Thursday, November 01, 2018

The Pope Francis & Bill Clinton 5-Step Program to Cover-up Sex Abuse

Step 1: Pope Francis and the media like Bill Clinton's wife Hillary say it's all a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

Step 2: Francis calls it, including credible sex abuse cover-up charges, a "Great Accuser" eruption like Clinton's wife and "co-president" Hillary calling it, including credible sex abuse charges, a "bimbo eruption."

Step 3: Francis's friend Cardinal Cupich says the Italian pope is really Latino like Black feminist Toni Morrison saying that Bill is "our first Black president."

Step 4: Francis's friends, the Italian journalist Andrea Torinelli and Cardinal Maradiaga the "vice-pope," say some of McCarrick's victims were over 18 years old and the McCarrick scandal is only "of a private order" like the liberal media saying the Lewinsky scandal was a consensual, adult relationship and only a private affair.

Step 5: Francis's friend Cupich says Francis's scandal is a "rabbit hole" because he has the "bigger agenda" of the environment and migrants like Bill's friends in the media saying that Clinton's scandal was a distraction from his getting on with the work for the American people.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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