Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Pope Francis Pro-Abortion like Catholic Kaine Despite Lip Service?

-Updated on June 9-

Pope Francis appears to be pro-choice like Hillary Clinton's ex-running mate Catholic Tim Kaine.

Kaine's ex-running mate Clinton, Francis and the Media liken Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Ironically, it is Kaine, Hillary and Francis who appear to resemble Hitler in his pro-choice policies.

As the German Media covered up Hitler's many scandals, the Nazi Media, also, promoted the pro-choice Hitler.

In 1933, when the Nazis came to power, one of Hitler's first acts was to legalize abortion for the "health of the mother" which meant abortion on demand. By 1935 Germany had 500,000 abortions a year.[]

Pro-choice Hitler's next step after legalizing abortion was sterilization which lead to eugenics which lead to the mass murder of not only the innocent unborn babies, but the disabled, poor, unemployed, Nazi opponents, gypsies and Jews.[]

Hillary Clinton like Hitler said she supports legalize abortion for the "health of the mother" which like Hitler means abortion on demand.

Clinton supports the killing of the 58,000,000 unborn babies aborted in the U.S.A. since 1973.

In the final presidential debate she said she supported even partial-birth abortion. Trump said it best in the debate:

"If you go with what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the womb out of the mother, just prior to the birth of the baby."

The Clintons, also, followed Hitler in pushing sterilization for unwanted minorities. On March 15, 2016, the left leaning, in an article on the Clinton era called "The Clintons Do Haiti: Keep the Natives From Breeding," said:

"Clintonian population policy in Haiti...revealed in an internal U. S. Agency for International Development report, the fundamental goal of the American government is to keep the natives from breeding...and the establishment of 23 facilities to provide sterilization."[]

Hillary, again, followed Hitler in supporting eugenics. Like him she thinks the disabled can be killed.

Clinton said she was in "awe" of Nazi admirer and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who wrote that the disabled "should never be born" and promoted abortion against minorities and "morons" according to the following article by The American Spectator.

On September 22, 2016, The American Spectator in "She is not their champion at the beginning of life" said:

"She promised Planned Parenthood that she will not let concerns about eugenic abortion undermine its gains. When Indiana legislators proposed protection for unborn children diagnosed with disabilities, Hillary blasted it, saying earlier that year that "I will defend a woman's right to make her own health-care decisions" and "I'll defend Planned Parenthood against this attacks."[]

Of course, the Media like the Nazi Media who promoted the pro-choice Hitler, promote the Planned Parenthood eugenic abortion supporting Hillary while they cover up the scandal of the Nazi foundations of Planned Parenthood.

Clinton's vice presidential running mate "Catholic" Tim Kaine said "My faith is central to everything I do." He claims he is a faithful Catholic who accepts the teachings of the Church and is "personally opposed" to abortion.

Kaine while offering lip service to being against abortion has "a 100 percent pro-choice voting record for his time in the Senate from NARAL and Planned Parenthood" according to Religion and Politics writer Megan Sweas.[]

In other words, he like Hitler and Hillary is pro-choice and for abortion on demand.

It appears that Pope Francis like Kaine is "personally opposed" to abortion, but his actions, except for lip service, appear to show that like Kaine he is 100 percent pro-abortion.

Does Francis's record show he is the first pro-choice Pope in history who is following in the footsteps of Kaine, Hillary and Hitler?

On February 7, stated 150 million to a billion babies have been killed since the twentieth century pro-abortion legislation began.

The pro-life website, farther, said that Francis "had done nothing of any substance" to stop this holocaust (after noting he is the first Pope to use a pro-abortion euphemism "interruption of pregnancy" condemned by Pope John Paul II):

"Pope Francis, while he has made some brief references to abortion in homilies or speeches, has done nothing of any substance to address this mass killing."[]

Unfortunately, he has not just done nothing to help the unborn babies, it appears he promotes abortionists and their anti-life causes.

He has acted like Kaine in giving lip service to being against abortion while in action being 100 percent pro-choice. The Pope, like Clinton's running mate, has promoted abortion, anti-pro-life statues and abortionists.

Francis said he is "gratified" by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which "promote universal access to abortion" according to Voice of the[]

The Pope "removed every single member of the Vatican pro-life academy" and changed its statues to remove "the requirement for members to sign a pro-life declaration" according to[]

Francis received, for a private audience in the Vatican, Emma Bonino. She is Italy's leading promoter of abortion, sterilization and euthanasia.

He said she was a great historical figure and stated that she was one of Italy's "forgotten greats." She performed illegal abortions and worked "with the Information Centre on Sterilization and Abortion which boasted over 10,000 abortions" according to []

Pope Francis's Vatican hosted Paul Ehrlick who has "called for forced abortion and mass sterilization" according to[]

Why is the Media, and even most of the Catholic Media, covering up that Pope Francis, in terms of his actions, appears to be pro-choice like Kaine, Hillary and Hitler?


Justina said...

Thank you for highlighting this vital theme. How long will it take for people to recognize that telling us not to "breed like rabbits" wasn't simply one inconsiderate remark on the part of this pope, but rather, represents the tip of the iceberg where a eugenics mentality is concerned? When will people realize that even a pope can't "make things Catholic" just by saying them, and that we cannot, without serious risk to our sanity and our souls, go on pretending that much of what this man says is "Catholic" in any way, shape, or form?

Justina said...

P.S. The derogatory term "rabbits" denoting less-than-fully-valued human beings, by the way, has an interesting history in this regard. Pope Francis is far from the first one to employ it. Google "Ravensbruck" along with this word, if you aren't familiar with the standard usage already.

Regan Wick said...

“Let us not forget that today’s problem of refugees and migrants is the greatest tragedy after that of the Second World War.” - Francis

No mention of the millions of murders in the womb.

Theranter said...

"Is Pope Francis Pro-Abortion like Catholic Kaine Despite Lip Service?"

He is, but due to his position, he is far more dangerous. What more proof does one need than the things in your well done article?

I was fairly certain he was a population-controller, but when he disbanded the Pontifical Academy for Life, thus ousting some of the most brilliant and faithful people alive on the subject of life at all stages, I knew he was not just a population controller, but also has an inherently evil agenda.

I can only hope and pray enough women see through his thinly-veiled hatred of them, and collectively stand up and say "enough!"

john said...
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Viva Cristo Rey said...

It's over a BILLION murdered by abortion in the last 50 years world wide.