Saturday, November 23, 2013

Might the Anti-Gay "Christians" at Big Events be Gay Moles?

I was at two colleges where red faced ranting "Christians" wearing big TRUST JESUS t-shirts tried not to speak of Jesus' love for the sinner, but in anger to hate gays into becoming Christains.

It seemed like Comedy Central except that that a big pro-gay crowd bought it and was hating back.

It was like something out of Nero's Rome where the mob was inspired to kill Christains because they "burned down Rome" except here the "Christians" were the ones inspiring the hate.

The Anti-Gay "Christians" had professionally made signs and even a police escort. I took a close look at the the three Anti-Gay "Christians." Two of the "Christians" looked stressed as the situation merited,but the third looked self assured with an expensive camera and even had a look that reminded me of the cat in Alice in Wonderland.

I asked the self assured man are you a spook? (That's an inside term for a spy.) He just gave me a look that said get lost kid you bother me.

I'm still wondering if this anti-gay "Christians" at big events might be gay moles. If they aren't, then they are useful idiots for the gay agenda.

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