Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bp. Gracida gives Mirus a History Lesson: "St. Sophronius... Stood up to Pope Honorius and accused him of Heresy"

Yesterday, Catholic Culture's Dr. Jeff Mirus showed he needs a lesson in Catholic history when he said:

"A good Catholic may not charge the Pope with heresy."
(Catholic Culture, "Church troubles: What good Catholics may and may not do, November 19, 2019)

Bishop Rene Gracida who knows Catholic history in 2016 gave Mirus a history lesson:

"St. Sophronius of Jerusalem, almost alone, stood up to Pope Honorius and accused him of heresy."
(Renew America, Bishop displeased with Pope's leadership, October 16, 2016)

As journalist Edward Pentin inferred people apparently ignorant of Catholic history like Mirus would claim a saint, St. Sophronius, was not a "good Catholic":

"If St. Sophronius lived today, he certainly would be accused of speaking 'against the Pope.'"
(National Catholic Register," Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider: Criticism of Errors is Fidelity to the Pope, September 24, 2019)

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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Alexis Bugnolo said...

Honestly I do not know of any Bishop in the Church who is a catholic, except Bishop Gracida. Morally speaking he is the only one with the courage to act like a Catholic, and theologically speaking, he might be the only one who is, God alone knows.

But I have another question, does Maike Hickson believe that Pope Benedict is the true pope and a prisoner of a Masonic plot? Her article in 2017 seems to support this if you read it carefully.