Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pope Francis's 3 Top Oppressors of the Poor Whom he Supports

Yahoo News, on November 18, reported Pope Francis saying:

"The cry of the poor daily becomes stronger but heard less."

Sadly, the Pope needs to point his finger at himself.

Why does Francis supports these 3 oppressors of the poor?

1. Francis supports the Chinese Communist regime against the poor Chinese underground Catholics by his forcing these powerless Catholics to be ruled and oppressed by totalitarian Marxist controlled bishops.

2. Francis supports the Venezuelan Dictator by meeting him and refusing to condemned the dictatorship while it starves the poor of that country forcing the poor to flee in "one of the largest mass migrations in Latin American history." (The Guardian, "Venezuela: about 3m have fled political and economic crisis since 2015, UN says," November 11, 2018)

3. On September 1, 2016, Francis supported the UN Sustainable Development Goals which calls for "universal access" to abortion (Goal 6) which calls for killing the poorest of the poor: the unborn children.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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