Friday, February 24, 2017

"Refuse/Resist P.F.": Parody Rally Song if he Commands Sin

Bishop Athanasius Schneider said you must "refuse" & "resist" even Pope Francis if he commands you to Sin!

So far, the Pope has only had his inner circle, bishop friends and the Vatican newspaper promote allowing and, it appears, ordering priests to sin by giving sacrilegious Holy Communion to those in adulterous relationships.

Here's a parody rally song if Francis ever openly commands priests or lay people to directly sin, instead of having his inner circle & bishops do it. Remember that the Malta and German bishops said they are only promoting Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried in response to Francis's Amoris laetitia.

"When asked about the recent threats to be suspended a divinis addressed to priests on the Island of Malta if they were to refuse to give Communion to the “remarried," Bishop Schneider said if a bishop orders a priest to give Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried "he commits a grave abuse of power. And when a bishop – or even a pope – commands me to sin. I have to refuse this because I have to obey God" according to One Peter[]

Parody of "Refuse/Resist" lyrics by group called Sepultura which I call "Refuse/Resist P.F.":

Chaos P.F.
Tanks on the streets
Confronting priests
Bleeding the Plebs
Raging Pope
Burning saints
Bloodshed starts
Who'll be saved?!

Chaos P. F.
Army in siege
Total alarm
I'm sick of this
Inside the Church
War is created
No man's land
What is this coprophilia?

Refuse, Resist
Refuse P.F.

Chaos P.F.
Disorder unleashed. 

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