuals.)

I don't know any serious pro-lifers who are pro- homosexuality. We all have compassion for homosexual strugglers, but we draw the line at laws that would distort "civil rights" to include sinful and changeable homosexual behavior -- because these laws will be used to compel individuals, business and even ministries to violate their beliefs and support homosexual relationships (see the Weekly Standard article, "Banned in Boston," about Boston Catholic Charities electing to close down its historic adoption agency rather than place kids in homosexual households).

Romney is trying to shift the GOP's pro-family paradigm on homosexuality, and it's an unwise shift -- much like retreating from a principled position on pro- life (e.g., "I'm pro-choice but not pro-partial-birth abortion"). Due to Romney's potential for being the "Nixon-goes-to-China" president who advances pro-homosexuality agendas in the GOP -- I cannot support him.

Why do the same conservative pundits who have assailed Mick Huckabee and John McCain as too liberal, promote the fiction that Mitt Romney - who strongly defended abortion-on-demand and who remains in favor of anti-Christian homosexual special rights laws as a Mormon -- is a "conservative"?

Christian Newswire

Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney for president

Washington DC, Feb 2, 2008 / 01:14 am (CNA).- Mitt Romney scored a victory in the political endorsement battle today, as Rick Santorum, a former Republican senator from Pennsylvania known as a strong conservative, gave him his backing.

Speaking about the caucus convergence known as “Super Tuesday,” Sen. Santorum said, “In a few short days, Republicans from across this country will decide more than their party's nominee. They will decide the very future of our party and the conservative coalition that Ronald Reagan built. Conservatives can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines in this election, and Governor Romney is the candidate who will stand up for the conservative principles that we hold dear.”

Sen. Santorum also offered his assessment of Romney’s ability to unite the Republican Party: "Governor Romney has a deep understanding of the important issues confronting our country today, and he is the clear conservative candidate that can go into the general election with a united Republican Party."

Governor Romney received Santorum’s endorsement by pointing to their shared values. "I am honored to have Senator Santorum's support. Throughout his career of public service, he has always led with a steadfast commitment to our party's conservative principles. He has fought for life, marriage, tax cuts and a stronger national defense. In the coming days, I look forward to working with him as we fight for our party's conservative foundations."

Senator Santorum served two terms in the United States Senate where he was also Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, the third-ranking member of the Republican leadership.

posted by Fred Martinez @ 1:37 PM

Geneva said...
By endorsing Mitt Romney over true pro-lifers Mike Huckabee and John McCain, Rick Santorum has exposed himself as someone with poor judgment and it's a good thing he's out of public service. One thing I've learned is not all people who claim to be pro-life truly are that.

Mitt Romney's Christmas Present to the 'Gay' Lobby Should End Pro-Family Leaders' Support for his Candidacy

CHICAGO, December 26, 2007/Christian Newswire/ -- Peter LaBarbera, longtime pro- family advocate and founder of the Republicans For Family Values website, is calling on pro-family leaders who have endorsed Mitt Romney to withdraw their support for his candidacy in light of his recent comments on NBC's "Meet the Press" supporting pro-homosexual "sexual orientation" state laws.

"Mitt Romney's Christmas present to the homosexual lobby disqualifies him as a pro-family leader," LaBarbera said. "Laws that treat homosexuality as a civil right are being used to promote homosexual 'marriage,' same-sex adoption and pro- homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren. These same laws pose a direct threat to the freedom of faith- minded citizens and organizations to act on their religious belief that homosexual behavior is wrong.

"Romney may have had a late conversion on abortion, but it appears his ninth-inning flip-flop on homosexuality is falling short due to his strong commitment to 'gay rights,'" LaBarbera said. (See the 'Mitt Romney Deception' report) "Now some pro- family leaders -- who have raised millions of dollars over the years opposing 'gay' activism -- will need to explain how they can go on supporting an openly pro- homosexual-agenda candidate."

LaBarbera said it is "inconceivable after Massachusetts' twin disasters involving homosexual 'marriage' and homosexual adoption that Romney now is recommending pro- homosexual 'orientation' laws -- long derided as "special rights" among social conservatives - to the rest of the nation.

"In Romney's own state of Massachusetts, the state 'sexual orientation' nondiscrimination law laid the groundwork for homosexual activists' campaign to legalize 'same-sex marriage' -- which then-Gov. Romney brought to fruition with his unnecessary and illegal directive granting marriage licenses to homosexual partners," LaBarbera said. "The same pro-gay state law also forced Boston's Catholic Charities to shut down its century-old adoption agency because it would not pledge to place children in homosexual-led households against Catholic teaching.

"Given Romney's extensive pro-homosexual record and willingness now to depart from principle on this crucial issue, should we trust a 'President Romney' not to reverse course again on federal pro- homosexual laws such as 'Hate Crimes' and ENDA (Employment Nondiscrimination Act)?" LaBarbera said.

The following is excerpted from Romney's "Meet the Press" interview December 16 with Tim Russert:

MR. RUSSERT: You said [in 1994] that you would sponsor [Sen. Ted Kennedy's federal] Employment Nondiscrimination Act. Do you still support it?

GOV. ROMNEY: At the state level. I think it makes sense at the state level for states to put in provision of this.

MR. RUSSERT: Now, you said you would sponsor it at the federal level.
GOV. ROMNEY: I would not support at the federal level, and I changed in that regard because I think that policy makes more sense to be evaluated or to be implemented at the state level.

Republicans For Family Values is a website dedicated to defending pro-life and pro-natural-family principles within the GOP. For identification purposes only, LaBarbera is also president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality.

Christian Newswire

Homosexual "Rights"

Gov. Romney has a long history of promoting and furthering the homosexual agenda, and working closely with leading gay activists
In February 2005, The American Spectator observed of Romney, "He is pro-choice and, aside from the marriage debate, generally in agreement with gay-rights advocates."
- American Spectator, 2/23/2005
In March, 2005, Boston's leading homosexual newspaper, Bay Windows, told its readers that Romney's pro-gay record belies his new-found "conservatism":
"Governor Romney has been touring the country in the past few weeks, courting anti-gay right-wingers in South Carolina, Missouri, and Utah with speeches designed to show that he is firmly in their camp. Yet a look at Romney's record shows that his Rick Santorum drag act is a relatively new phenomenon."
- Bay Windows, 3/3/2005

Romney twice sought and received the endorsement of the homosexual Log Cabin Republican Club
Both times Romney ran for public office - in 1994 running for US Senate against Ted Kennedy and in 2002 running for Governor of Massachusetts - he sought and received the formal endorsement of the Log Cabin Republican (LCR) Club PAC. This is the same group that in 2004 spent $1 million nationally in key swing states on TV ads that attacked President Bush for supporting a federal Marriage Protection Amendment.
In his 1994 US Senate campaign, Romney actually competed with his Republican primary opponent, John Lakian, for the Log Cabin Club's endorsement! Here's how Bay Windows described it:
But what struck the gay GOP during that campaign, according to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans (LCR), was Romney's accessibility to and comfort within the local gay community. Romney and his Republican primary opponent, John Lakian, attended an LCR-sponsored candidate's forum during the campaign, where they both competitively vied for the organization's endorsement -- which Romney eventually won. During the course of his campaign, LCR member and former president Mark Goshko told Bay Windows, Romney held several meetings with group members and at least two LCR members joined his staff. Though gay Republicans were by no means running Romney's campaign, "it was really a multi-level involvement," Goshko stated. "Our people were very involved officially and outside of [the campaign]."
- Bay Windows, 3/28/2002

"In seeking the support of the Log Cabin Republican Club, Romney wrote them a letter promising that 'as we seek to establish full equality for America's gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent.' " [His opponent at the time was Sen. Ted Kennedy, perhaps the foremost advocate of homosexual rights in the U.S. Senate.]
- Boston Globe, 10/17/1994
Read Romney's letter to Log Cabin Club (Adobe Acrobat format)

And in the 2002 gubernatorial race, Romney was again courting the homosexual community:
"It's 9:15 a.m. and Republican gubernatorial nominee Mitt Romney is in good spirits. He's just wrapped up a meeting with the Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans at Mario's restaurant in Boston, where he won his first endorsement from a gay organization . . . According to Mark Goshko, a former LCR president, the group's 15-member board of governors, the body that votes to endorse candidates, made the unanimous decision after meeting with the Romney campaign and holding extensive discussions."
- Bay Windows, 10/24/2002
Romney's campaign distributed pro-gay rights campaign literature during Boston's "Gay Pride" events
The annual "Gay Pride" events in Boston, as in other cities across the country, regularly feature obscene and degrading floats, handouts, and activities:
"During his 2002 gubernatorial run his campaign distributed bright pink flyers during Pride that declared 'Mitt and Kerry [running mate Kerry Healey] wish you a great Pride weekend! All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual preference.' Romney also argued that he would not only support gay friendly policies but would fight on behalf of the gay community to secure benefits such as domestic partner benefits and hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples."
- Bay Windows 3/3/2005

Romney supports homosexual "anti-discrimination" laws
Such laws are usually carried out at the expense of freedom of religion and speech. For example, they would allow lawsuits against a Christian book store owner for refusing to hire a homosexual activist applicant.

"The state LCR [Log Cabin Republican Club] worked with Romney's unsuccessful campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy in 1994. Romney won the LCR endorsement primarily based on his support for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a pro-gay piece of legislation that at the time had little Republican support."
- Bay Windows, 10/24/2002
"[Romney] did, however, pledge to support the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would ban job discrimination based on sexual orientation, and other civil rights protections for gays in the areas of housing and credit. He also promised to bring the initiatives begun in Massachusetts to protect gay and lesbian youth to the federal level."
- Bay Windows, 3/28/2002
"[David] Rogers, who was president of the Log Cabin Club of Massachusetts when Romney was a gubernatorial candidate in 2002, said that while Romney made clear he was opposed to gay marriage, he said that he would fight any form of discrimination and left the impression he wouldn't crusade against gay rights.
- Boston Globe, 3/11/2004
Romney advocates homosexual couples' adoption rights be recognized by the government
"There will be children born to same-sex couples, and adopted by same-sax couples, and I believe that there should be rights and privileges associated with those unions and with the children that are part of those unions." On another occasion, his spokesman "declined to state Romney's position on whether homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt, and declined to say whether the governor opposes gay adoptions."
- State House press conference, 6/15/2005
- Boston Globe, 3/2/2006
Romney supports homosexual domestic partnerships
When he was campaigning for Governor, Romney positioned himself to the left of the Democrat Speaker of the House, Tom Finneran, on domestic partnerships, during an interview with Bay Windows:
"Basically I see the provision of basic civil rights and domestic partnership benefits [as] a campaign against Tom Finneran. I see Tom Finneran and the Democratic leadership as having opposed the application of domestic partnership benefits to gay and lesbian couples and I will support and endorse efforts to provide those domestic partnership benefits to gay and lesbian couples," says Romney.
- Bay Windows, 10/24/2002

"On Gay Rights: All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation. While he does not support gay marriage, Mitt Romney believes domestic partnership status should be recognized in a way that includes the potential for health benefits and rights of survivorship."
- Romney's 2002 campaign website
Romney said at a State House press conference:
"If this [proposed constitutional marriage] amendment were to pass, at that stage I would support legislation which would provide certain domestic partnership benefits, like hospital visitation rights, and rights of survivorship, and so forth.- State House press conference, 6/15/2005

Romney supported and promoted legalizing homosexual civil unions
Within days of the Goodridge ruling, Romney announced that he supported homosexual civil unions:
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said yesterday he was ready to work with lawmakers to craft a "civil union"-style law to give some marriage rights to homosexual couples, even though he also supports a constitutional amendment to preserve traditional marriage . . . Mr. Romney yesterday told TV news stations that he would support a Vermont-style civil union law in Massachusetts, but reiterated his support for a constitutional amendment that would clarify that "marriage is an institution between a man and a woman."
- Washington Times, 11/20/2003

In 2005, Romney tried to tell South Carolina Republicans that he had always opposed civil unions:
Massachusetts Governor Romney is coming under fire for comments he made about gay marriage to Republican activists in South Carolina. Romney told Monday night's gathering in Spartanburg County that he's always been opposed to same-sex marriage as well as what he called "it's equivalent, civil unions." Romney, however, has for months backed a proposed amendment to the Massachusetts constitution that would ban gay marriage but provide for civil unions with the same rights and responsibilities as marriage. Massachusetts State Representative Phil Travis says Romney can't be for civil unions when he's in Massachusetts and against them when he's out-of-state. Travis has been a leading opponent of same-sex unions.
- Associated Press, 2/23/2005

Romney strong-armed conservative Republicans into supporting a constitutional amendment that included civil unions:
Through all the twists and shifts during the gay-marriage debate this year, there was one constant: 22 Republicans in the House of Representatives opposed every measure that would grant gay couples civil unions in the constitution. That all changed yesterday, however, when 15 of that 22-member bloc broke away at the urging of Governor Mitt Romney and voted in favor of a proposed amendment that would ban gay marriage but create Vermont-style civil unions. Those 15 members provided the margin of victory, observers from both camps said yesterday after the measure passed by just five votes. In the end, the 15 agreed that approving a measure that they viewed as highly undesirable was preferable to the possibility that nothing would be sent to the state ballot for voters to weigh in on.
- Boston Globe 3/30/2004
(Note: This amendment, which included mandated provisions for civil unions, was ultimately defeated in the Legislature and never did go to the voters.)

Romney Opposes the Boy Scouts' Ban on Homosexual Scoutmasters
Despite the over 2,500 pedophilia cases now on record involving homosexual scout leaders, Romney stated, "I feel that all people should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation." In the same article, a BSA official criticized Romney for opposing Scout policy.
- Boston Globe, 10/27/1994
Romney barred Boy Scouts from public participation in 2002 Olympics
The 2002 Olympics - run by Mitt Romney - was the only Olympics that restricted the Boy Scouts from participating. According to news reports, this was apparently because of pressure from homosexual activists. (But also, according to reports, homosexual groups participated fairly prominently.) Romney would not respond to reporters' questions about that action.
The largest Boy Scout council in the country responded to the call for volunteers issued by the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee, but the welcome mat was rolled up and the door slammed in its face. Olympic spokesmen for the 2002 winter games say the exclusion has nothing to do with recent protests by gay activists. While the organizing committee for the Olympic event is prominently displaying a call for local volunteers, they have explicitly let it be known that the Boy Scouts need not apply. "For us not to be involved is discouraging, considering the Atlanta games. The Scouting council there was extremely involved," said Kay Godfrey, professional Scout executive for the Great Salt Lake Council of Boy Scouts.
-, Dec. 18, 2000
Homosexual activism in government
Romney appointed prominent homosexuals to key positions in his administration
"Romney also continues [former Governor] Weld's tradition of appointing openly gay people to key positions in his administration. One of his first cabinet appointments was Daniel Grabauskas, who Romney chose to serve in his cabinet as Secretary of the Executive Office of Transportation and Construction. The new governor's transition team also included several openly gay people, including Grabauskas, former lieutenant governor candidate and current president of the National Log Cabin Republicans Patrick Guerriero and former Mass. Log Cabin president Mark Goshko. Other gay Romney appointees include John Wagner, commissioner of the state welfare department, Mitchell Adams, executive director of the Massachusetts Technology collaborative and Jonathan Spampinato, a member of Romney's Diversity and Equality Opportunity Council."
- Bay Windows, 3/3/2005

(Note: These appointees aren't just "gay" people, they're committed homosexual activists. Grabauskas, for example, had previously served as head of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles where he instituted a policy of placing a sex-change check-off box on drivers license renewal forms.)
Drivers license renewal form
Romney appointed prominent homosexual activists and Democrats as judges
"Governor Mitt Romney, who touts his conservative credentials to out-of-state Republicans, has passed over GOP lawyers for three-quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he has faced, instead tapping registered Democrats or independents -- including two gay lawyers who have supported expanded same-sex rights, a Globe review of the nominations has found. Of the 36 people Romney named to be judges or clerk magistrates, 23 are either registered Democrats or unenrolled voters who have made multiple contributions to Democratic politicians or who voted in Democratic primaries, state and local records show. In all, he has nominated nine registered Republicans, 13 unenrolled voters, and 14 registered Democrats."
- Boston Globe 7/25/2005
Romney Rewards one of the State's Leading Anti-Marriage Attorneys by Making him a Judge
Romney told the U.S. Senate on June 22, 2004, that the "real threat to the States is not the constitutional amendment process, in which the states participate, but activist judges who disregard the law and redefine marriage . . ." Romney sounds tough but yet he had no qualms advancing the legal career of one of the leading anti-marriage attorneys. He nominated Stephen Abany to a District Court. Abany has been a key player in the Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association which, in its own words, is "dedicated to ensuring that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision on marriage equality is upheld, and that any anti-gay amendment or legislation is defeated."
Press release from governor's office 5/4/2005
- U.S. Senate testimony by Gov. Mitt Romney, 6/22/2004

Stephen Abany testified at the State House in 1999 advocating a bill to repeal the sodomy laws in Massachusetts. This type of activism obviously did not bother Romney.
- Lawyers' Weekly 2/14/2000
Romney announces he won't fill judicial vacancies before term ends
Despite his rhetoric about judicial activism, Romney announced that he won't fill all the remaining vacancies during his term - but instead leave them for his liberal Democrat successor!
Governor Mitt Romney pledged yesterday not to make a flurry of lame-duck judicial appointments in the final days of his administration . . . David Yas, editor of Lawyers Weekly, said Romney is "bucking tradition" by resisting the urge to fill all remaining judgeships. "It is a tradition for governors to use that power to appoint judges aggressively in the waning moments of their administration," Yas said. He added that Romney has been criticized for failing to make judicial appointments. "The legal community has consistently criticized him for not filling open seats quickly enough and being a little too painstaking in the process and being dismissive of the input of the Judicial Nominating Commission," Yas said.
- Boston Globe 11/2/2006

Romney's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth used huge taxpayer funding to promote homosexuality in the public schools
During most of Romney's term in office, there existed an agency called the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. It was established before Romney came to power but it existed throughout his tenure. Even though he had legal control over this entity and the Commissioners served at his pleasure, he never dissolved the Commission, nor attempted to dictate who its members were, nor even restricted how it used its funding. Romney could have appointed pro-family people or representatives from ex-homosexual groups to serve on this Commission, but he never did.

The Governor's Commission was perhaps the largest government-sanctioned promoter of the homosexual agenda to children in the United States. This entity spent millions of state tax dollars promoting the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender (GLBT) radicalism in Massachusetts schools by inundating them with GLBT speakers, presentations, films, books, parades, dances, posters, handouts, and help establishing GLBT clubs on campus. These events provided a model for homosexual activists around the country.

(Note: See entire section below - "Romney's Commission organized public gay 'Youth Pride Day' parades and 'transgender proms' which promote unhealthy and risky behavior.")
Instead of dissolving the Commission, Romney continued to fund it:
More recently Romney proposed allocating $250,000 for the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth for fiscal year 2006, twice what he proposed for FY05. The Legislature ultimately funded the commission at $250,000 for FY05, so Romney's proposal for next year amounts to level funding, and the proposal is still a far cry from $1.6 million the commission received in the mid-'90s before the state budget crisis. Yet as commission co-chair Kathleen Henry said, Romney could just as easily have dissolved the program. "We serve completely at the will of the governor," said Henry.
- Bay Windows 3/3/2005

When Romney was criticized for Commission's funding, the homosexual activists came to his defense:
Kathleen Henry, chairwoman of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, defended Romney. Henry said the governor's fiscal 2006 budget plan included $250,000 for the commission, twice as much as he proposed spending in 2005. ''The fact that he doubled last year's [proposed budget allocation] this year is huge to us. It's really huge. It says to us clearly that he gets the service for what it really is," said Henry.
- Boston Globe 7/1/2005

Twice after the Legislature approved funding for the Commission, Romney then appeased pro-family activists by vetoing it! However, since there are not enough Republicans to sustain vetoes, a veto is largely a charade, and the homosexual lobby was never seriously concerned when it happened. And Romney never put any effort into sustaining the vetoes. This enabled Romney to appear "pro-family," while the homosexuals still got their funding.
When Romney vetoed money for his Governor's Commission, here's what he told the Boston Globe his reasons were (still pandering to the homosexual activists):
Romney said his vetoes were motivated by fiscal prudence, not opposition to the programs or presidential politics. Even with his vetoes, the state would spend more than $1 million on teen pregnancy prevention and $250,000 on the programs for gay and lesbian youth. . . [Romney said,] ''The work that they're doing to prevent suicide and prevent violence is important work, and we support the work which they're doing . . . [but] we didn't see a need to raise their budget by 40 percent."
- Boston Globe, 7/1/2005

In May 2006, as he prepared his run for the presidency, MassResistance presented the Governor's office with shocking photographs of events and activities sponsored or organized by the Commission. A few days later, Romney announced his intention to dissolve the Commission. But within hours of that announcement, under pressure from the homosexual community, the Governor changed his mind. "We inundated him with outrage," one homosexual activist told the Boston Globe. So instead, the governor simply told the Commission members that it must focus on its "original mission" [which involves affirming homosexuality to children in the schools].
- Boston Globe, 5/12/2006 In June 2006, fearful that a future Governor might dissolve the Governor's Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth, homosexual activists in the Legislature slipped an item into the 2007 budget creating a much more powerful "Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" which is independent of control by the Governor. Under extreme pressure from pro-family activists Romney vetoed that line item, but he made no effort to sustain the veto (the effort to sustain it was led by a Democrat!) and the veto was overridden. At that point, Romney simply dissolved the old Governor's Commission because, he said, it was now "duplicative."
Governor's executive order.
Romney's Commission organized public gay "Youth Pride Day" parades and "transgender proms" which promote unhealthy and risky behavior
The Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth had no restrictions on the mixing of unscreened adult homosexuals and children. The Commission sponsored a "Youth Pride Parade" each year which features boys - some wearing women's clothes -- and adult homosexual activists.
Photos of this parade
Details of the homosexual youth group funded by Romney which organizes "Youth Pride"
Youth Pride Day ends with a "GLBT Prom" at Boston City Hall Plaza where children as young as middle school age are allowed to mingle with cruising homosexual adults. Perhaps Romney should have proclaimed this day "Pedophile Heaven Day." The prom is promoted by the Governor's Commission and sponsored by the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth (BAGLY), a group that has promoted adult-child sex and has received funding from the Governor's Commission. (The executive director of BAGLY is a male-to-female transsexual.)
Photos of the prom and a flyer handed out by pedophiles seeking boys at that event.
Info on the BAGLY, pedophilia and its connection to the Commission
More info on BAGLY and its connection to the Commission

This shocking and sad spectacle of promoting the homosexual lifestyle to youth continued right through 2006. On March 27, 2006, Romney's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth issued a statement on Romney's Governor's Commission letterhead stating, "There's no place like Youth Pride….In celebration of their lives and diversity, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (GLBTQ) youth and their supporters [mostly adult homosexuals] will gather by the thousands to kick off Massachusetts' 12th annual Youth Pride on Saturday, May 13th at noon on Boston Common."
Press release from Governor's office on this event

Romney issues a proclamation celebrating gay "Youth Pride Day"
In 2004, Romney issued an official state proclamation celebrating "Gay Youth Pride Day" even though there was no legal reason requiring him to do this. The proclamation proudly touted "landmark" gay rights legislation in Massachusetts and boasted of supporting "the Commonwealth's gay and lesbian youth through school-based and educational programs."
Proclamation from the Governor's office
Note by always using the phrase "gay and lesbian youth," Romney has accepted the dangerous myth that homosexuals are born that way despite zero evidence. He has also accepted the homosexual movement's propaganda that young teens can understand and "declare" themselves to be gay. The Proclamation also urges, "all citizens to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance." So not only does Romney honor this shocking event promoting a dangerous and immoral lifestyle to children, but he wants the rest of the state to honor it as well!
Romney's Department of Education promotes the homosexual agenda
Under Romney's leadership, the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE) continued to be rabidly pro-homosexual. The Department's website is full of "How To" information for homosexual activists within the public schools. One document titled "10 Easy Steps to Starting a GSA [Gay/Straight Alliance]", advises organizers to "find a meeting spot that gives members a sense of security and privacy." Other documents discuss "coming out to friends and family." Many of the programs come under the name of "Safe Schools" or "Anti-Bullying" programs but the goal of these activities is to reassure children that "It's OK to be Gay." This is a horrible fraud perpetrated on children and nowhere on this website do they mention groups that counsel sexually confused youth, state that the behavior is reversible or even mention the names of ex-homosexual organizations. To see the DOE's pro-homosexual propaganda, go to the DOE website or go to these links on that website:
The Safe Schools Program for Gay & Lesbian Students
"Outright" pamphlet distributed to kids
How to start a Gay/Straight Alliance at school
Gay/Straight Alliance Student Guide
Gay/Straight Alliance resources page

In conjunction with The Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, the DOE has worked hand and hand with the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) to sponsor radical pro-homosexual assemblies and workshops at public schools. Before Romney was elected, one such session was taped by pro-family activists at which presenters described to children how to engage in a highly dangerous homosexual activity called "fisting" which violated both health and obscenity codes. This received nationwide publicity. Despite this incident, the incoming Romney administration did nothing to institute new regulations to prevent such atrocities from happening again. Indeed, during Romney's tenure, the Commission and the DOE continued to work closely with GLSEN and PGLAG, organizations that distribute literature and books with highly inappropriate sexual themes including adult-children sex.
Full report on the "fisting" incident
Info on how GLSEN works with the Governor's Commission
How PFLAG promotes pedophilia
The DOE's "Youth Risk Behavior Survey", given to school children across the state in several grades, asks them if they are heterosexual, gay or lesbian, bisexual, or "not sure" and how frequently they engage in hetero and homosexual sex.
Info on 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Romney's DOE has failed to properly enforce the state's Parental Notification Act, the parents' right to opt their children out of sex ed curricula, when school systems have claimed that the law's "human sexuality issues" phrase does not apply to homosexuality or transgender subject matter. This has caused enormous stresses for parents trying to uphold their own values, and has led to incidents such as in Lexington, where parent David Parker was arrested and spent a night in jail over the school's refusal to obey the notification law regarding his 6-year-old son in kindergarten. As there was no redress within the DOE, Parker ultimately initiated an expensive federal Civil Rights lawsuit which is still in process.
Information on the David Parker incident

Romney's Department of Public Health (DPH) cooperates with the homosexual activist movement
Romney's Department of Public Health contributed to the The Little Black Book: Queer in the 21st Century, a shocking publication apparently in violation of obscenity codes. Distributed to middle-school and high-school students at a GLSEN conference at Brookline High School, it discussed highly dangerous homosexual practices such as fisting and what homosexuals call "water sports." To be more specific, here's one quote: "There is little risk of STD infection and no risk of HIV infection from playing with pee." Massachusetts physician John Diggs commented that this book is "alarming, disheartening, and medically unethical." It is clear that one of the major themes of Romney's DPH (including the outreach programs it supports for homosexual adults) is how to have homosexual sex "safely," a philosophy that in reality endangers the health of its own citizens.
Full report on Little Black Book

After The Little Black Book attracted statewide and nationwide attention, Romney belatedly issued a statement that the book is "grossly inappropriate," but no DPH employees suffered any consequences, nor did this incident result in any restrictions on how the DPH spends its money. As usual, Romney's statement was just rhetoric.
Romney's Director of the HIV/AIDS Bureau in the DPH, Kevin Cranston, is a long-time gay activist with no known medical training and was a co-founder of BAGLY (see above). Cranston fought compliance with the CDC's recommendation to track HIV-infected patients by name rather than anonymous ID numbers (as demanded by gay activists).
- Bay Windows, 2/9/2006
The above stories should be considered in light of the Boston Globe's report that Romney keeps a tight rein on his DPH. - Boston Globe, 9/10/2006
Romney opposed federal legislation that would stop public schools from promoting homosexuality
When Romney was running against Sen. Ted Kennedy, Bay Windows asked him how he would have voted on an amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that would ban federal funds from public schools which are “encouraging or supporting homosexuality as a positive lifestyle alternative.” He answered:
"I would have opposed that amendment. I don’t think the federal government has any business dictating to local school boards what their curriculum or practices should be. I think that’s a dangerous precedent in general. I would have opposed that. It also grossly misunderstands the gay community by insinuating that there’s an attempt to proselytize a gay lifestyle on the part of the gay community. I think it’s wrong-headed and unfortunate and hurts the party by being identified with the Republican party."
- Bay Windows, 8/25/1994

Romney's Dept. of Social Services honors homosexual "married" couple as adoptive "Parents of the Year"
The Massachusetts Department of Social Services (DSS), run by the Romney administration, honored a homosexual "married" couple (two men) as their adoptive "Parents of the Year" for 2006. The DSS has gained a reputation for being aggressively pro-homosexual over recent years. This incident sparked outrage across the country, but to our knowledge no policies or personnel at DSS were changed as a result.
- Waltham Daily News Tribune, 8/4/2006
Homosexual "Marriage"
Romney refused to endorse the original 2002 Mass. constitutional amendment absolutely defining marriage as one man and one women
In 2002, before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declared same-sex marriage protected by the Constitution, Romney denounced as "too extreme" the effort by pro-family groups to enact a preemptive state Marriage Protection Amendment prohibiting homosexual marriage, civil unions and same-sex public employee benefits.
- Boston Phoenix, May 14-20, 2004

"Mitt Romney's wife, son, and daughter-in-law signed a petition in support of a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban both gay marriage and domestic-partner benefits in Massachusetts - an amendment that Romney himself condemned as too extreme after being told of his family's support for it. … Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney campaign spokesman, said Romney opposes gay marriage but also opposes the amendment, since he sees no reason to change the current laws, which allow for domestic-partner benefits to public employees.… 'Mitt did not know they signed it, and Mitt does not support it,' he said. 'As far as Mitt is concerned, it goes farther than current law, and therefore it's unnecessary.' "
- Boston Globe 3/22/2002
"Romney was unaware his family members had signed the amendment petition, said Fehrnstrom, and he does not support the "Protection of Marriage" amendment. "He is opposed to gay marriage, but in the case of the 'defense of marriage' amendment Mitt believes it goes too far in that it would outlaw domestic partnership for non-traditional couples. That is something he is not prepared to accept."
- Bay Windows 3/28/02
Romney unnecessarily (and unconstitutionally) implemented homosexual marriages in Massachusetts
After the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling that same-sex "marriages" were protected by the Massachusetts Constitution, Romney (1) issued altered marriage licenses and (2) ordered town clerks to issue the licenses and Justices of the Peace to perform same-sex marriages when requested, or be fired. However, he did not have to do this, and there is strong evidence that this was illegal. The Court ruling simply advised the Legislature to pass legislation codifying its opinion on changing the marriage statutes. Romney was NOT bound to enforce same-sex marriages prior to legislative action. Yet Romney jumped the gun and needlessly advanced the homosexual agenda by granting the marriage rights without a fight. Furthermore, Romney still has the authority to reverse his actions via Executive Order before his term is out.
Research & report on Romney and same-sex marriage in Mass.
For a legal review of Romney's implementation of same-sex marriage

Many pro-family leaders inside and outside Massachusetts, including columnist Patrick J. Buchanan, Professor Hadley Arkes of Amherst College, and Mathew Staver, Esq. of Liberty Counsel all urged Romney to defy the Court ruling and halt the marriages via Executive Order. But there was no public response from Romney.
- Patrick J. Buchanan, 2/9/2004
- Agape Press, 3/30/2004
- Prof. Hadley Arkes, in National Review Online, 5/17/2004
- Matt Staver, Esq., Liberty Counsel, July 2004
Despite his rhetoric against judicial activism, Romney refused to support the "Bill of Address" resolution to remove the judges. (Similar to impeachment, this is a procedure whereby a judge is removed for abusing his office. Interestingly, it was sponsored by conservative Democrats!) Romney would not support this effort even though it was obvious by the wording of the ruling that the judges had displayed their personal biases - and ignored facts - to rule in favor of homosexual marriages. But more troubling was that Chief Justice Margaret Marshall had clearly violated the Code of Judicial Conduct by appearing as keynote speaker advocating expansion of homosexual rights at a Mass. Lesbian and Gay Bar Association fundraiser in 1999. (Judges are forbidden to speak at any fundraiser, and must recuse themselves from a case if they have publicly advocated a position relating to it.) Yet Romney ignored all this, and he told a press conference in June 2005, "I'm not looking to recall the judges."
- State House press conference, 6/15/2005 (Romney quote)
- WorldNetDaily, 4/24/2004 (Bill of Address)
- WorldNetDaily, 5/8/2004 (Chief Justice Marshall's ethical issues)
In February 2004, Romney wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal attacking judicial activism and urging legislators around the country to strengthen their marriage statutes. But he later made no effort to support bills which were in the State Legislature to remove the four Mass. Supreme Court judges (the "Bill of Address") and to strengthen the definition of marriage.
- Wall Street Journal, 2/5/2004
- MassNews, 12/2/2004 (bills filed by Article 8 Alliance)
Romney had marriage licenses changed to allow same-sex marriages
Some time in early 2004 (no record can be found of the order), Romney directed his Department of Public Health to change the state marriage license to read "Party A" and Party "B", replacing "Husband" and "Wife". None of this was required by any law passed by the legislature or even ordered by the court.
See an actual copy of a Massachusetts marriage license
But later in 2005, Romney made it clear that he understood that only the Legislature could change certificates of this nature, when he refused to alter birth certificates for children of same-sex couples to say "Parent A" and "Parent B", instead of "Mother" and "Father".
- Boston Globe, 7/22/2005
Romney administration ordered Justices of Peace to perform homosexual "marriages" when asked - or be fired!
Gov. Romney's Legal Counsel issued a directive to the Justices of the Peace that they must perform same-sex marriages or "face personal liability" or be fired. The directive was given to perform the homosexual marriages without citing any statute permitting this, though a statute is cited as a basis for not marrying out-of-state homosexual couples. (No date is given on the directive; it was apparently issued approximately 4-27-06.) Said Romney's Chief Legal Counsel, David Winslow: "Your task is straightforward and can be summed up in three words: follow the law."
Directive by Romney's legal counsel (See Section E)
- New York Times, 4/26/2004
At least one Justice of the Peace, Linda Gray Kelley, was forced to resign for religious reasons because of the Romney Administration's strict requirement that Justices of the Peace perform same-sex marriages when asked or be fired.
Justice of the Peace resignation letter, Justice of the Peace Assoiation Newsletter, Summer 2004
It was reported that Romney first led Justices of the Peace to believe that there would be "conscientious objector" status available for those who had moral or religious objections to same-sex marriage, but he apparently later reneged on this.
"On April 26, Gov. Mitt Romney's chief legal counsel, Daniel Winslow, told the state's 1,200 justices of the peace that they had to marry same-sex couples, or be fired…. After being assured in February that the justices would be able file for conscientious-objector status, [a JP] was shocked to hear Winslow say they couldn't-and to hear an official from the state board of discrimination warn that trying to get out of officiating same-sex ceremonies could get them sued for $25,000 to $1 million." David Fried of the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination (a Romney appointed agency) said "that justices could be personally liable under the state's antidiscrimination law if they turned away same-sex couples who requested their services."
- Citizen (Focus on the Family online), 7/2004 and
- New York Times, 4/26/2004

Romney administration's training of Town Clerks (on how to issue same-sex marriage licenses) states that marriage statutes were not changed
There is no Executive Order or record of Town Clerk training sessions on any official government web page source. Interestingly, only the homosexual legal advocacy organization GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders) has any record of the content of these sessions. The training document admits that the marriage statutes have not been changed. Yet the Town Clerks are told they must "implement" the Court decision and uphold the law. [See training document (slides)]
- Associated Press, 4/12/2004
Apparently, Romney was paying attention to mistaken reports in the press, instead of the Constitution. From a typical mainstream article during this period of confusion, an AP report stated: "The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in November the state must begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples by mid-May, which means changes for clerks and justices of the peace."
- Associated Press, 4/24/2004
When it came to same-sex couples from outside the state wanting to marry in Massachusetts, Romney made it clear that a statute still on the books (from 1913) would prevent this from being legal. Romney said that he does not want Massachusetts to become ''the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage.'' But he did not choose to follow the other sections of the marriage statute (never changed by the Legislature after the Goodridge ruling), which made it crystal clear that marriage in Massachusetts is between a "husband" and "wife", or a "man" and a "woman".
- New York Times, 5/19/2004
Romney signs bill eliminating Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) testing requirement for marriage
In October 2005, Gov. Romney signed a law eliminating the section of the marriage statute requiring an STD health certificate before receiving a marriage license. (This is apparently the only part of the marriage statutes altered since the Goodridge marriage ruling.) Was this because many homosexual males would not have been able to obtain marriage licenses with the syphilis clean-bill-of-health requirement intact? Why did he eliminate this bulwark of public health?
Letter from the DPH Registry of Vital Records & Statistics

When requested of him, Romney personally issues special one-day certificates to allow otherwise unqualified people to perform homosexual "marriages"
Romney has issued many special one-day marriage certificates (allowing anyone of the couple's choice to perform the marriage ceremony) to homosexual couples. But, because of the special nature of these certificates, it would be his prerogative as Chief Executive to refuse to issue them for any reason. Yet he gave out 189 one-day certificates in 2005 to homosexual couples, including one to a leading openly homosexual activist state senator. His legal counsel said that in granting these special marriage certificates to homosexual couples, Romney is evenly applying the "statute" [what statute?].
"His harsh criticism of what he calls ''judicial over-reaching" always wins applause from Republican audiences. But the governor has at times taken pains to promote tolerance of gays and lesbians. When an administration official was dismissed and asserted that the action was related to her intention to marry her lesbian partner, Romney strongly denied it and noted that several high-ranking officials in his administration were gay…. The applications Romney approved from same-sex couples included at least four from state legislators, including Jarrett T. Barrios, a state senator from Cambridge, members of the clergy from out-of-state, family members, and friends …"
- Boston Globe, 1/2/2006

Was Romney's public opposition to homosexual "marriage" based on expediency, not principle?
"Romney's meeting with Log Cabin Club members in October of that year [2002], less than a month before the gubernatorial election, led members to believe he was not morally opposed to gay marriage. "He said, `Right now, it's not popular, and it would cost money,' " he said. "He didn't say, when we met with him, `I'm sorry, folks; I'm against gay marriage because it's morally wrong.' He didn't say that." [said David Rogers, vice-president of Log Cabin Club.]"
- Boston Globe 3/11/2004
At an October 2002 endorsement meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans of Massachusetts, a 300-member organization of GOP gays, Romney led attendees to believe that his anti-gay-marriage stance stemmed from political considerations. According to David Rogers, who served as the group's president at the time, "Candidate Romney said he wasn't for gay marriage because it wasn't popular yet. But he didn't seem to care one way or the other."
- Boston Phoenix, 5/14-2/2004
In summary, Romney has never said that homosexual marriage (especially the sodomy characteristic of the male unions) presents a problem for values, morality, public health, or parental rights in the schools. In almost every speech he gives on the topic, he simply focuses on "every child needing a father and a mother."

Gun Control
Romney favors "Assault" Weapons Ban
"He [Romney] is a supporter of the federal assault weapons ban."
- Romney 2002 campaign website
Romney Favors Waiting Periods
Regarding the Brady Bill which required waiting periods to buy a handgun, Romney stated, "I don't think [the waiting period] will have a massive effect on crime but I think it will have a positive effect."
- Boston Herald, 8/1/1994
Economic Issues
Romney supports minimum wage laws
In as a candidate for Governor 2002, Romney proposed indexing the Massachusetts minimum wage with inflation, telling the Boston Globe "I do not believe that indexing the minimum wage will cost us jobs. I believe it will help us retain jobs." - - Boston Globe, 7/25/2002
"The minimum wage is important to our economy and Mitt Romney supports minimum wage increase, at least in line with inflation."
- Romney 2002 campaign website
Romney Balances Budget with $500 Million in New Fees
"His first budget, presented under a cloud of a $2 billion deficit, balanced the budget with some spending cuts, but a $500 million increase in various fees was the largest component of the budget fix." Cato Institute annual Fiscal Policy Report Card - America's Governors, 2004. Romney was rated a "C" overall by Cato.
See presentation on Cato website
Romney imposes "socialized" health care on Massachusetts
In 2006, Romney introduced a universal health care bill (which passed the Legislature in a slightly amended version) which has been criticized by conservatives as being socialistic.
Republican Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is trying to accomplish in his final year in office what Democrats can only dream of these days: boosting government spending on and regulation of health care and requiring individuals to purchase government-designed policies. Romney's plan, which is backed by such liberals as Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, Mass.), is being pitched as a compact between citizens and the state.
- National Review Online, 1/26/2006

The main supporter and cheerleader of Romney's health plan has been, interestingly, the Heritage Foundation. However, there would appear to be just a bit of a conflict of interest in that. According to news reports, Romney's charitable foundation recently donated $25,000 to the Heritage Foundation. And Heritage Foundation helped Romney research and write his health plan.
- Boston Globe, 8/17//2006
The Heritage Foundation's defense of Romney's plan

Party Leadership
Romney's dismal record as the Republican leader in Massachusetts
Romney pledged to build the Massachusetts Republican Party, but in fact he did almost nothing. During his tenure there were two elections for the entire Legislature (2004 and 2006). In each election the Republicans lost seats. Republicans now hold the fewest seats in the Legislature since the Civil War. During the four years of Romney's tenure, the number of registered Republicans in Massachusetts fell by 31,000. During that same period, the Massachusetts Democratic Party gained 30,000.
- Boston Globe 11/2/2006
In the 2006 elections, most offices were not even challenged by Republican candidates. In the November general election for the six statewide Massachusetts constitutional offices there were more Green-Rainbow Party candidates on the ballot than Republicans!
The party's slide has been so precipitous that Republicans yesterday did not contest 130 of 200 legislative seats, fielded a challenger in only three of 10 congressional districts, and put up fewer candidates for statewide office (three) than the Green-Rainbow Party (four).
- Boston Globe, 11/8/2006

In 2006, while Romney was chairman of the National Republican Governors Association - a group dedicated to electing more Republican governors - his own hand-picked Republican successor as governor lost badly to the Democrat, despite the fact that Republicans have held the governorship in Massachusetts since 1990. Romney largely ignored the Massachusetts elections and spent most of the time during the campaign out of state building his presidential campaign. He came back and publicly campaigned for the Republican candidate the day before the general election!
"Locally, this is a rebuke to Mitt Romney and checking out within six months after being elected and having accomplished almost nothing," said [Jim] Rappaport [former chairman of the state Republican Party].
- Boston Globe, 11/8/2006

"Romney arrived on the scene with great promise, but is leaving the Republican Party here in shambles. Not only are the Republicans yielding the governor's office for the first time in 16 years, but registered Republicans have fallen by 31,000 since Romney took office, and their legislative presence is at historic lows. But it worked out fine for him: He is now chasing the prize he really covets, the presidency."
- Boston Globe 11/8/2006
"The Massachusetts Republican Party died last Tuesday. The cause of death: failed leadership. The party is survived by a few leftover legislators and a handful of county officials and grassroots activists who have been ignored for years. Services will be public and a mass exodus of taxpayers will follow. In lieu of flowers, send messages to New Hampshire Republican voters warning them about a certain presidential candidate named Romney."
- Boston Herald, 11/12/2006
For over ten years MassResistance has observed Mitt Romney and his actions. On issue after issue, Romney would search for a way to look like he was governing as a conservative, but in every case, the liberals would ultimately be the victors. He would double the money for programs that promoted homosexuality in the schools but then turn around and veto what he himself had allocated, knowing full well his veto would be overturned.

On the marriage issue, he made it look like he was "forced" into recognizing homosexual marriages, but he refused to pursue other options that would have rallied anti-gay marriage forces and perhaps turned this issue around.

He would issue statements critical of obscene pro-homosexual books and about the treatment of David Parker, yet it was the actions of his own agencies that created these controversies to begin with. Nor would he lift a finger to make internal changes to prevent his agencies from promoting the liberal agenda or reprimand any employees possibly engaged, for example, in illegal activities.

To any observer, his seemingly contradictory tactics and strategies looked as though he was preparing a "conservative track record" for his run for higher office. He has issued enough conservative sounding statements and engaged in enough "battles" with liberals (as fake as many of them were), that to an uninformed observer, it may look like he was an embattled conservative triumphing over the forces in liberalism in one of the most liberal states in America.

Both that's the myth his campaign staff wants to perpetrate. Any close observer will tell you that the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual forces never lost any battles under his tenure and that in fact, they grew in power and influence. Romney did nothing to restrain the groups who have launched a jihad on America's Judeo-Christian culture.

On so many occasions, the liberal agenda could have been slowed down or even defeated with the smallest internal regulatory decision or executive order and yet he never used the power he had to do that. He gave up the battlefield to our enemies over and over again.

This is why every conservative in America needs to question his overly hyped conversion to conservatism. How can we trust a man who has done so much damage to causes dear to our hearts who has suddenly become a conservative only after deciding to run for President?

Fourteen years ago the country was duped by a charming, smooth talking "moderate" Democrat named Bill Clinton who used the power of the Presidency to inflict great damage to America's military, to our intelligence agencies, and to our culture. The gap between how Clinton appeared to most Americans and how he really governed was huge. We cannot afford another President like that.

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