Thursday, April 11, 2019

Papal Validity: Are Francis's "Inappropriate" Kissing & "Childlike" Behaviors Signs he may be Demented or have Dementia?

Pope Francis's inappropriate ring-kissing behavior controversy where he appeared to play the immature children's "gotcha" game received headline sequences that explained the behavior as "bizarre," "awkward" and "cringeworthy."
(, "The bizarre ring-kissing controversy, March 28, 2019)

This "inappropriate" and "childlike" behavior of Francis could be a sign of dementia according to dementia experts:

"[Y]our loved one's behavior may seem inappropriate, childlike or impulsive."
(Lewy Body Dementia Association,, "Understanding Behavioral Changes in Dementia," by Tanis German Ph.D, Mayo Clinic) reported Francis apparently inappropriately kissed some embarrassed politicians feet:

"Francis knelt down and kissed the feet of several [deeply embarrassed] South Sudan leaders."
(, "Showtime: Francis Knees to Kiss Feet of South Sudan Politicians, April 11, 2019)

This inappropriate foot kissing behavior by Francis caused Bishop Rene Gracida on his website to comment in a headline:

"The Bizarre Behavior of Francis the Merciful is Beginning to cause Questions to be asked in Rome about his Behavior"
(, April 11, 2019)

According to NeuroPsychiatry Online this could be a sign of dementia:

"Patients with bvFTD [frontotemporal dementia] can present with inappropriate personal comments or touching, violation of interpersonal space, and other personally intrusive behaviors such as kissing."
(, "Kissing or 'Osculation' in Frontotemporal Dementia," July 1, 2014)

Sadly, this isn't the Pope's first foot kissing behavior (Google: Images: "Pope Francis foot kissing" for other examples of this behavior). Francis's possible fixation on foot kissing may, also, be associated with his comment and possible fixation on coprophilia:

"[I]n Psychpathia Sexualis... categorize foot fetishism [such as foot kissing] and coprophilia under the same heading... Self-Humiliation."
(, "Dada and Surrealist Films," Page 165)

Francis's comment on poop eating is infamous. Many were outraged, but I think the proper response is pity.

Tragically, poop fixation and poop eating (coprophilia) fixation are more possible signs of dementia.
(, "Coprophilia And Scatolia In Demented Elderly Residents, August 7, 2012)

Renowned papal validity theologian Arnaldo Xavier de Silverado in his book wrote that a "demented person" or person with dementia couldn't ""occupy the charge" of "Pope":

"The designation, as Pope, of a person who cannot occupy the charge, would constitute... a demented [dementia] person."
(Implications of New Missae and Heretic Popes," Page 86)

Remember that the book "Dictator Pope" by historian Henry Sire claimed that a Jesuit assessment by the then Superior General of the Jesuits Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach thought Francis was "[u]nsuitable to be a [b]ishop" and lacked "psychological balance" according to a review by

"[T]he assessment Father Bergoglio received... accused Bergoglio of a series of defects... vulgar language to deviousness, disobedience concealed under the mask of humility, and lack of psychological balance... the habit of saying diametrically opposing things from one day to the next."
(, "Unsuitable to be a Bishop," December 3, 2017)

Finally, we'll end with a coincidence:

Before Francis, there was never a healthy pope who repeatedly refused to kneel in front of the Holy Eucharist and who kneeled spontaneously to kiss the feet of Muslim politicians.

To put this coincidence in perspective, imagine if Pope John Paul II while he was still healthy had repeatedly refused to kneel in front of the Holy Eucharist, but meanwhile kneeled spontaneously to kiss the feet of President Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev or a Muslim politician.

Catholics and even the secular media would have probably have thought something might be a little psychologically unbalanced with the person involved with that coincidence.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.


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  2. Something is wrong, no doubt about it. Bizarre hardly rises to the definition of his insane behavior.

  3. Insane like a fox, maybe. I’m not seeing any signs of dimentia. He seems pretty dynamic and clear-headed for his age.

    I don’t wish him ill. He’s just wrong, and malevolent.

  4. One can be both wrong and demented.

    For example, Hitler who reportedly practiced coprophilia, but was foxy enough not to talk about coprophilia in public.

    Do clear-headed or psychologically balanced persons talk of coprophilia, spontaneously kiss politicians feet, play pull away the Papal ring in front of cameraman and say diametrically opposing things from one day to the next?

  5. What a lovely blog. So respectful of the Pontiff. So conducive to unity. So careful not to slander, judge, or calumniate the Vicar of Christ. So utterly Catholic, that it's remarkable the Cardinals didn't vote the author here to succeed Benedict.

    Keep it up my friends. The devil is losing big time with such inspired reporting as this.

  6. What a lovely commenter. So respectful of facts and truth. So conducive of unity with the gay inner circle of his beloved pope, so caring of all the sexually abused boys so he can have his "unity" with his beloved gay clerics, of Communion for adulterers and indifferentism that denies that Jesus Christ's Church is the one and only true faith.

    So careful of denying evidence about his pontiff. So careful not to slander, judge or calumniate someone presenting evidence by not presenting counter evidence, but mooning moonshine rhetoric.

    So utterly "Catholic," it's remarkable that Francis didn't make the commenter
    a bishop such the gay Barros or Zanchetta whom the commenter desires we and apparently he be "conducive to unity" with.

    Keep it up my friend. The devil is gaining big time with such commenting.