Monday, July 16, 2018

Did the Bilderberg Group finally defeat Pope Benedict XVI & Have Cdl. Parolin and Pope Francis accepted their "Secularist One-World Creed"?

Was Pope Benedict XVI ultimately defeated by the the hostile Bilderberg Group?

On August 27, 2010, the leftist National Catholic Reporter journalist John Allen in an article called "'Attack on Ratzinger': Italian book assesses Benedict papacy;" Allen was critical of renown Italian journalist Marcello Foa who made:

The "suggestion that the shadowy 'Bilderberg Group' is behind media hostility to Benedict XVI, because the papacy is the last obstacle to a secularist one-world creed."

Recently, even the Francis friendly conservative Catholic World Report on June 11 in the piece called "Cardinal Parolin, Pope Francis, and the outcomes of the outward Church" put forth the idea:

"Cardinal Parolin['s] participation in the Bilderberg meeting is a sign that the Church [of Francis] has been defeated by the secular world."

Have Francis and Parolin accepted the secularist one-world creed of the Bilderberg Group?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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TLM said...

We need to pray incessantly for the restoration of the Church of Christ! This is no surprise as we received many revelations of Jeffrey Sachs and Co., part of the 'George Soros' cabal being part and parcel of the Vatican. The Vatican has been bought....absolutely no doubt about it. We are ON....OUR....OWN....NOW. As Frank Walker always says at the end of his report....."God save the Church".....and He WILL. But, it's going to be uglier than we can even imagine before He does. Pray for perseverance in the face of the diabolical within the Church.